Must people be hungry? I doubt it.

I have come to a thought lately that has been confronting my mind. Ever since i was a little child there
was something i was rather skeptical of- that skepticism is based on the word “Poverty”.
Let me elaborate, i acknowledge the fact that poverty exists and many people are in terrible
living conditions all around the world; i have had a taste of it in Fiji and Bali (albeit a small taste).

I always have believed- and still do- that poverty is an absolute farce. There should not be one single
hungry mouth in this world. I understand that illness, disease and poor infrastructure is possibly off topic,
yet when it comes to food? Not a single child or adult should be hungry and i firmly believe this.

I recall the few jobs i have had previously in the food and beverage industry- big name companies like Starbucks and
even small town cafes absolutely wasted to such a degree that i was disgusted. I realize that we have so
many foods and crops – all it takes is to simply plant; plant and plant some more. We have means of transport
to take food anywhere around the world. Sure they may not have a buffet that fills their bellies like a glutton,
yet surely no being needs to be so hungry they become a carcass like the bulls.

In my faith (Islam) we are absolutely commanded to give to the poor, the orphans, the needy and destitute.
Sure we fast and make ourselves hungry to feel like those poor souls do, yet that is only half the job,
after the fasting must come charity and it is an obligation to every Muslim out there- which brings me to my point.

“The righteous give food, despite their love of it-  to the poor, the orphan, and the captive, saying:
We feed you only for Allah’s pleasure – we desire from you neither reward nor thanks.”
(Qur’an 76:8)

If every single capable person whether low/medium or high income was taxed for charity and it led to
the eradication of hunger and famine would you agree to this tax? Even though this tax is obligatory? I
pondered the  thought that my taxes go to many causes and people i’d really rather it not- instead if it meant the
end to hunger and famine i would be more than happy to pay a tax- even by compulsion- to assist the poor and
imagine if the majority of the capable did it?

Surely we would then be without excuse, we cannot say “We’re simply not giving enough”-if this
makes me an extremist, then let it be- i’m happy to be an extremist for poverty. If i were in power i would enforce
a tax upon the people for charity that would change the world. I am sick of the lies and deception, i am sick of this
hierarchical society that we live in, where we are divided into classes- it is almost like we simply allow
poverty; famine and hunger to exist.

I had many people oppose this idea of mine and i must beg the question “Why?“.
We are a strong population and working together as a team assists us with amazing results- yet these
dissenting opinions stop us. Well for this particular cause i don’t think there is a good enough reason to
say no, i also don’t think we should have a say in these matters- this should be decreed upon every capable human being.

Yes i know, i sound like an extremist right now- an extremist wanting to ACTUALLY end poverty with action
because God knows we are a bunch of good talkers and sadly your voice won’t feed a starving mouth tonight.

Ramey Elali for President 2012 :-). Come on, you know you want a compulsory tax! Here in Australia we were just
enforced a carbon tax that most of the population disagreed with- i’d much rather my money is delivered to feed the
hungry than to keep an eye on questionable aspects of global warming.

Peace- Salam Alaykum.

  1. Adriana says:

    Spot on Ramey! We all can chip in and have the intention to, and the actions to make the difference. But ultimately, tis the impoverished country’s government body who needs to alter policies and revamp their system to help us help them. If not the abundance of resources to feed the hungry, we have ample amount of technology to make it happen. It’s just that barrier we have to overcome.

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