People- You’re Beautiful.

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Hope

One thing i have never come to understand; even to the slightest degree…is racism. I have never understood the concept of looking at an entire nation; race; religion then painting them all with the same brush. It is beyond me though how many people actually do just that- even worse is that they do it with no second thought nor any regret. What is so difficult about establishing the fact that every single person is his or her own– that i do not bare the responsibility of another person and vice versa. How hard is it to judge people on an individual basis?

Instead people opt for the lazy option- which is sweeping generalizations and ignorant stereotypes- i could only urge others to finally adapt to this simple principal. You have no right to judge whites, blacks, asians, mexicans, arabs, jews, australians, italians or anything to that liking. You could judge the single individual that wronged you- or wronged society and broke the law- sure judge them until your hearts are content but that is as broad as your prejudice can grow. There is something aesthetically pleasing in seeing the different skin tones of human beings. From being so white that you almost illuminate, to being as dark as night and all the wonderful shades in between i enjoy seeing a different face- features which outdo the other- whether it is different shaped eyes, eyebrows or lips- we are indeed made to look into the detail and acknowledge beauty, and believe me beauty is not limited to a single race.

I live in Australia- one of the most multicultural nations in the world. I absolutely love seeing people of all different races and religions here. It is like a salad mix- do you prefer a boring garden salad? Or a fantastic Moroccan Lamb salad? The more ingredients infused into the mix- the better it becomes. The more tasty and delicious it is. I could not imagine living in a country where all the people looked the same, where they dressed the same and thought the same. Unlike many ignorant people i actually love learning about other peoples beliefs and cultures, it opens hearts and minds to a whole other level. We are then capable to appreciate those different elements once we get to know them, but alas it is much easier to fear “the other” and close your mind in ignorance- being more than happy to chastise them collectively.

I dislike the word hate- yet racism is truly one of the things i really hate in this world. I am not talking about that “timid” racism that people have that seeps into their minds once in a while, which is then overridden by a rational understanding that there is nothing to fear nor hate. Yet i am talking about the racism that inspired the KKK or gave the force to people like Hitler. When we look around us we see way too much fear and not enough love. We fear what we do not know and sadly most of these racist thugs don’t know someone that they inappropriately hate. All it takes is one single person to change the perceptions and break that barrier of intolerance found in many people.

I have been a victim of racism, both timid and extreme. I know these people are foolish because they do not know me, nor choose to make the effort to get to know me. I know i am capable of changing their minds, if only they had the courage to step out of that shell of irrationality then indeed we’d all come out as winners. I forgive those people because i know it is their own dysfunction in their minds that lead them to this warped perception of reality. Judging me because i’m part Arab and collectively placing me with violent Jihadists and desert dwellers is a mistake they will regret, not because i want to inflict harm on them- but because they missed the opportunity to know a decent person- inside of this skin.

I leave you with a piece of one of my poems that deals with racism and the beauty of people- period.

Go and take in other cultures,
invite yourself to their customs,
even if it’s beyond your understanding,
you may pick up a good thing of it,
perhaps you are taught a lesson,
one in which was sublime to you,
go to a place and respect it,
for you are no more than a guest,
so honour your wonderful hosts.”

-Ramey Elali.

Peace, Salam Alaykum

  1. GundersonZeroZeroTwo says:

    Well, to be honest, I don’t give a shit about how racially or ethnically diverse or homogenous a given territory is. A place can be completely ethnically homogenous or very diverse and I won’t care either way, just like I don’t care how many people there are who have whatever colored hair or of a specific height or whathaveyou. It’s just a complete non-issue to me. I’m fully encouraging of cultural diversity but I think it goes without saying that that’s something different altogether. I do get what you’re saying and sort of agree about it being more boring if everyone looked the same. But in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter that much.
    However, I still definitely agree with your main point here. Judging an entire group of people based on what some or even maybe most of what the people in that group do, especially when it’s just a genetic circumstance, is completely stupid and never justifiable. Unfortunately, it’s something we just love to do. Judging people individually is quite hard for most people because it requires more thought and people are biologically hardwired to think in black and white. It’s what kept human beings alive back during the days when we were all primitive hunter-gatherer tribespeople. The split second assumption that this and this equals a lion’s teeth in your jugular. However, there is no longer a need for it but we still have and it continues to hold us back.

    • ramio1983 says:

      Thanks for your feedback i know where you are coming from- we like things to be simple and its easier (and lazier) to judge people as a whole, but i endeavor to not do that.

  2. The image you have used in your blog is exquisite (the one with the 9 people’s faces made up of 2 faces each). I am looking for images to use for an annual gathering of the Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada that represent our rich diversity and would love to use this image in one of our worship services during the weekend. Can you provide the name of the person who put this image together and/or provide permission for us to use it if it is an original piece of yours?

    Our conference theme is “Being the Face of Christ” and this beautiful picture of many faces would help to animate our theme, and also help us to engage in it at a deeper level as we seek to see the face of Christ in each other… and how our unique differences also are the foundation for the oneness we share in Christ.

    Please let me know about the above request at your first convenience.

    In His Service,

    Rev. S Cowan
    Emmanuel UC, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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