This might sound more or less like the words of a hippy but take of it what you will. I absolutely love and adore nature and it’s ways with me. I always remembered in my youth, i was obsessed with the world; our planet- and all the things contained in it. I grew a fond fascination with nature, as opposed to man made creations like Buildings. There is something so pure about nature. Whether it be a mountains snow capped peak, a waterfall crashing down into numerous cascades, a sheer jagged cliff face, gorgeous evergreens towering the moist floor, sand that sinks beneath your feet and of course the tranquil sights and sounds of our beaches. There is something so fascinating and harmonious about nature.

Unlike buildings which have a traceable history, where man had claimed; conquered; destroyed and rebuilt i enjoy the mystery and demure of nature. I find it to be a place of healing, to me it is better than any massage that i’ve received. Nature has no traceable roots beyond its mere existence. I find that in nature that is where i really connect with something higher. I feel less likely to find God in the Masjid (Mosque) because i believe people corrupt society, we judge each other constantly even in a house of worship- besides faith is personal, why should i share it with hundreds of mostly strangers when i can express it to Allah alone in his greatest Masjid- the planet Earth.

Travel whenever you can and wherever you can- go out and explore this world that is full of exciting sights and sounds just waiting to be explored. Every nation is unique. Take that camera along and snap up images that will bring you back there immediately, remember that your feet indeed had trodden on that vista. I plan to travel as much as i can and see the true artistry of this Earth, to me this planet is indeed a painting. I don’t want to be the person that destroys this painting, I’d much rather be a part of the painting – at one with what the world is and my place within it.

I am indeed blessed to live in this planet- thus far the only observable living planet that we know of. Some people simply don’t have the knack for appreciation, they witness the most gorgeous imagery every day yet their hearts have grown cold of them – there is no connection between them; the experience and their existence. I just know that when i am feeling down and seek refuge, people and places are the last thing on my mind- i take a step in my backyard (Earth) and venture somewhere new, my place of solace and peace where i can expand my heart and purify my soul to the one who gave me this Abode; this place i call home.

Peace, Salam Alaykum


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