What is an attractive woman to me? Certainly it is not what society tries to shove down my throat. It is a double ended sword here because we have the corporate male trying to dictate exactly what it is a woman should wear and what defines her as “sexy“- then we have the self depreciating woman who would do anything for fame and fortune and conform to the “big guys” ideals.

 A woman is not sexy to me by wearing less clothes- nor is she attractive. When i see a woman submit to societies interpretation of “sexy” i simply see her as a slave to her environment. To me an attractive woman is one with intelligence, who is not only literally smart but also wise- by knowing she does not need to submit to mans desires for her to even be remotely successful.


Want to buy these women? I mean the bike!

When i see a woman being used in advertisements with her body plastered all over a car, i actually feel sorry for her, not to mention i feel sorry for the deluded male that somehow feels a higher urge to purchase such a car thinking that women like her would be drawn to it. Women are used as sexual tools from many different perspectives and the terrible thing is she falls for it over and over again.

 If a woman in a Burqa stood in front of a car for an advertisement would it be appealing? Why not? Is it because you cannot see anything? How does it effect the car and its performance? It does not- it simply shows that the woman being thrown on the foreground of an ad is simply an accessory and is nothing short of used, to continue to feed societies gluttonous taste of women.


Could she take those 7 inches?

When we look at lady magazines along the lines of Cleo, Cosmopolitan and Bazaar we notice that women are being programmed to accept what “Beauty” is – when in fact every image in that magazine is a fabrication- a Photoshopped, edited and manipulated being. When a woman witnesses what societies bar of beauty is, and that they are nowhere near this bar, they begin to resort surgery, procedures, eating disorders and insane fad diets.

 I only wish women would finally throw away those trashy magazines that give them nothing but rob them of their appreciation for what they have. I wish women would finally throw the towel when it comes to the promotion of beauty, by REFUSING to be used by the elitist man who promises fame and fortune for self degradation and a big feeding of societies misunderstanding of women.

I want to respect a woman for her intellect, for her NATURAL beauty and self respect. A woman with confidence and a bit of “inner rebel” for rejecting mans warped interpretation of women. Women are no less sex objects than they ever have been, they are still slaves, they are still puppets to their masters and they still aren’t secure enough to stand up and put an end to this degradation.

Put some clothes on. Pick up a book. Become confident. Remain Natural and be Respectful. Now THAT is the “beauty” of a real woman- one who grew wings and flew away from this worlds “expectations“.

Peace, Salam Alaykum

  1. So you know I have a reply… LOL

    There are 3 key factors you speak about here: Business, Sex and Feminism. The issue I have with your piece it is that just like the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” this is really dependant on your perspective of it all.

    In my perspective, fashion and beauty magazines serve a purpose, and only ONE purpose; to sell. They sell make up and fashion and lifestyle. It is not a bible or a parent or a best friend. Just like most things we BUY and that are not natural, you choose to take in how much YOU think is necessary. If there are people taking in too much and using these entertainment/ advertising platforms as bibles, then THEY have an issue. It is not the publications job to protect and help; it is their job to sell.

    Having my husband work in Advertising, I can promise you there are no “corporate elite men” in any ivory towers deciding the moral compass of our society. That is not how it works. They in fact, chase the dollar. They ask themselves what do people like to see? What do people want to buy?” What do people feel comfortable in seeing? Once the marketing department come back with the people’s response (through research of the public’s behaviour, demand etc…) then Advertisers come up with “the pitch”. The woman in a burka will not be used in a Western Societies ad campaign to sell a car, because our society is not predominately Muslim, so who would buy the car? Why would a client agree to spending advertising money on a campaign that would have a minimal audience potentially be interested in the product? That is not money well spent.

    So what sells? Well sex sells. At the core, we are all sexual beings. It is our society that has shaped HOW our sexuality is expressed and used, but we are all sexual beings at the end of it all. Some societies filter all human needs and wants through religion or politics and some societies more than others. What offends us or pleases us is really personal. Sexual liberation is really personal. When you say you feel sorry for these women (looking super-hot in their bikinis!), I can’t understand why? They know exactly what they are doing and why and they are enjoying themselves. Judging someone as a victim, is just as bad as judging them at all. Wanting to be sexual attractive and the object of desire is very normal. Some people do it in more overt ways than other. Clearly you find modesty more attractive, and that’s fine. Some men enjoy the blonde bombshell; some mean like the Marilyn some like the Audrey (Hepburn). It’s taste. That’s all, and everyone’s taste ends up in the marketing mix, when advertisers are choosing to “sell” their client’s products. You would have noticed that the kind of product will determine the kind of advertising used. For example, a fast food chain (cheap product) will used simple, easy, straight strategies (like your photo of BK Seven Incher) to get the attention of their consumer. Some other brands like coffee will use a romantic and “heart-warming” strategy to target their specific consumer, and so on.

    I applaud you for having compassion towards women and our rights; however I think that it can be a little sexist in itself. What I mean is you seem to think we (women) are so influenced by outside sources that we can’t make up our own minds about what we are being sold. Most women KNOW that fashion magazines are pre-determined, Photoshoped and sell to us. We still enjoy them, just like people know McDonalds is not good for them, but eat it anyway. It is primarily women who work in these magazines! When you tell us to “put some clothes on” and “pick up a book” that is extremely condescending. Women who CHOOSE to wear a short skirt do that to attract a certain kind of attention. Women who choose to be more modest have a different taste in fashion and the way they want to be portrayed. It’s like some girls like wearing heels, some don’t. I have had women say either I don’t wear enough make up or wear more than them. Either I care too much about fashion, or not enough. It depends on what kind of style you have. It is human nature to express yourself through your outward appearance. If you have read a fashion mag, you’ll notice they have “looks” for all kinds of women. Tall, short, petite, fuller and then sporty, trendy, corporate and hipster. This is because magazines and advertisers know they need to reach a wider market in order to sell these products. You can’t sell a meat lovers pizza to a vegetarian.

    I know there are SOME women and SOME men that believe that these magazines are the bibles of the world. That is their choice. They chose to be sold to in such an absolute way. I don’t think that everyone is like this; otherwise we’d probably have a better economy!
    I am glad you’re not the Blonde Bombshell Caked on Makeup kind of guy, I’m glad you want an intelligent and modest girl. They are usually the nicer ones. So my advice is to start hanging around more intelligent, cultured and classed women so you’re not exposed to such ignorant and working class potentials. xoxo

    • ramio1983 says:

      Hey Nat…You KNEW i was waiting for your response in this piece and i have to generally put it to you here, fantastic response! I do agree that in essence the advertiser just wants to sell and make the bucks and they want to attract the largest audience possible, and it is using the fact that sex sells and that in general we are sexual beings to further enhance their sales, that all makes perfect sense.

      You are right that women do know what they are doing, yet at the same time you are what you see- just as much as society has labelled skanky women with little class as “sluts” then it is absolutely within my grounds to see them in such a light. Unfortunately certain titles have been embedded into us in society as well, and i for one simply cannot see a woman who is modest and intelligent in the same light as a blonde bombshell in these ads with nothing on “playing dumb” to be cute- society thinks they are sluts and they are clearly okay with that- so long as i am not judged for seeing them in that light then we are all on the same page here.

      When i say i feel sorry for these women, although i know it is their choice i feel sorry that some of them actually expect to be seen in a respectful light, when the fact is society disagrees with them as a whole, and we are all objects of our society hence when a women expects a certain type of “respect” when it appears she shows little of it for herself, then i cannot take her seriously and no it is not my problem- it is societies problem.

      I accept ads and women being used in them to promote products, and its not like men escape the photoshop too it happens all across the board. I get it, they have a product to sell, they are using the societies current stage to enhance their product sales and there are willing participants to step into that bikini and “ride” that bike day and night- i just think that people should be wiser than buying a product because a scantly clad woman is on it, or because they think they would attract such people by having it- it’s kind of like dangling candy over a baby, why on earth do we grab for such things when in the end it adds nothing to the product itself?

      Peace out.

  2. JohnDurandal says:

    Actually women are not objectified, sex is what is objectified, and since men are more overtly sexual than women, at least in public, women are more featured in sexual advertisements, etc. Homosexual men do the same to men for example.

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