Let me get one thing straight, i feel so privileged to live in this day and age. A day where medical science ensures i do not have a premature death from the cold or asthma. A day and age where torture devices used in the past for petty crimes have been destroyed. A day and age where most of us have freedoms to speak our hearts and minds. Yet i feel that we have moved too fast and unfortunately have had little chance to catch up with the developments of technology. Our older generations look at these inventions baffled, it is all so strange and bizarre to them- devices that do absolutely everything for us.

Indeed you’d think with our technology that the world would be connected like never before, perhaps from a worldwide basis we are closer- yet technology has without doubt destroyed community. Whether it is gadgets from the simple mobile phone, to Ipods- whether it’s an E-book or a Tablet what i have noticed is that we are speaking less to each other and our communication skills are dwindling, our manners are crumbling and the wholesome feel of community is dying- our parks are becoming empty- the outdoors are becoming isolated and the social scene i feel has never been so unnecessarily complicated to set up.

How it should be. Good company. No phones. No Ipads. No Ipods. No Tablets or E-Readers!

People who are “friends” and “family” have their eyes glued to their mobile phones, others keep headphones in their ears whilst people speak to them, others in their pretentious state slide their tablets page by page in haste to highlight their “importance”. I see it in my line of work as well, on aircraft when people are told to turn off their electronic equipment for 15 minutes during take off and 20 minutes during landing- you see people get defensive, rude, arrogant and so edgy because their fingers have nothing to play with- despite them having plenty of company around them to talk to, it is indeed a strange thing to witness, the decline of the human community and communication.

I remember my parents and i going to dinner at a busy Chinese restaurant, we were having plenty of laughs, sharing stories and almost did not stop speaking. A family of 4 next to us were seated- father, mother, son and daughter- both in their teens. I have never seen such a sad sight! Both kids had earphones in their ears, they were all eating in complete silence, not a smile was cracked, barely any eye contact and this went uninterrupted for half an hour- absolutely shocking.

Yeah, We’re like totally social!

I remember a female friend of mine who was in hysterics, i thought something serious was happening in her life. She told me her phone wouldn’t turn on, and she can’t survive without her phone, even for a few hours until she gets home, she was broken and distraught…1st world problems indeed!

Ladies and Gentleman i have been guilty of this myself, i am surrounded by people who i generally like, they are there right next to me…Once one person pulls out their phone, another one does it, then another until finally i do it. Then there are 4 acquaintances there staring down at their phones and surely it is a sight that likens us to zombies. I will never forget the time i went to Fiji for 6 days with an ex and there was no internet access and believe me, i felt SO cleansed to have a “break” from every day life INCLUDING the technologies that we rely on all day and every day.


I always think what it was like in the old days- where we had no internet, no mobile phones, no mp3 players and no notebooks or tablets. Imagine days back then, when if we wanted to tell someone we loved them- we’d have to see them…we’d have to say it! I believe that being in the day and age of the utmost convenience we find that we get everything we want and we get it fast! It has made us extremely impatient/anti-social beings which goes all against our evolutionary upbringing. We have always relied on each other for the success of our upbringing and indeed we have always made it abundantly clear in our history that community is an integral part to our society, yet nowadays it appears each person is in their own little world, we cannot relate to others and we have lost that fundamental “human touch” that our recent ancestors had- and it is a touch that i am envious of.

So yes the world is “closer” thanks to technology but when it comes to community- when it comes to the direct communication between people locally it has effected us negatively. Let us put down these appliances of convenience and let us use our brains- let us be creative again and let us keep in line with our emotions and interactions that has made us what we are today, let us not lose track of ourselves and the importance of community…we can love technology for it’s good points but lets face it, there is something wrong with the world when we see the very foundation of mankind changing and it is changing in a way that we are not familiar with, we are NOT meant to be anti-social loners who fear community and emotions- we ARE meant to be social beings who bond with others that love community and thrive within it!

Lets get back to our roots oh people!

Peace, Salam Alaykum.

  1. irishberdie says:

    I really feel as this is a type of Addiction, on par with drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. It can get way out of control for people. Even myself, I had anxiety and mood swings when my phone had a black out for a few days a while back and thought it was the end of the world. I eventually saw the silliness in it, and no longer think like that. However, I will say that even though I don’t do too much talking on the phone, or texting, I do enjoy the internet aspect of it.

    Perhaps what society needs is some sort of quantum timeshift into a parallel reality or another universe which has yet to discover technology so that we can learn how to communicate. (yes, I do believe in stuff like this)

  2. Ramio,

    Do you really think its that bad? For one thing, At least people like myself are talking to other people on line, where as in the past, people who stayed home all the time rarely were able to communicate with anyone who didn’t live with them.

    • ramio1983 says:

      Hey Critical,

      Thanks for the response. Yes i do think it’s that bad. Technology is great on an international level of communication but much of it is pretentious. I feel that back in the day people had more REAL conversations and the local level of communication was fantastic- i feel technology has destroyed our local means of communication. Talking to people online is fine, but to me it stops us from being locally attentive and communicative.

  3. AJ says:


    Excellent article although I think a balance is possible. How about people switch off the internet between 5pm- 10 pm at home (and allowing for an hour of internet before going to bed) and the cell phones (completely) at 5pm? The family watches an hour of TV after dinner, together, and then have some quiet time before and after. I think it is possible to use technology for its benefits but then introduce some checks and balances on that. But for this to happen, all the family members especially the parents need to be on the same page.

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