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Around the world ever since the tragedy of September 11th there have been countless attacks around the world by numerous groups, or individuals inciting fear and turmoil in every day communities. Some of these attacks have been labeled as terror attacks, others have not. Countless offenders have been labeled as terrorists and others have not. The trend that i have realized is that there is a huge conflict in determining exactly who is a terrorist and the media itself seems confused as to who it shall label as a terrorist, though it is relatively clear- the more bizarre your name sounds, the darker your skin and your affiliation with Islam would almost guarantee you a spot!

The latest attack in the United States by JAMES Holmes, a 24-year-old man who is alleged to have gunned down 12 people and wounded 58 in a US cinema during the screening of the new Batman movie, has made his first appearance in a Colorado court. No media sources ever related this attack to terrorism, nor is he labeled a terrorist. Holmes’ apartment was also filled with trip wires, explosive devices and unknown liquids, requiring police, FBI officials and bomb squad technicians to evacuate surrounding buildings while spending most of Saturday disabling the booby traps.

James Holmes, killed 12 at the premiere of a Batman Movie (2012).

There was no clear motive for the attack, he is said to be perfectly sane and so far is showing no remorse for his act.

Another attack that occurred in 2009 was the attack at Fort Hood, Texas. An Army psychiatrist was charged with killing 13 soldiers and civilians and wounding more than two dozen others. His name was Nidal Malik Hassan. His targets were in the military and it appears his attack was politically motivated. He was more or less labeled as a terrorist and the Fort Hood Massacre was attributed to home grown terrorism in the United States. Hassan was sane when committing the act.

Both tragedies were perpetrated by lone gun men of sound mind, who- regardless of their environment caused terror and bloodshed upon innocent people- yet Holmes is not a terrorist, whilst Hassan is? How peculiar. There are many other examples of which i would definitely regard certain attacks as terrorism and those attackers clearly as terrorists, yet the mainstream media would disagree with me. Let’s look at some examples.

Nidal Malik Hussan, killed 13 in the military at Fort Hood, he was declared a Terrorist.

In may 2012 a woman blew herself up in protest against demolition of her house and displacement to make way for a hydroelectric plant in Yunnan, China. 3 People died and 16 were wounded. Seeming she was “protesting” which is what many supposed terrorists are doing i would align her amongst the ranks of a terrorist, either they are all terrorists or they are not. She inflicted terror upon a peaceful setting, she took lives and had a political motive- but never was she declared a terrorist.

In South Africa on the 9th of February 2002 Bulelani Vukwana, 29, killed 11 people and injured 6 in the South African township of Mdantsane after an argument with his girlfriend.

In Germany in 2002 was the Erfurt School Shooting where Robert Steinhäuser, 19, used a Glock 17 to kill 16 people at Gutenburg Secondary School half a year after being expelled, and then shot himself.

How can we forget the Virginia Tech Massacre in the United States, which occurred in 2007. Seung Hui Cho- using two pistols, killed 32 people in two separate events and then himself in about three hours.

What about the Cumbria shootings in the United Kingdom? Derrick Bird, a 52-year-old taxi driver, shot dead 12 people in several towns and villages in west Cumbria. He also injured 11 others in a four-hour rampage. Bird committed suicide.

Seunh Hui Cho- Virginia Tech Killer- Why not terrorist?

Automatically though it seems that whenever anyone from Palestine fires missiles, or engages on a suicide mission they are declared terrorists in an act of terrorism. Yet when Israeli Mossad agents kill Nuclear Scientists within the nation of Iran itself it is not terrorism. Or when Israeli Mossad agents go to the United Arab Emirates using fake International Passports and execute Arab officials in hotels, that is not terrorism. How about when a US Soldier purposely kills 16 sleeping Afghan men, women and children in their own home, was he ever declared a terrorist?

I think we need to make one thing clear, terrorism and terrorists are not always affiliated with Islam and Muslims- the word “terror” does have have a monopoly over Muslims only and it annoys me how painstakingly obvious it is when the media tries to portray all other kinds of terrorists as “killers, attackers, mentally unstable” – giving them titles that fall outside of terrorists and terrorism, yet when anyone remotely Arab or Muslim commits acts that are similar, or in some cases pretty much exact we see that the terrorist tag is given to them.

It’s A Cold, Hard Fact.

The dictionary definition of a terrorist is someone who creates terror through violent action in order to achieve a goal. A terrorist is a dangerous person with weapons and has the motive to kill people. The above examples and many many more that i can cite clearly shows a direct link between the meaning of the word terrorist and the actions these individuals have taken, and yet we see that excuses are almost made for these people and “isolated” attacks mean the satisfaction of steering clear of the terrorist smear campaign which is reserved for all Mohammads, Ahmeds and Mustapha’s, whilst the Johns, Bobs and Svens are just crazy individuals who commit one off attacks.

The basic fact is that there are many terror attacks committed yearly by many terrorists and i have no problem with giving them ALL that label, regardless of their name, skin colour or religion. At the end of the day terror is terror and i will not give any violent imbecile the pleasure of missing out on such a title when clearly they do not only deserve it…they EARN it.

Peace, Salam Alaykum.




We hear the term “Assimilate” a lot nowadays, especially with the high influx of immigrants that have swept across the Western World. The general idea that people should somewhat adapt to the environment they become a part of is one that makes sense and it is a notion that i support. Yet i feel the word assimilation has been hijacked by some people who would not accept these new immigrants regardless. When i hear people telling others to “Assimilate” it to me almost sounds like “Subjugate” in the sense that they want the immigrants to mirror them to become even remotely acceptable in society.

Sometimes though no amount of assimilation would make certain types of people happy. Let us look at this simple fact, when people are telling others to “Assimilate” they are basically saying “We want you to be like us”. Did the English conform to assimilation for the aboriginals when they came to Australia? Or did they completely disregard and disrespect their customs? The fact is now, when other migrants come into this country they are hounded for being too different, they are pressured to conform to our society and are told to assimilate or get the hell out.

Australia’s history proves the Aboriginals never forced the British to “Assimilate”, nor did the British have any interest in assimilating.

Perhaps if we had a good historical example then perhaps those words would hold some power, yet the fact is we know that the ancestors of those who scream for assimilation were a people who did not assimilate to the land they migrated to (Australia) as a matter of fact they dominated, expanded and exploited- not assimilated! Should we expect migrants to come to Australia and make the effort to best fit in and adapt to their society? OF COURSE. This is a great thing and i openly encourage all immigrants to come here and make the best of their situation- to grow and expand in knowledge and to be a part of the community. This does not apply only for Australia, any nation that applies pressure to a people to become carbon copies of themselves have got the wrong idea in my book.

The sad thing is when we see the “ghettos” of Sydney that are divided into sections (Vietnamese, Greek/Italian, Chinese, Croatian, Lebanese, Sudanese etc) what we see is a segregation that is a direct result from a lack of acceptance. When would an immigrant reach an acceptable amount of “Assimilation”? When they start drinking beers? When they start eating pork? When they stop wearing headscarves? When their skins lighten a shade perhaps? Everyone has a different idea on what being an Australian is. This fantastic country is one full of flavour and many different influences infused into one.

What is Australian for one, is unAustralian for another. What do we expect from immigrants and what amount of assimilation is enough for them to be accepted members of our community? Does it not phase you that most migrants are like you and i for the fact that they simply want to live a normal life, to support a family, to be happy and live in peace? Is that not an Australian enough ideal? Why do we need to further push them and attempt to strip them of their cultural identity for them to essentially be a part of the Australian framework?

Why are they not Australian enough?

At the same time, they (ethnic Australians)  feel that they are constantly made to feel as though they must choose (between their culture or Australia), as if these two sentiments are in opposition when to them, they clearly are not. These are deeply paradoxical statements that are being made.

– Dr Greg Noble, the acting director of the University of Western Sydney’s Centre for Cultural Research

Is it acceptable that we taunt a people for not looking like us? For not acting like us? For not believing like us? For not eating and drinking like us? For not dressing like us?  They try to tell us that the Ghetto enclaves we see scattered around Sydney full of ethnics is a result of their disinterest in wanting to assimilate to the wider Australian audience, do they not reflect that the reason they move to ethnic ghettos is perhaps they were sick of not being labeled as “Australian” enough and moved to these areas to find comfort, community and acceptance? Granted, in saying that there ARE some people that do choose to not assimilate, i find these people to be a stifle on self production and a degradation to our society for that they have no interest in mingling with the greater community, nor learning the aspects of basic Australian heritage, though i don’t feel those numbers are high at all.

I’ve seen this shirt worn before- it reads: “This is Australia! We eat meat (pork), we drink beer and we speak f*cking English! Support it or f*ck off”.

Let us be more careful with the word assimilation. Does this message really come from our honest wanting for people to join our community, or is it our own insecurities coming into play here? At what point has a migrant had his culture stripped enough for him to be Australian? I personally think as long as these people are not breaking any laws of the land- how they look, how they dress, what they believe and what they eat really does not matter to me, nor should it matter to you- the fact that they aren’t breaking any laws and perhaps have the same goals and ambitions are Australian enough- whatever happened to a “Fair Go“? How about we give new migrants a fair go, and perhaps if we were more embracing and invited them to the greater community they would break away from the ghetto enclaves they call come, because a person could only try hard enough to please you before they give up and get lost in the abyss of “Migrant territory” which marks the invisible borders and barriers on Sydney’s map.

Peace, Salam Alaykum.

I think a good old match of football, tennis, basketball, water polo, racing and more is more than a pleasure to watch, not only for the sport itself, nor the crowds but often for the Athletes themselves. They are often people we look up to, people of fantastic physique, confident elegance, stubborn determination and stiff competition. Yet sometimes there are “bad sports” within the bunch, those athletes, fans and even “mascots” that do things that rid the communal aspect of sport and turn it to a divisive messed up confrontation.

Let’s take the latest example if i may, French Athlete/Runner Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad wins the race to then face a cheering crowd. As he huffs and puffs he approaches a big smiley mascot that is offering him a gift bag. Suddenly Benabbad smashes the gift bag out of the mascots hand, then gives the mascot a powerful shove. The person behind the mascot was a poor 14 year old girl that felt the backlash. This is not the first time this runner has been somewhat abusive to mascots, he must be allergic to cuteness.

Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad Pushes A Mascot (14 Year Old Girl).

What came from this well documented news story was a sudden spread of racism, xenophobia and as much as i hate to say it…Islamophobia. Don’t believe me? Read the comments on every video that highlights this act. You will see people call him a dirty arab, scummy Algerian, shitty Muslim, Islamic scumbag – you name it. When in essence Benabbad is- like many other athletes and supporters out there- a “bad sport”. He has terrible sportsmanship, a disrespect for the sport itself and its followers and is a terrible example for the youth, but what does his race and religion have to do with this event? Laughable sites like “BarenakedIslam” made this a top story and many other hater blogs took full opportunity of this Jihadist athlete waging war on Mascots.!

If his name was Bernadde Frogslegs and he was white as a cracker and did the exact same thing, would people call him with racist remarks and degrade his supposed religion? Not to mention there is no hard evidence at all that Benabbad is a actual practicing Muslim, but who cares right? He has a foreign name and a bit of a beard, so of course he is evil! What i find tragic is many many many other examples of similar, and much worse actions have been caught on camera and the persons race or religion is of no matter, which should be the case because an ass is an ass- regardless of their race or religion. Yet if someone with an Arabic or Muslim sounding name does something unsavory then forget it- suddenly they are representatives of Islam!

This event created a flash flood of Islamophobes to blame “Islam” for his unsavory sportsmanship.

Let me give you some classic examples of some past events in sporting history where “bad sports” have been named and shamed– yet unlike Benabbad- their race and religion was never a feature worth mentioning.

1)  Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Player Randall Simon smashes a sausage mascot in the head with a baseball bat as it runs past.
No mention of his religion.

Pittsburgh Pirates player smashes Mascot over head with baseball bat.

2) Thunderbug Mascot assaults Bruins fan by suddenly spraying his face with confetti- fan then tackles him before being stopped.
No mention of Mascots religion.

Thunderbug Mascot assaults oppositions fan.

3) Serena Williams threatens to kill lines woman during tennis match.
No mention of her religion.

Serena Williams threatens to kill Lines Woman during Match.

4) New Mexicos Elizabeth Lambert pulls the hair, elbows the backs and kicks her opposing team during a soccer/football match.
No mention of her religion.

New Mexican player Elizabeth Lambert pushes, pulls hair, punches and kicks opposing players in soccer matches.

5) Croatian fans attack police and smash up Polish streets in Euro Cup 2012 match- after Croatian fan gets kicked out.
No mention of his religion.

Croatian fans wreak havoc on the streets of Poland, assaulting police and vandalizing streets. Euro 2012.

At the end of the day let us call a spade a spade. Many athletes are terrible examples, arrogant boasters full of cocky pride that leads them to do some irrational things, yet the last time i checked nowhere in the Qur’an are Muslims obliged to assault Mascots. What i hate is those lurking online keyboard warriors who watch and wait hoping for some ethnic Muslim sounding person to break any law so suddenly they can scream and shout how these monsters do not “assimilate” and are associated with a creeping Shariah to mistreat non Muslims and take over their lands!

The world of “Bad Sports” is big, far and wide and it has ALL to do with personal EGO and zero to do with religion, get with it people

Peace, Salam Alaykum.