I think a good old match of football, tennis, basketball, water polo, racing and more is more than a pleasure to watch, not only for the sport itself, nor the crowds but often for the Athletes themselves. They are often people we look up to, people of fantastic physique, confident elegance, stubborn determination and stiff competition. Yet sometimes there are “bad sports” within the bunch, those athletes, fans and even “mascots” that do things that rid the communal aspect of sport and turn it to a divisive messed up confrontation.

Let’s take the latest example if i may, French Athlete/Runner Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad wins the race to then face a cheering crowd. As he huffs and puffs he approaches a big smiley mascot that is offering him a gift bag. Suddenly Benabbad smashes the gift bag out of the mascots hand, then gives the mascot a powerful shove. The person behind the mascot was a poor 14 year old girl that felt the backlash. This is not the first time this runner has been somewhat abusive to mascots, he must be allergic to cuteness.

Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad Pushes A Mascot (14 Year Old Girl).

What came from this well documented news story was a sudden spread of racism, xenophobia and as much as i hate to say it…Islamophobia. Don’t believe me? Read the comments on every video that highlights this act. You will see people call him a dirty arab, scummy Algerian, shitty Muslim, Islamic scumbag – you name it. When in essence Benabbad is- like many other athletes and supporters out there- a “bad sport”. He has terrible sportsmanship, a disrespect for the sport itself and its followers and is a terrible example for the youth, but what does his race and religion have to do with this event? Laughable sites like “BarenakedIslam” made this a top story and many other hater blogs took full opportunity of this Jihadist athlete waging war on Mascots.!

If his name was Bernadde Frogslegs and he was white as a cracker and did the exact same thing, would people call him with racist remarks and degrade his supposed religion? Not to mention there is no hard evidence at all that Benabbad is a actual practicing Muslim, but who cares right? He has a foreign name and a bit of a beard, so of course he is evil! What i find tragic is many many many other examples of similar, and much worse actions have been caught on camera and the persons race or religion is of no matter, which should be the case because an ass is an ass- regardless of their race or religion. Yet if someone with an Arabic or Muslim sounding name does something unsavory then forget it- suddenly they are representatives of Islam!

This event created a flash flood of Islamophobes to blame “Islam” for his unsavory sportsmanship.

Let me give you some classic examples of some past events in sporting history where “bad sports” have been named and shamed– yet unlike Benabbad- their race and religion was never a feature worth mentioning.

1)  Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Player Randall Simon smashes a sausage mascot in the head with a baseball bat as it runs past.
No mention of his religion.

Pittsburgh Pirates player smashes Mascot over head with baseball bat.

2) Thunderbug Mascot assaults Bruins fan by suddenly spraying his face with confetti- fan then tackles him before being stopped.
No mention of Mascots religion.

Thunderbug Mascot assaults oppositions fan.

3) Serena Williams threatens to kill lines woman during tennis match.
No mention of her religion.

Serena Williams threatens to kill Lines Woman during Match.

4) New Mexicos Elizabeth Lambert pulls the hair, elbows the backs and kicks her opposing team during a soccer/football match.
No mention of her religion.

New Mexican player Elizabeth Lambert pushes, pulls hair, punches and kicks opposing players in soccer matches.

5) Croatian fans attack police and smash up Polish streets in Euro Cup 2012 match- after Croatian fan gets kicked out.
No mention of his religion.

Croatian fans wreak havoc on the streets of Poland, assaulting police and vandalizing streets. Euro 2012.

At the end of the day let us call a spade a spade. Many athletes are terrible examples, arrogant boasters full of cocky pride that leads them to do some irrational things, yet the last time i checked nowhere in the Qur’an are Muslims obliged to assault Mascots. What i hate is those lurking online keyboard warriors who watch and wait hoping for some ethnic Muslim sounding person to break any law so suddenly they can scream and shout how these monsters do not “assimilate” and are associated with a creeping Shariah to mistreat non Muslims and take over their lands!

The world of “Bad Sports” is big, far and wide and it has ALL to do with personal EGO and zero to do with religion, get with it people

Peace, Salam Alaykum.

  1. irishberdie says:

    …that makes no sense, why would an athlete who wins a race want to attack the mascot? Especially one who is trying to give him a gift?

    • ramio1983 says:

      He is clearly a loser and a bad sport, the whole point of my post is that his religion has nothing to do with him being an asshat to a mascot, no matter how hard people try to link it, there are many examples of athletes being tools, religion has zero basis.

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