We hear the term “Assimilate” a lot nowadays, especially with the high influx of immigrants that have swept across the Western World. The general idea that people should somewhat adapt to the environment they become a part of is one that makes sense and it is a notion that i support. Yet i feel the word assimilation has been hijacked by some people who would not accept these new immigrants regardless. When i hear people telling others to “Assimilate” it to me almost sounds like “Subjugate” in the sense that they want the immigrants to mirror them to become even remotely acceptable in society.

Sometimes though no amount of assimilation would make certain types of people happy. Let us look at this simple fact, when people are telling others to “Assimilate” they are basically saying “We want you to be like us”. Did the English conform to assimilation for the aboriginals when they came to Australia? Or did they completely disregard and disrespect their customs? The fact is now, when other migrants come into this country they are hounded for being too different, they are pressured to conform to our society and are told to assimilate or get the hell out.

Australia’s history proves the Aboriginals never forced the British to “Assimilate”, nor did the British have any interest in assimilating.

Perhaps if we had a good historical example then perhaps those words would hold some power, yet the fact is we know that the ancestors of those who scream for assimilation were a people who did not assimilate to the land they migrated to (Australia) as a matter of fact they dominated, expanded and exploited- not assimilated! Should we expect migrants to come to Australia and make the effort to best fit in and adapt to their society? OF COURSE. This is a great thing and i openly encourage all immigrants to come here and make the best of their situation- to grow and expand in knowledge and to be a part of the community. This does not apply only for Australia, any nation that applies pressure to a people to become carbon copies of themselves have got the wrong idea in my book.

The sad thing is when we see the “ghettos” of Sydney that are divided into sections (Vietnamese, Greek/Italian, Chinese, Croatian, Lebanese, Sudanese etc) what we see is a segregation that is a direct result from a lack of acceptance. When would an immigrant reach an acceptable amount of “Assimilation”? When they start drinking beers? When they start eating pork? When they stop wearing headscarves? When their skins lighten a shade perhaps? Everyone has a different idea on what being an Australian is. This fantastic country is one full of flavour and many different influences infused into one.

What is Australian for one, is unAustralian for another. What do we expect from immigrants and what amount of assimilation is enough for them to be accepted members of our community? Does it not phase you that most migrants are like you and i for the fact that they simply want to live a normal life, to support a family, to be happy and live in peace? Is that not an Australian enough ideal? Why do we need to further push them and attempt to strip them of their cultural identity for them to essentially be a part of the Australian framework?

Why are they not Australian enough?

At the same time, they (ethnic Australians)  feel that they are constantly made to feel as though they must choose (between their culture or Australia), as if these two sentiments are in opposition when to them, they clearly are not. These are deeply paradoxical statements that are being made.

– Dr Greg Noble, the acting director of the University of Western Sydney’s Centre for Cultural Research

Is it acceptable that we taunt a people for not looking like us? For not acting like us? For not believing like us? For not eating and drinking like us? For not dressing like us?  They try to tell us that the Ghetto enclaves we see scattered around Sydney full of ethnics is a result of their disinterest in wanting to assimilate to the wider Australian audience, do they not reflect that the reason they move to ethnic ghettos is perhaps they were sick of not being labeled as “Australian” enough and moved to these areas to find comfort, community and acceptance? Granted, in saying that there ARE some people that do choose to not assimilate, i find these people to be a stifle on self production and a degradation to our society for that they have no interest in mingling with the greater community, nor learning the aspects of basic Australian heritage, though i don’t feel those numbers are high at all.

I’ve seen this shirt worn before- it reads: “This is Australia! We eat meat (pork), we drink beer and we speak f*cking English! Support it or f*ck off”.

Let us be more careful with the word assimilation. Does this message really come from our honest wanting for people to join our community, or is it our own insecurities coming into play here? At what point has a migrant had his culture stripped enough for him to be Australian? I personally think as long as these people are not breaking any laws of the land- how they look, how they dress, what they believe and what they eat really does not matter to me, nor should it matter to you- the fact that they aren’t breaking any laws and perhaps have the same goals and ambitions are Australian enough- whatever happened to a “Fair Go“? How about we give new migrants a fair go, and perhaps if we were more embracing and invited them to the greater community they would break away from the ghetto enclaves they call come, because a person could only try hard enough to please you before they give up and get lost in the abyss of “Migrant territory” which marks the invisible borders and barriers on Sydney’s map.

Peace, Salam Alaykum.

  1. Talk about the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”
    The silence from your 79,078 Readers is deafening ! ! ! !
    There has not been a single one of the rise to defend the fact you have even one “reader”
    Another magnificent discussion site without a solitary comment.

    Today’s topic – – – Assimilation.

    So Ramey dredges through his files to com up with – – –
    the earliest days of settlement in Australia,
    OR as it was previously known as Terra Australis
    OR to be more specific from 8am, Saturday, 26 January,1788

    Ramey, your ancestors, the ones who used to run around on camels in the desert always wore clothes of some sort. And rightly so,
    they would have had one hell of a sunburn if they bloody well didn’t.
    And the nearest Chemist shop for sun tan lotion
    was possibly 200 years away in the future.

    When QUOTE: “Captain Arthur Phillip landed on the harsh grounds at Port Jackson and took ‘formal possession’ of the Colony of New South Wales. In the process, he also became the colony’s inaugural Governor of the colony, which would slowly emerge as a modern British society – albeit one that was very much based on the distinctions between convicts and settlers. UNQUOTE Arthur was greeted by a bunch of locals who came to ask him where they could get
    [ NOTE I did not say buy –
    Aborigines were like the “refugees” of today who EXPECTED everything was for free!!! ]
    some of his gorgeous clothes he was wearing.
    Your see Ramey those buggers were running around with their dongles dangling.

    Are you getting the picture yet?

    The First Australians (the Aborigines) needed to be taught the basics to living amongst civilisation.
    They did not like their being forced to “hide their shame”
    In fact they were mighty proud of the fact their dongles were mighty fine danglers.
    But civilisation demands that they learn the ways of the White Bastards.
    Are you still with me Ramey.
    Remember we are discussing years ago.
    Terra Australis was possibly six months by sea away.
    That means six fucking months there
    – – – – – and six fucking months back!!!

    There was no Police Station to lock up the rude Jude’s.
    There was no MacDonald’s under each gum tree
    There was no telephone to ring up for a Chinese takeaway
    There were no service stations – – –
    FACT THERE WERE NO FUCKING CARS! Not even a bicycle!!!

    Open your eyes – no, open you mind.
    Something had to be done if Arty and his mob of convicts were to make
    the First Australian (the Aborigines) and themselves live peacefully together.

    Look Ramey if you really want to criticise something
    you really must get a few fucking facts correct.
    Instead of running you mouth off
    or your fingers typing
    or cutting and pasting
    Go to T A F E classes and learn about the fucking subject


    • ramio1983 says:

      Talk about Dumb and Dumber. I am referring to your dumb Jason Alexander Account but your sock account of Mr. Juilus is even dumber. None of what you just wrote made absolutely any sense, go on and have a reread and tell me what your point is exactly. The Colonial invaders took down to Terra Australias with them diseases and weapons. You are talking about Aboriginal NATIVES like they are refugees? Lets get one thing straight, the English convicts, settlers and explorers were the refugees, they came by boat you see- not only that they were invaders too. ACTUAL invaders unlike the fear mongering of Syrian Refugees today who are actually in a crisis. The UK already had its own land and its own people. Do you get it yet?

      I know the Australia we recognize today stemmed from the British invasion, yet let us not cherry coat history. The fact is our history is a dark one and people like you make excuses for the destruction of a culture. Go read a book on the story of our Tasmanian Aboriginals and how they were exterminated along with their language and forced to dress like Colonialists and read Bibles.

      That’s your history JAZZER i mean Julius ceaser! 🙂

      • You attempt at the art of magic – DECEPTION – does not work Ramey

        You are avoiding the issue namely PROVE that you have just one fucking follower!

        Now as I am the only PERSON responding, I leave you to
        (work that one out Lebo)

      • ramio1983 says:

        I am only half Lebanese ;). What do you mean prove i have one follower? Are you demented. You really are. I am concerned for your health and well being, may i suggest a mental institution. Just because people don’t comment doesn’t mean they are not here. Perhaps most people are reasonable and don’t have a loud useless trap like yours!! Get a life.

      • The simple fact you do not show even one follower (other than Jazzer and Moi,) and the other solitary posts PROVES MY POINT!
        Ha! Demented?
        Look in the fucking mirror to see who IS DEMENTED ! ! !
        True – Carla Louise DID make one further post to reply yours, but – – –
        then she had piss a deered as well
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Ramey, just as a matter of interest.
    I asked you about the book
    “The Complete Infidel’s guide to ISIS”
    by Robert Spencer, hoping you might have it in your bookstore (if you work in one.
    It has been a problem for me
    Several of the bookstores who had it in stock had sold out before my order arrived.
    No Problem Ramey,
    A copy arrived in today’s post.
    Have only begun reading it.
    Very interesting.
    “An ISIS Timeline.”
    Gee I would like to hear your impression as to its reliable facts
    but then you would not spend the $15.

    Catch up with you tomorrow sometime
    As it is Christmas Day, you might be working elsewhere.
    Sorry to hear about those two being stopped.

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