Muslims across Sydney protested about the recent “Innocence of Muslims” movie which has caused worldwide uproar and led to at least 5 people (not related to the movie) dead. I was so sure today would be a peaceful protest, done in class and dignity, proving to ourselves and the world that we can unite in protest about the defamation of our religion and hopefully get the attention of the public to understand our angle, but instead today the protests started peacefully for 30 minutes then for hours it was a hot mess. Property was damaged. Projectiles thrown. Police attacked. Public Inconvenienced. Hate Signs were carried. Did this protest help or damage our cause? I as a Muslim condemn today’s protests in Sydney as a failure on part of our Islamic Community.

  1. Alan Spackman says:

    Thanks for this voice of moderation. Although I fear this is not good what has happened it could start chaos in Australia for the Muslim community. I am one of the most tolerant 4th generation Anglo Australian man. But this is intolerable. I love multicultural Australia and I feel that this country is at its core a safe zone from the rest of global conflict. We are liberal and free and its worth defending- the protest threw these values in the face of all nation Australians. Something must be done throughout the Muslim community to educate these disenfranchised thugs or there will be chaos- we will not tolerate graphic signs held by children to behead individuals- I’m so disillusioned by the Muslim communities education programs.

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