I have come to realize that each and every person is a unique individual in some way, shape or form. We may look alike and even have similar mannerisms but when it comes to the detail people are incredibly different- and that is okay.!! The world is a much more exciting place for it, but to me there are the golden 5 traits that i have personally chosen to be my favourites when it comes to engaging with other people. These character and personality traits are important for individuals and essentially also partners or friends. So get your pen ready and see if you tick all of my boxes :).

Trust is absolutely vital.

Trust is absolutely vital.

TRAIT 1- Trust.

Trust is quiet a deep word and we tend to throw it around too much nowadays, but the fact is trust is more than just keeping a secret. The essence of trust and the burden that it carries is huge, basically if a person is truly trustworthy, they are maintaining a human trait that is highly advanced, highly sophisticated and extremely important. A trustworthy person is a person that you KNOW will keep a secret, pay you back, be true to their word and be reliable. If a friend or a partner is trustworthy there are no second doubts when you are digging deep and letting them get to know you, these people always speak good words of you and are consistent in delivering the truth, it’s a rare and very powerful trait, the fact is yes – everyone does lie, but the trustworthy person is so overwhelmingly honest that their little white lies diminish into oblivion.


Attentive enough for you?

Attentive enough for you?

TRAIT 2- Attentiveness

You are probably thinking…attentiveness? ATTENTIVENESS? Yes. Attentiveness! What does it mean that one is attentive? Well first of all, these people are fantastic communicators, great to speak to and they themselves love to speak. Yet an attentive person is a fantastic friend or partner to have. They are people that actually LISTEN whilst they are spoken to, they gather information, collect it and compute it to their memory. They remember things that surprise you- recalling stories you told them months ago, recognizing your scent and clothing, they are in essence “connected” to you. Many people whilst listening to you nod and smile but that information is going nowhere, the attentive person is one who shows care about you and your life by saving this information and becoming updated in it, all in the while offering assistance. The importance of the attentive type is that they actually CARE and you can see it in their eye contact, relaying of information and reminders of stories that even you forgot yourself.

Generosity makes a stone a gem.

Generosity makes a stone a gem.

TRAIT 3- Generosity

Generosity is a humble way of one to reveal to the world that they are caring, giving people. There are of course limits when one is generous, being generous to the point of stupidity is just that- stupid. Yet the generous type is a beneficial person to have around, not so you can use and abuse them but because they truly are sharers. They motivate and influence those around them to be more caring, giving and hold the influence of sharing which is a human behavioral pattern that goes back for thousands of years. When a person is willing to sacrifice their money, belongings, time and effort for you- they are being generous and thus this person does care for you. Generosity is a trait that is literally a beautiful thing to see in a friend or partner, where they see money as literally an object that does not get in the way of a true friendship. A generous soul is a beautiful soul and this powerful human trait is often taken advantage of, yet the few generous gems that still exist really keep the spark, energy and connectivity of a relationship or friendship alive, even at its most dire moments.

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue.

TRAIT 4- Patience

Patience is a virtue. It most definitely is. In a world where we tend to get everything with the literal push or snap of a finger, we are finding this amazing spiritual trait to become less and less common. A person that is patient is an overseer, they are capable of looking far off to the horizon with optimism and zero arrogance. A patient friend or partner is a very vital part of life because such a person is one who tends to forgive, forget and overlook a persons simple faults. They are strong because they are capable of taking hardship for a longer period of time without breaking down and they are willing to give people a fair chance before placing incriminating judgement against them. When one is patient they make it clear that they still intend on getting what they want, but at a pace that does not tire or overwork them- it is not laziness but a tactic employed by people that are capable of doing such things, and that is a very few people nowadays. A patient person is one you know will turn around, pat you on the shoulder and tell you “It’s okay” – while you know most others in their place would have your head off with a shovel…pretty important i’d say!

One can never go wrong with compassion.

One can never go wrong with compassion.

TRAIT 5- Compassion

A person that carries compassion carries feeling and emotion- traits that many humans nowadays try to avoid showing- in fear of being seen as “weak“. The fact is having empathy for other human beings and being able to put yourself in other shoes is very important to find in a friend or partner. Compassion is putting your guard down, returning back to earth and finding common ground with others- whether strangers or family. A person that is capable of showing compassion and not fearing the repercussions of that is actually a person that is stronger than most, because they fear nothing about the reactions to a natural action that humans have been trying to get rid of for centuries. There is nothing wrong with having a heart or being somewhat sensitive, to me there is nothing sexier than realizing you are a human and being able to understand and put yourself in the situation of others, the world greatest charity founders and travelers were people that had this trait, being able to see the world from another persons eyes makes you a very important person on this list.

Salam, thanks for reading.

  1. Ivonne Munoz says:

    Very important qualities to search for in a “prospective” partner. But also extremely difficult to find.

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