A 56-year-old British grandmother caught smuggling blocks of cocaine in her suitcase has been sentenced to death in Indonesia. Quiet simply put, i don’t give a damn. It comes to a point where all these waves of people go to Asian countries fully aware that the sentence for hefty drug smuggling is death. Sure there could be a case or two to make an example of, but this has simply gone too far- how many idiots does it take to bring the point home? Whether it be this Grandmother Lindsay June Sandiford, the Australian Nurse Emma LAguille, the Australian “Model” Michelle Leslie or the”young and dumb” Bali 9 group or how could we forget the most controversial of all Schapelle Corby.

56 year old Grandmother Lindsay June Sandiford has just been sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

56 year old Grandmother Lindsay June Sandiford has just been sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

When Australian Schapelle Corby was sentenced in Indonesia in October of 2004, the Majority of Australia- including myself were behind her. Hoping, praying and wishing she’d be set free– yet as the evidence piled up and her 20 year sentence was handed down, the general public very quickly quietened down. Ever since that day so many Australians have been caught throughout Asia smuggling drugs.

In January 2005 quiet an obscure case was underway for Gordon Vuonga Chinese Australian citizen who was found guilty in January of 2005 for trafficking 2.1KG’s of heroin into Cambodia. He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. Despite a prison exchange program currently being active between Australia and Cambodia- Vuong has yet to be released.

Australias Bali 9 drug traffickers. Two still await the death sentence for heroin trafficking in Indonesia.

Australias Bali 9 drug traffickers. Two still await the death sentence for heroin trafficking in Indonesia.

Then came The Bali 9 , where 1 female and 8 Australian males were charged with Heroin drug trafficking in Indonesia (April 2005). Two are still awaiting the death sentence, whilst the other 7 are serving prison sentences from 20 years to life. At this point the public were a little more weary as to cheer them on to “come back home” and our cheers for support were a lot more diluted. Even the Australian government who helped tip their own citizens off to Indonesian officials backed away from providing any assistance. This was a big wake up call for anyone else intending to bring drugs into Indonesia…DON’T DO IT!!

Lo and Behold only 4 months later Australian underwear model Michelle Leslie was caught with ecstasy tablets on her person in Indonesia. She got off relatively lightly, a 15 year sentence was reduced to only 3 months with accusations that her lawyers helped bribe her way out of jail, not to mention her more than obvious false conversion to Islam to win the hearts and minds of the Indonesians, so much so that she’d attend court in a full blown Burqa, only to return to her skimpy outfit on her flight home to freedom.

Australian Underwear Model Michelle Leslie dons a Burqa during her trial for Ecstasy.

Australian Underwear Model Michelle Leslie dons a Burqa during her trial for Ecstasy.

Then came the case of Michael Sacatides – an Australian kickboxing instructor living in Bangkok, who was arrested on October 1st 2010 shortly after arriving in Bali on a flight from Thailand. Customs officials found the 1.7kg of methamphetamine or ice secreted in the side panels of the suitcase he was carrying. He is now facing 16 years jail.

Then in July of 2012 Emma L’Aiguille from Victoria, Australia had been facing the death penalty after she was charged with trafficking 1kg of methamphetamine on July 17 in Malaysia– But she had maintained her innocence, saying the drugs belonged to her boyfriend, Nigerian man Anthony Esikalam Ndidi, who disappeared when she was arrested. Luckily she escaped more than 4 months prison and was released with a lack of evidence- though if were going to play by suggestion she has a Schapelle Corby ring to her, but she was off the hook- luckily for her.

Finally comes the case of this grandmother for Gods sake…A GRAND MOTHER from the United Kingdom.  56 year old Lindsay June Sandiford was sentenced to death by hanging in Bali, January 22nd 2013.  Their decision was based on the defendant having shown no regret for what she did, Indonesian state news agency Antara reported. Sandiford, from northeast England, was found to have blocks of cocaine weighing 4.7 kilograms in her suitcase when she arrived on the island of Bali in May, the court heard.

Scapelle Corby became the "Show Girl" for Australian drug traffikers in Indonesia- sentenced to 20 years jail.

Scapelle Corby became the “Show Girl” for Australian drug traffickers in Indonesia- sentenced to 20 years jail.

Bottom line is, i have stopped caring about these people. Let me be the first to say, i know that countries like Indonesia are hotbeds for corruption, when i was there i had a first hand encounter of their corruption– i was told that the chief police of a certain Indonesian region was himself a huge drug dealer, i saw his card, offered to me by a man offering me drugs- of course i declined. Yet at the same time, even the dimmest bulb will come to know that by taking drugs to Asia is asking for death, it is quiet literally a death sentence- a fool lining up for the noose or the firing squad- then when they get caught the violins come out from “concerned” family members and an overprotective public– not to mention the stories of how somehow these people are always “middle men” despite the overwhelming evidence against most of them.

When i flew to Indonesia my boarding pass (the back) said DRUG TRAFFICKING= DEATH PENALTY. When you arrive at the airport (Denpasar) it says “Welcome to Denpasar- warning: Death penalty for drug traffickers.” I mean it’s all over travel boards, books, websites, airports, boarding passes- they can’t make it any more fucking clearer! Sorry but it frustrates me so much.! What a selfish life style to immerse yourself in. When the Australian nurse was sentenced and you see her children begging and pleading for “Mummy” it comes to give you a sick realization – this woman couldn’t give a crap about her family!

Your welcome to Indonesia- could they make it any clearer to these people?

Your welcome to Indonesia- could they make it any clearer to these people?

Go make a proper living! Get a damn job like the rest of us, and if you’re in some habit- GET SOME HELP. Especially if you have family members that you love and that love you- why become a bird with a target on its head by taking ridiculous amounts of drugs into Indonesia and Malaysia? My sympathy tank is on empty, i have zero sadness left in me for these people that end up in jail, hung or shot. Bottom line is you are responsible for your actions, and if in your head doing such things is “worth the risk”- don’t start crying when the noose is rung around your neck, no plead with governments that did their best to warn you of their strict laws.! Whether you like their laws or not does not matter, nothing is forcing you to go there and blaming the law before the criminal is an abysmal act of criminal sympathy.

Australian Nurse Emma L'Aiguille in court for drug trafficking in Malaysia- while kids beg for "Mummy" back home.

Australian Nurse Emma L’Aiguille in court for drug trafficking in Malaysia- while kids beg for “Mummy” back home.

To see teenagers, mothers and grandmothers engaging in such activity really triggers a frustrated reaction within me. Not even the biggest idiot on this planet would gamble their family and their own damn LIVES for the sake of some white powder or pills! Drug trafficking is a serious crime and has serious implications- you don’t understand the effect drugs has on people. People become addicted and dependent, they lose their independence and become crackheads, there are so many examples of many ex-reasonable people who have crumbled down to nothing thanks to drugs. The fact these traffickers go to further corrupt a corrupt country is mentally insane.

Lindsay June Sandiford won’t be the last imbecile to grace our news headlines with her crying from her death sentence. We don’t have to spell it out for you (well it already is)- nor do they have to do a song and dance for you to realize- run the red- run the risk. You know the risks and if your family and life are not worth enough, then so be it…fire away.

  1. Tayla WALTON says:

    That is my mother emma laguille and shes innocent so why the harsh remarks to her as if to say she was guilty , she had possesion, she was the leader, she doesnt care about family and she should have every reason to be “HUNG” . You wanna be a “reporter” and write down your opinion but i know where you can shove it and if your not sure ill take you on a tour and show you where you can stick it.

    By the court my mother was called INNOCENT. She has NO reasons to be hung (weather she did or didnt) , she loves her family, she was not the leader nor did not posses the drugs . If you werent so thick headed you would be able to read between the lines and see she was set up. Its indonesia not being racisit but cmon get your heAd out of your ass. That country is a place for trouble all it is , is dirt. The government and the citizens.

    All i have to say to you is, i hope someone you care about gets hung and we will see if you need any sympathy but ill remember all these words that you have stated here.

    Thank you and good day.

    • ramio1983 says:

      Hi Tayla.

      Thanks for the comment, please bare in mind you are talking about your mother here, of course she is innocent in your eyes. The courts only found her innocent after a period of time and she still had to be jailed for a few months, they just couldn’t be sure hence they can’t sentence her indefinitely. A lacking of evidence still doesn’t make your mother innocent, it makes her lucky. Also keep in mind your OWN mother admitted she was a “Bad mother” according to News.com.au – “”I admit I am a bad mother but I deserve a chance,” Ms L’Aiguille said in her first extended interview with the Herald Sun.”

      Your mother admits she needs forgiveness and made mistakes, these are words a guilty person that is repentant. So how about you just put aside the fact that she is your mother and take things for what they are? My suggestions are nowhere near as dramatic as you are making it out, especially in regards to your mother i was relatively lenient. I just added extra focus on how careless she could be about her kids- a claim that she too would support and back up with her own mouth.

      So just remember your mother is “innocent” because the courts couldn’t be 100% sure, that still doesn’t make her innocent. I also don’t say your mother should be hung but clearly i am talking about the frustrations at the stupidity of fools heading over the Indonesia to traffic drugs, its no rare phenomena, it happens. You claim Indonesia is dirt, i have been there and have first in hand noticed how Australians act over there- drunken morons that break all the rules, wave money under the noses of locals and thinking they can barter for everything and treat the citizens like dirt while at it. They are vulgar, rude and have no respect for the countries customs. Then you expect them to respect us? Think again.

      Be glad you got your mother back and instead of cursing people that criticize her, come to terms that your mother and YOU are very lucky people and should treasure every moment from this point on. Accept her repentance and forgive her and dont make ANY excuses for her.


      • Tayla WALTON says:

        Welll what i have to say to you there is if you say she is a heartless terrible mother who has abandonned her kids then why am I sticking up for her ? Clearly you dont know my mothers back ground , you dont know why she hasnt got all her kids in custody and for a matter of fact you dont know my mother at all.
        So much pressure has been put onto her of course she is going to doubt herself and call herself names, who wouldnt when they are being held by the throat and being called this and that . And GOOD mother would do the same. Instead of passing judgements to strangers you have never even met you just dont have any right to throw out accusations.
        Im glad we have come to terms and that you will now grow up.


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