I have been keeping tabs on many news articles within the last year and one that was striking and of course tragic was the very random bus bombing in Bulgaria last year, aimed at Israeli tourists. 5 Israelis were killed, 1 Bulgarian and of course the Caucasian suicide bomber. This terror attack seemed to have come out of the blue and quiet literally whilst the bus was still burning and within a couple of hours, Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hezbollah and more directly Iran by stating “All the signs lead to Iran. This is an Iranian terror attack that is spreading throughout the entire world. Israel will react powerfully against Iranian terror.” Netanyahu  continued. “Iran must be exposed by the international community as the premiere terrorist-supporting state that it is.”

Iranian state TV rejected accusations of the country’s involvement, calling the accusations “ridiculous” and “sensational,” reports the Associated Press.

Either way investigations have been ongoing in relation to the Bus Bombing in the seaside town of Burgas, Bulgaria. Certain things have come to light which are unsettling and bizarrely do not add up and i would like to address them. On the 18th of January 2013 an important update came to light in regards to the bombing. Bulgarian officials confidently stated there was “No Hezbollah link to the deadly Bulgarian bombing“. Please be reminded that the Bulgarian officials (under 3 weeks ago) stated that “the three allegedly entered Bulgaria through neighboring countries using fake identifications.”

Bulgaria's deadly bus bombing killed 5 Israelis and 1 Bulgarian.

Bulgaria’s deadly bus bombing killed 5 Israelis and 1 Bulgarian.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov made a surprise visit to Israel days later to brief Israeli leaders on his country’s probe into the attack, but Israeli officials remained tight-lipped about what was said in these meetings. Then suddenly on the 6th of February 2013- just over 2 weeks after Bulgarian officials stated clearly that there was “No Hezbollah link” suddenly the findings state that there IS a Hezbollah link and an Australian and Canadian (of apparently Lebanese descent) have been accused of playing part in the Bulgarian bombing– what prompted this sudden 180 degree spin on the situation? And why do things still not add up? Even remotely.

Let us look at some important facts in regards to this case. The names of the supposed Australian and Canadian suspects are “known” but are not (yet) being disclosed to the public. The identity of the actual bomber remains unknown even though his DNA samples have been shared with intelligence agencies, adding that no DNA match has been found in their databases. Authorities claim in contradiction that the bomber had not “intended” to blow up- claiming he accidentally blew himself up, or that remotely outside sources did it in chaos- either way he was wired to explode- so to say he had no “intention” to kill himself makes no sense. Why did the Bulgarian foreign minister Nikolai Mladenov make a surprise visit to Israel (after finding no Hezbollah connection) to talk about the case- and why was the information spread between the two kept discreet? Why would so many different people of many different “nationalities” go to Bulgaria to kill 5 Israelis? Why was Bulgaria adamant that the guilty parties in this attack were from neighboring countries then suddenly they were from Australia and Canada?

The suicide bomber. Caucasian. DNA has been extracted- but there is no "lead" to his identity.

The suicide bomber. Caucasian. DNA has been extracted- but there is no “lead” to his identity.

Very importantly and politically speaking why did and does the Israeli government constantly push for the European Union to finally call and acknowledge Hezbollah as a terrorist organistation? Remember The USA and Israel make the claim that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, most European nations do not agree to this claim and withdraw from making such statements. Benjamin Netanyahu said “We hope the Europeans learn the proper conclusions from this about the true character of Hezbollah”. The US  Obama administration & Its Secretary of State John Kerry saidWe strongly urge other governments around the world – and particularly our partners in Europe – to take immediate action to crack down on Hezbollah.”

Almost immediately Hezbollah leaders responded to the supposed findings of the terror attack. The Lebanese Shia group’s deputy leader denied the accusations and said Israel was waging an “international campaign” against Hezbollah. Speaking a day after Bulgarian politicians and European police experts said the bomb plot had “obvious links” to Hezbollah, the group’s deputy leader strongly refuted the accusation.

The Bulgarian report was part of “allegations and incitements and accusations against Hezbollah” driven by Israeli paranoia over Hezbollah’s continued military strength in southern Lebanon.

All these accusations against Hezbollah will have no effect, and do not change the facts” Naim Qassem said, according to Reuters news agency.

Strangely enough these tactics deployed by the terrorists that committed in the Bulgarian attack ring similar to previous attacks made by Israeli Mossad agents outside of Israel like  The 2010 assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, senior commander of the Palestinian paramilitary group Hamas. In the attack that occurred inside a Dubai hotel- Israeli Mossad agents collaborated and worked together using disguises such as fake mustaches, wigs and sporty dress up (tennis gear). They used fake German and British passports and killed with intent.

Israeli Mossad agents have used similar fake identity tactics (above).

Israeli Mossad agents have used similar fake identity tactics (above).

In the case of the 2012 Bulgarian bombing we notice striking similarities between that attack and the Mossad based attacks. In the Bulgarian attack the killer/bomber himself wore a disguise. Glasses (perhaps a wig) and dressed up in similar sporty gear. This killer and the supposed accomplices used extremely fake identification (Michigan, USA) and western passports (Australian and Canadian) and the bombing was planned and executed.
This is not to say that Iranian/Arab terrorists did not commit this attack. It is possible BUT upon investigation of this case you find things simply do not add up. Not much is making sense and the information is jumbled and has change by so many degrees within a couple of weeks. Very scattered information is being relayed to the public, there is much secrecy between the government officials and such a terrible attack has put under the spotlight far too many convenient political statements (Israel/USA pushing Europe to accept Hezbollah as a terrorist network- Israel blaming Iran 2 hours after the attack etc).
A supposed fake I.D used by one of the "suspects?"

A supposed fake I.D used by one of the “suspects?”

In the realm of politics we must be extremely weary, money talks is what i will say. Governments are swayed by greed and corruption and they look after their own interests before the peoples. I refuse to accept the Media and politicians say on this attack until further irrefutable and clear proofs are made our way. Who were the terrorists? Who were the accomplices? Who was the bomber himself? Why despite DNA of the bomber being assessed is he “unknown” and non existent in the database? Why Bulgaria? Why such a huge network for a minor terror role? Why would Iran/Hezbollah take that gamble? Why do we have no information on the bomber that we can see, yet we have more information about invisible suspects?
Why so much parliamentary secrecy between Israel and Bulgaria? Why was it initially said after months of review that Hezbollah had nothing to do with the attack to then have that statement revoked just 2 weeks later? Why is the evidence so scattered and concealed? Why does this attack ring similar to previous Mossad attacks? Why would Iran and Hezbollah deny the action (when they’ve admitted to other things before?)? Why the international pressure from Israel to make Hezbollah an official worldwide terrorist organisation? Could this be a false flag campaign?
Obama Backs Netanyahu on Pressuring Europe.

Obama Backs Netanyahu on Pressuring Europe to recognize Hezbollah as a terror network.

Think before you swallow up every bit of information that comes from media and politics, i am skeptical of this narrative but i am more than open to admit i may be wrong and with further investigation and full clear proof i am happy to claim i am wrong- but in the meanwhile i will keep myself distant from such statements and accusations, i won’t just swallow the pill they give me and neither should you. If you want truth, investigate! If things don’t make sense, it most likely is not true, what is revealed? What is concealed? Who knows. Am i a big conspiracy theorist for not buying a story that makes no sense? Question.
Peace, Salam.
  1. irishberdie says:

    It’s not conspiracy theory when it’s fact.

    The fact is, the facts don’t add up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the attack was staged by some Gov’t somewhere around the world to drum up support for a war with Iran. Perhaps it wasn’t staged, but perhaps my country’s Gov’t or even the United Nations pressured Bulgaria into changing their preliminary reports. We have what “conspiracy theorists” in my country think are staged shootings, such as Sandy Hook (we aren’t even allowed to question the official narrative) which are believed (even by me) to be done so that the powers that be can justify messing with our 2nd Amendment and disarming the Nation. Question everything and pay attention to the news the day of the problems because those are probably where the facts are.

  2. Madeleine says:

    Hi Rami, Madeleine from Channel seven, Can you please call me 8777 7905 thanks

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