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The dramatic scenes at Boston are unwinding and sooner or later it shall come to a full close in justice, after scores of innocent men had their images plastered for being suspects in the crime (From Saudi to Indian to Anglo-saxon) the details of the bombers who killed 3 and injured well over 100 at the Boston Marathon have emerged in full swing. Unfortunately as the details sink in, yes it appears that the perpetrators, two brothers from southern Russia with the names Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are “Muslim” and this is the news that many right wingers have been praying to hear.

Suddenly a wave of commentary has rushed into the social media scene sarcastically quoting that Islam is indeed a “Religion of Peace”. Yet as the case unwinds and more and more information comes forth about the Tsarnaev family we see that the men who engaged in this crime are more inclined to be similar to your every day citizen than a fundamentalist Muslim. The older brother Tamerlan (who has died of gunshot wounds) was slightly different- he lived in the United States for approximately 5 years and he was a pro-boxer who claimed “I don’t have a single American friend, I don’t understand them” .  His supposed Youtube page does show that he loved extreme views and supported the hardline clerics and imams that call for the death of your “enemies“. That must beg the question, does not having any “friends” by default make them your “enemies”?


Twitter bigots glad they can link Boston Bombings to #Islam

In that we see that Tamerlan clearly “grew” extreme through the concept of brainwashing, victimization  and social “isolation”. He became a bitter person out of his own self reflection and never fought with that perception and that is the danger of any form of extremism. A self deluded perception opens you up to external delusions that influence your own, it’s sick.

When it comes to the younger brother Dzokhar, 19 who is currently in custody (amazing job Boston police!) , we see your typical “American boy“. He was well liked, he was a pro-wrestler, he was a medical student and a lifeguard at Harvard. He enjoyed hanging out with friends, he engaged in social media and didn’t mind having the odd cheeky “smoke” (and no not cigarettes). It’s scary that i am talking about Dzokhar in a past tense, i feel it’s almost a premonition of the news to come, he’ll either kill himself or be killed– i’d be surprised to see it end in another way. Turns out i am wrong, he has been captured and is in custody, this is very important to see the psyche behind why some people would do such a thing.

Former wrestling coach Larry Aaronson told CNN: “There was nothing in his character, in his comportment, in his demeanor that said he would be capable of doing this. He was so grateful to be here, he was so grateful to be at the school. he was so grateful to be accepted. He was pleasant, careful, jovial – there was nothing remotely like this at all. He was a lovely, lovely kid, an outstanding athlete and never a troublemaker.” What then could drive a healthy, happy 19 year old to commit this heinous act? Well, the standard bigots will be first to say with fists in the air “ISLAM!”.


The bombers may have been “Muslim” but did they practice “Islam”?

Yet such people are clearly insecure, especially in regards to Dzokhar- they see a young man that may have more in common with them, than he does with Islam as a religion. When we see all the events that unfolded and all the crimes that Dzokhar and his family committed could we well and truly say it was Islam that influenced them to do these things? Have these people looked into what Islam has to say about their actions? It’s pretty scary, not the support that Islam gives them but the extreme punishment that the Shariah law would incorporate on them for all the things that they did, suddenly it seems all these people calling for the death of Dzokhar would suddenly see them shaking hands with Shariah; to their shock and dismay.

Lets see if the accusations hold any weight, what does Islam have to say about the actions of these brothers and their family, are they really “practicing Muslims”? There is no evidence of these brothers (or their immediate family) being practicing Muslims, yes they can “like” all the extremist Youtube videos that they want, that still doesn’t make them actual practicing Muslims. Blaming Islam for these attacks at this point is nonsense, it’s like blaming someone else based on their fanatical love of Manchester United- saying you are “Muslim” is different than actually being one.

CRIME 1: Killing Of Innocent People: (Boston bombing)

Come, I will rehearse what Allah has prohibited you from”: “Join not anything as equal with Him; be good to your parents; kill not your children because of poverty;- We provide sustenance for you and for them;- come not near to shameful deeds. Whether open or secret; take not life, which Allah has made sacred, except by way of justice: thus does He command you, that you may learn wisdom.” (Quran 6:151)

Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of your religion, and have not driven you out from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly; surely Allah loves the doers of justice.” (Quran 60:8)

The Prophet said: “Whoever has one of his relations murdered has the choice either to (forgive) and  receive compensation thereto or have the killer killed.” – Sahîh al-Bukhârî (2434) and Sahîh Muslim (1355)

CRIME 2: Killing of Women and Children (2 Victims women- 1 a child)

Book 019, Hadith Number 4320.

It is narrated by Ibn Umar that a woman was found killed in one of the battles, so the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) forbade the killing of women and children.

Please note the above example is in a war time context, killing any innocents in general is strictly prohibited.

CRIME 3: Theft and Robbery (Brothers robbed 7-11)

As for the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hand in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent  from Allah . And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. But if the thief repents after his crime, and amends his conduct, Allah turns to him in forgiveness; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Quran 5:38)

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev (left)- loved sports, friends, weed & partying yet is a “Fundamental” Muslim.

CRIME 4: Smoking weed (Friends say Dzokhar smoked weed)

O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, sacrificing on stone alters and divining are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.” (Quran 5:90)

CRIME 5: Extremism (Both brothers)

Prophet Muhammad said “Beware of going to extremes in religious matters, for those who came before you were destroyed because of going to extremes in religious matters.” – Sunan An Nasai Book 24 Hadith 3070

CRIME 6: Dissimulation (Case of big brother Tamerlan)

Prophet Muhammad said “The believer who mixes with people and patiently bears their annoyance will have a greater reward than the believer who does not mix with people and patiently bears their annoyance.” – Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (5207) and Ibn Maajah (4032)


Their own mother is a thief and doesn’t wear Hijab. #Muslim? Perhaps. #Islam? No.

So there you have it, Islam openly contradicts all of the actions of these supposed “Muslims”. So you can hash-tag #Islam night and day and connect the terrible events at Boston and the actions of these evil brothers as #Islamic but the bottom line is Islam wouldn’t applaud their behaviour, these guys would have less an arm, been killed and cursed at the same time.  There could be a range of reasons these brothers did what they did and none of them in my eyes are acceptable but the fools that have been frothing at their mouths for days hoping it was a Muslim i hope you are happy now, yet i am here to show you #Muslim does not equal #Islam and it’s as simple as that.

In the above video Dzhokhars uncle makes the statement of how he cannot believes his Nephews would partake in this terrorism. He says there is no good excuse and that any excuse relating to “Islam” is a forge and a fake” (invalid excuse). He goes on to make a plea to his nephew to turn himself in and beg for forgiveness, that’s a great idea and is perhaps the most Islamic thing to do. Admit your wrong, beg for forgiveness and face your judgement and bear the consequences.

May all the victims of the Boston bombing be at peace, may all innocent everyday Muslims be protected by the bigot brigade who likely will blame them for these attacks and may the brothers meet justice and retribution either in this life or the next.

Peace. Salam Alaykum.