I have created a short list of my favourite photos that i have spotted on the internet that have left me all warm, fuzzy and restored my faith in humanity. Indeed this daily pattern called life and the repetitive cycle of our mundane doings makes us oblivious to the many wonderful facts around us, we are human and that is amazing- if we let it be. Unfortunately i had trouble finding the original sources to many of these photos, if you are the photographer or know of him/her please let me know for full credit or removal.


Balloons or War?

Scene 1: Balloon Boy in Afghanistan: When we think of Afghanistan all we really could picture is a war torn nation riddled with “terrorists” and “extremists”. In this street scene in Kabul, amongst the chaos is a young boy selling balloons, even if he doesn’t sell one he at least add so much life and colour to an otherwise uninspiring scene.


Sheep rescue in Norway

Scene 2: Daring Mission in Norway: The swell was huge and a curious sheep had got swept away by unsuspecting waves. These two men, who are by no means officials of any sorts supported each other on the algae riddled rocks and rescued this sheep being battered on the rocks.


Who needs arms to surf?

Scene 3: Surfing without arms and legs: Meet Australian man Nick Vujicic who is 29 years of age. Born without arms and legs this man is a living and breathing example of never giving up. Despite his severe setbacks he still gets out there and surfs away, this inspiration is also the author of a biography and self help book.


Primate and a Mate.

Scene 4: Primate Piggy-back: Little is known about this particular photograph, but considering the habitat for Gorillas is being destroyed at an alarming rate we are seeing rescue efforts in not only saving their trees but also saving the poor primates left frolicking the scarce forest floor.


Ramadan Offering

Scene 5: Neighbourly love: In a world that is riddled with Muslim suspicion and condemnation stories like these are never seen besides on the empty quarters of the internet. Considering it currently is Ramadan 2013 i thought i’d share this kind offering from a Muslim neighbour inviting others to break fast at his home.


Live suicide prevention.

Scene 6: Successful suicide prevention: In this scene taken in 2005 at the infamous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, we see police officers attempting to speak Kevin Berthia out of suicide. It took over an hour but eventually Policeman Kevin Briggs convinced him not to do it. 8 years later Mr. Berthia is happily married with two children and in 2013 he had a reunion with the policeman that essentially saved his life.

2011 in Pictures (9)

Interfaith Protection

Scene 7: Coptic ring of Protection: 2011 was a tumultuous time for Egypt, civil unrest left much suspicion in the air but the people united at Tahrir Square and beyond to unite against a government most did not agree with. In this scene Christians form a protective ring around hundreds of Muslims who are in prayer. Muslims later returned the favour by acting as human shields outside a Coptic mass during Christmas. #hope!


Brotherhood & Kitties.

Scene 8: Brotherhood and Kitties: This undated photo rings very similar to the photo taken above in Norway, though perhaps in less dangerous conditions. These brothers enact in some form of teamwork and rescue a cat that is stuck in some disgusting sewerage, bravo to you lads.!


Racism? What’s that?

Scene 9: We’re not born racist: This warm and fuzzy photo taken in the United States in an elementary school really highlights an indisputable fact. Racism doesn’t exist in children, this corrupt free acceptance and tolerance is short lived for many people,  but when we can grasp such a genuine moment, enjoy it for the beauty that it is.


Really, don’t quit your day job!

Scene 10: Spidermans new day job:
Bostons Children hospital put up a massive surprise for its many terminally ill children. This recent good deed occurred July 2013 and put a smile on the dial of many children who idolize their favourite superher spiderman. The window cleaners dressed in costume, waved at kids and swung around, making many sick kids day.


Borders no Barrier.

Scene 11: Border is no Barrier: In this emotional scene we see two brothers, one of them clearly distraught and saddened. Why? His brother (in the bus) lives in North Korea and the man left  behind lives in South Korea. Recently South Koreans who had to move to the North in the 1950’s were allowed to revisit their South Korean Families and clearly for some, goodbye was too much.


Black Saturday Inspiration

Scene 12: Black Saturday Inspiration: The Black Saturday Bushfires in Australias state of Victoria struck in 2009 and were a devastating blow to the environment and numerous communities affected by it. 173 deaths and 5000 structures destroyed it was hard to find hope, but this photo is that light. A firefighter gives a drink to a dehydrated and exhausted Koala rescued in the fire.


Gone but not forgotten

Scene 13: Gone but not Forgotten: Inspiration is not always happy, hope doesn’t always come with satisfying circumstances. The above scene is evidence of that. The destruction and chaos caused by the 2008 cyclone Nargis off Burma/Myanmar is captured in this depressing moment a man realizes everything that he had, is now gone.


Sky’s the limit.

Scene 14: The Sky Is the Limit: In this undated photo taken at a Korn concert in Moscow, Russia. We see crowd surfing to the ultimate degree. Friends and strangers of this young gentleman who is clearly feeling the music lift him up for the ultimate sounds and views, his face says it all really.

There you have it ladies and Gentlemen, i really hope you enjoyed my personal choice of the 14 most inspiring photos online. Sure there are others but i tried to keep the variation going. Photos like these are important to realize our role within humanity and the impact we can have on society, now rug up, go to bed and feel good about yourself :).

Peace, Salam.


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