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Sometimes a little bit of self reflection goes a long way. We all like to think we are productive, moral and intelligent products of our society who are contributing to it with enrichment. Some days when I am sitting there smoking on my shisha pipe I think I am as intelligent as Einstein, as wise as Ghandi and as influential as Mandela but the fact remains our “assessments” of our own selves are often quite skewered and off the mark. In saying that if there is something I can confidently say about myself is that I am definitely not a bigot of any sorts, I hold my opinions and I stand by them but I safe guard them from corruption.

First of all let us evaluate what exactly a bigot is, according to the dictionary a Bigot is: “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.”.

You may have heard the saying that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. It is true, we all have something to say and it is only natural our opinions differ but the true test is how we handle other beliefs or opinions. I have conducted a list of the “Top 5 Signs” that you might be a bigot, read attentively.

Generalizing Gary:

Generalizing Gary is a self confessed patriot, a lover of his nation. He waves the flag, cheers the team and sips on the rum and coke. He believes that he is truly living the ideal life of which he lives in freedom and prosperity. Yet Generalizing Gary has some bones to pick in regards to “migrants” that are battling across his beautiful shores. These “welfare thieving” boat people are coming to “his land” for the mere purpose of “cheating the system”. Generalizing Gary is in fact a bigot, despite him being passionate about his country, he in turn decides to generalize people collectively making broad assertions about a people that haven’t even touched down on his soil yet.


Over Hyped Media Coverage Breeds Fear.

I’m no racist” Rory:

“I’m no racist” Rory is quite a common one. He has very deep imbedded feelings and opinions about other people that he quite often bottles up, yet rest assured when attempting to make a point – “I’m no racist” Rory most definitely will use his famous disclaimer prior to making his statement to clear him of any premature accusations. “I’m no racist Rory” is in fact a closet racist and is a bigot. This is because a person that is not a racist, simply is not a racist and is confident enough in their statements to realize that what they say cannot even remotely be interpreted that way.


Bigot Alert…Bigot Alert…

Wary Waleed:

Wary Waleed is a man with strong political opinions, he is often the first to speak out and voice his views on certain others. Wary Waleed will mix politics and religion to promote his masked bigoted opinions. Wary Waleed makes compelling statements by mentioning a few examples and somehow alludes that this evidence is enough for him to hold his Wary views of the “others”. Wary Waleed will often trample on any good works by his ideological enemies, including but not limited to telling others that such said party “cannot be trusted”.


Well that escalated quickly….

Banning Bob:

Banning Bob is a man full of passion. He is a pro-active “Go getter” and indeed he promotes change and “challenging” the system. Yet Banning Bob is particularly obsessed with another party of people, despite knowing nobody of the creed he is opposed to he relies on television interpretations of such a people and desperately clings to extremists so his own extreme views may become validated. You see Banning bob is all about democracy and freedom, yet simultaneously wants to ban things- books, items of clothing, teachings and policies. So by using the democratic procedure he prides himself in, he’d like to achieve something entirely undemocratic.


Cause rape is only bad when a “Muslim” does it.

Double Standard Debbie:

Double Standard Debbie is a very selective type of lady. Skimming through newspaper articles she scans to find her “targets”. Basically she looks for ammunition that backs up her wild claims against others. She will provide links based off shady websites to highlight her “strong” opinions. Her lack of research is relatively evident with a quick double take of her source of information. Yet the true double standards come in Debbies research, she will highlight the negatives of certain people and rely on criminal activity to back up her point, yet when people of her own creed commit the exact crimes, to a higher volume -she is entirely silent.


Double Standard Debbie you reading this?

If you have the above traits then you may be a bigot, it is okay though there is a cure for you. It is called reliable research. It is called co-mingling, where you face your supposed “demons” and come to see it really isn’t that bad at all. It is where you put down that paintbrush of which you single stroke an entire race/culture/religion/people and grab the magnifying glass to inspect each specimen, each individual. Indeed it is so easy to put up your guard and generalize major populations based on the supposed actions of their minorities. This is not philosophical, it is actually short-sighted and mind numbingly stupid. A lazy mans tyranny.

-Peace, Salam 🙂