We are living in a complacent fence sitting world. Some people and nations have had the right idea, they understood the importance of people power and managed to topple down governments that held on until their final fall. Yet this stance might be a bit overambitious for some people and indeed in many scenarios it might seem that the “fence sitting” opinion might be the most rational.

Yet the reality is in this day and age living in a world that feels pretty “meh” about anything and is too afraid and impartial to make a decision about anything, we see that as a society we are easily manipulated and taken advantage of, because as that famous saying goes “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Why is sitting on the fence at times a dangerous position?

Why is sitting on the fence at times a dangerous position?

Many people fear to get involved or have too much of a “controversial” opinion. Yet this is a rather dangerous direction to take because collectively we turn into a society that doesn’t care, or at the very least doesn’t seem to care. There are many wrongs being committed in the world and there are many cases and examples of injustices that we can and very well should talk about. Yet as predicted we end up allowing such terrifying things to happen because we quite simply refuse to have a say, have an opinion and do something about it.

We feel comfortable to sit on the fence, observe from a comfortable distance and pretend to be diplomatic by neither taking side A or side B. We talk about ideas to ease the situation, without ever getting our fingernails dirty. Essentially we are a lazy generation of big talking, non productive fence sitters.

No fence sitting society could make change- like the toppling of the Tunisian Government.

No fence sitting society could make change- like the toppling of the Tunisian Government.

 This powerlessness is our own downfall. We are equipped with weapons that we do not how to use. We are a useless army living in this generation that empowers us and gives us the tools to essentially change the world. Yes I know, this article just stinks of over the top rhetoric that speaks down on our current human state but that is the issue. 

Even if all of your opinions differ from mine, I would respect you more for actually picking a side and holding a strong opinion. Nobody likes a person that umms or errs, instead people respect one who is confident in their decisions and sticks with their opinions.

Enough of this Generation "Meh"

Enough of this Generation “Meh”

In this day and age of fence sitters may I suggest that you observe the fields around you and finally step off that fence, choose your conclusions and charge confidently with your knowledge. We need to appreciate the power of the people- every day human beings have and will continue to change the world. Establish your beliefs and go along with them. There are too many of the wrong people that have the right idea and are in powerful positions- positions of which they abuse.

Do your homework, get to know the situations around you and figure out who the superheros and villains are because as cartoonish as this may sound, this is the reality that we live in. The only reason such evil people and groups are thriving in their positions is because we have been silent for too long, we have sat on the fence and allowed the world below us to go up in smoke! It’s about time we came back down to earth, joined our fellow man and overthrew those who won their titles because of our complacency.

Peace, Salam. Ramey


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