Rita Panahi, a pop-up journalist that magically appeared in the news scene recently made an article titled “Islam, you have a very serious problem“. Her facebook name is “Miss Judgement” and indeed she is an opinionated woman and proud. Yet as the famous saying goes and pardon my French here- “Opinions are like arse holes- everybody has one“.

Our Friend “Miss Judgement” claims herself to be a writer for the Daily Telegraph. Yes, the Rupert Murdoch run newspaper who’s CEO recently claimed that all Muslims should be responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, whether they were peaceful or not. That’d be as ridiculous as me claiming Rita Panahi is responsible and must apologize for her CEO’s ridiculous tweets including the fact that during the Sydney Siege Attack, instead of praying for the victims and wishing them safety and security he boasted about how The Daily Telegraph caught the bloody outcome at 2:00am. Congrats!” Mind you the moment he tweeted that, people had died.

Rita Punahi, you have a very serious problem!

Rita Panahi, you have a very serious problem!

As ridiculous as it is for me to expect Rita Panahi to apologize for her CEO’s racism, ignorance and bigotry somehow the Murdoch trail of ignorance has trickled down even to his columnists who seem to lack intellectual integrity, how would i know? Well i didn’t have to read far, the first issue i had with Rita Panahi’s article was the title itself, so spotting a flaw was childs play for me.

Islam, you have a very serious problem” Really? Islam you have a very serious problem? Not even “radical Islam” or “Extremist Islam”? No? Just Islam? Alrighty then. The title in itself shows the confusing paradox that Rita seems to be stuck in. Throughout her entire article she claims that “radical Islam” is the problem, yet suddenly a pinpoint accusation turns into a generalization. “Radical” disappears but Islam still stands- and that is a problem. If you cannot differentiate Islam from radical Islam even from a literary standpoint clearly your journalistic skill will be rightfully judged.

Rita and her CEO Rupert Murdoch echo the same ignorant sentiment.

Rita and her CEO Rupert Murdoch echo the same ignorant sentiment.

Ritas Article seems erroneous way beyond her title
. In fact her first sentence is a flawed statement. She claims:
EVERY attack perpetrated by Islamic extremists is an attack against freedom of speech — whether they’re terrorizing journalists and cartoonists at a magazine in Paris or bystanders having a quiet coffee in Sydney.”

Well Rita, no that is not really the case. As much as it sounds like a “powerful statement” it is factually incorrect and misleading. Many Muslim terror attacks have nothing to do with freedom of speech, in fact most terror attacks have been strongly linked to foreign politics. Very rarely have i heard a terrorist claim that the reason he is terrorizing society is because he or she is against “freedom of speech”- even if you are being allegorical, your statement is unequivocally false and yet again sounds like another paintbrush claim that involves “generalizing”.

Ritas article "title" begins with a fallacy.

Ritas article “title” begins with a fallacy.

Rita then goes on to state that radical Islam and Western Values cannot coexist peacefully. Yet any radical or extreme ideology is against basic human principals and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are “Western Values”. Any extremists are an affront to our safety and security, this is something i wholeheartedly agree with. Rita is also right in stating that as Muslims we need to try our utmost and strive hard to ensure that our family members and friends are free from this radicalism. As i said, it’s not a Muslim problem, it’s a human one. Human beings can be influenced by a wide range of things and each person is susceptible to this “weak spot”, hence we should all guard against all forms of extremism- not only that of the Islamic kind but also the “stop the immigration” right wing kind.

Rita, in her article then yet again makes another slip up by co-mingling the general term “Islam” with the exclusive term “extremist”. She states “We must stop pretending these incidents have nothing to do with Islam. They quite clearly have everything to do with extremist Islam and the sooner we admit this truth the better...”

So i must reflect the question back to “Miss Judgement” herself. So are these actions the problem of Islam, or Radical Islam? Even world leaders condemned these acts as “Un-Islamic”, you also might want to check out my last article titled “15 Important Facts On Ridiculing Islam“. Not to mention, the Wests “Arch Nemesis” individuals like Hezbollah leader Hassan Nesrallah stated the Paris bombings were “The behavior of the takfiri groups that claim to follow Islam that have distorted Islam, the Koran and the Muslim nation more than Islam’s enemies …”

Even supposed terror group Hamas condemned the Paris Attack

Even supposed terror group Hamas condemned the Paris Attack

Even the supposed “terror group” Hamas condemned the actions of the extremists who murdered in Paris. There is no “justification for killing innocents,” Hamas reportedly said in a statement, according to Reuters and Agence France-Presse. So forgive me Rita, for being critical of your oversimplification on the matter. If this had everything to do with Islam,  why is it being condemned world over by the majority of Muslim groups both “moderate” and supposedly “extreme”?

Rita then takes a step back and sympathizes with the Policeman that was shot in the Paris attacks, the first victim of the day. His name was Ahmed Marabet and he was a Muslim. Keeping this observation in mind Rita states that “It mattered not that Ahmed Marabet was a Muslim“. Actually it matters, a lot. Ahmed Marabet became a martyr in the sense that his untimely death was a chilling wakeup call to the world. He was a Muslim, being killed by extremists and he is the perfect example of that separation between Muslims and Extremists- a fine line that Rita Panahi cannot seem to find, even if it stares her right in the face. Ahmed Marabets brother said in a public statement that the men that killed his brother in cold blood were “Pretend Muslims“.

Let us spell it out for Rita.

Let us spell it out for Rita.

Rita goes on the make another risque blanket statement,by claiming “This reveals the lie that all religions are equally bloodthirsty; in the 21st century only one religion is at the centre of terror attacks around the world.

The fact of the matter is, extremist actions happen day in and day out by people from all walks of life and they should all be despised and people come up with all sorts of “roots” to justify their atrocious actions. For example, beheading is quiet common in “Catholic” Mexico. I think i should throw some statistics Ritas way, just so she can truly grasp the staggering figures. In 2013 alone, drug cartels murdered more than 16,000 people in Mexico alone. 16,000 people! In Mexico ALONE! If that is not sheer terror then i don’t know what is.

What about bombings? Santaigo, the Capital of “Catholic” Chile has been host to 200 attacks and attempted bombings in the past decade, or to narrow it down 30 bombs, or attempted bombs have gone off in the Chilean capital in 2014 alone. That is 30 (THIRTY!) bombings- attacking police stations, public buildings and banks. The culprits? Not Muslims. Not “ISIS” but in fact “local anarchist groups“. Again, this is terror activity at a grand scale. Are you with me yet?

ISIS commits more terror. No wait this is "Catholic" Mexican terror groups.

ISIS commits more terror. No wait this is “Catholic” Mexican terror groups.

Where is the worldwide condemnation? Where are the demands that Christians “apologize” for these gross statistics? Oh that’s right, when we see statistics like these religion is irrelevant, no matter how shocking the number. Yet somehow Muslims are responsible for the statistics of Muslims, whilst people of other faiths do not carry the brunt in regards to the behaviour of their followers. I have many more official statistics available that will shock you, yet that is just a taste of the hypocrisy and double standards that blatantly stare us in the face by these so called “critical thinkers and activists”.

Yet if you think Rita Panahi is clumbsy when it comes to her journalistic integrity wait until you see her here on Australian TV. She appeared on the Morning show Sunrise to express herself and this is where she loses even more buoyancy. In the show, television host Andrew O’keefe emotionally confronts Rita on a few forms, albeit he fumbles a few times, so let me respond to her claims whilst on the TV show.

Ritas TV presence is less buoyant than her Journalistic presence.

Ritas TV presence is less buoyant than her Journalistic presence.

Rita opens up her segment by claiming that “All terror attacks around the world have everything to do with Islam“. For the third time she mixes and mashes the terminology of Islam and Terror leaving out key words like “extremist” or “radical”. This language as misconstrued as it is- at least is consistent with Rita. She makes the claim that all terror attacks around the world have EVERYTHING to do with Islam, yet fails even once – to explain how or why.!?

She mentions that Muslims need to be “In the mainstream community, even more.” There’s one fact you’re missing- Muslims ARE part of the mainstream community. They send their kids to school, they have jobs, they enjoy their Sunday barbecues and have weddings that make your typical wedding look like a quiet picnic in the park. Muslims are about as mainstream as everybody else and this is evident if you own the faculty of thinking and the blessing of sight.

When Television host Andrew O’keefe mentions the point that Christians are not asked to apologize for Abortion clinic attacks, Rita scoffs at the host claiming “Oh Andrew, please, that is such a nonsensical Argument” . She later fires up to claim “When was the last time an abortion clinic got bombed?” A simple Google search gives us statistics that prove Abortion clinics are still being attacked in all forms and the statement that these attacks are isolated is quiet mute when we see abortion clinic attacks are relatively consistent in the United States, for example in the last 10 years in the United States alone- abortion clinics have been attacked 10 times. Which is at a rate of one attack per year through either direct murder, bombings or attempted bombings, firearms attacks or extreme vandalism. In fact the Anti Defamation League states that Abortion Clinic attacks “has actually remained a consistent, if secondary, source of domestic terrorism and violence, manifesting itself most often in assaults and vandalism, with occasional arsons, bombings, drive-by shootings, and assassination attempts.”

Rita Panahi consistently claims that “Moderate Muslims” need to be more vocal in expressing their distaste for terror. Yet Muslims have been condemning and apologizing for such actions for many many years and the fact that this point goes amiss proves something to me. Our condemning doesn’t actually work! It doesn’t quench the thirst for right wingers, it doesn’t satisfy the hunger of the Islamophobes, it never has and it obviously never will.

Are these Muslims condemning terror not loud enough for Rita? Take off your ear plugs.!

Are these Muslims condemning terror not loud enough for Rita? Take off your ear plugs.!

Did Rita miss the Muslim Protests in Paris only 4 months ago denouncing ISIS and terror? Muslims scattered the streets in their thousands chanting against such groups and their atrocities. What about the fact that after the London bombings 500 British Muslim Scholars and religious leaders signed a Fatwa stating “Islam condemns violence and destruction of innocent lives and that suicide bombings are “vehemently prohibited.” Or the 6,000 scholars in Pakistan that issued a Fatwa against terror in 2008? What about the 12,000 strong rally in London that Muslims created to condemn terror and promote co-existence in 2011? What about the Canadian Anti-Terror rally in October 2014? How about the #Notinmyname campaign joined by Muslim Youths worldwide where they openly condemned terror related activity in Islams name?

You get my point, Muslim condemnation to terror has been constant, consistent and persistent, yet who is listening? Rita Panahi obviously isn’t listening.! The 1.6 billion Muslims around the world cannot condemn in one voice at the same time because just like everybody else, Muslims are trying to live their lives. Each person is responsible for their deeds and at the end of the day we do what we can to disassociate terrorism to Islam, yet if that is not good enough for you then pardon me because my mask and cape are of no use!

I support freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The cartoons are not my issue, yet my issue was that the Charlie Hedbo publishers actually had an agenda behind their mockery of Islam, they did it not only to exercise their right for free speech yet the Editor Stephane Charbonnier claimed they would continue their Mockery of Islam and its Prophet “Until Islam is made as ho-hum as Catholicism”.

This is a statement which proves they don’t only want to exercise their freedom of speech and expression they actively want to change the mindsets of people and pressure them to desensitize to their religion and ideology. With that in mind, i support peaceful and reasonable Muslims to have the right to be offended by the Prophet Cartoons because as much as its their right to offend you, it is your right to be offended and it is your right to peacefully rally against it and intellectually fight such agendas of which people are trying to literally stifle your beliefs, just because other faiths allow their religion to be dragged into the dirt, we as Muslims do not have to submit to that “culture”. 


  1. T says:

    You had me until the the last two paragraphs. Religion should absolutely be not free from mockery and criticism. Give me one reason why of all the major religions Islam should be exempt from mockery and ridicule. Just because you hold it dear to your heart it doesn’t mean it does the same for us non believes. Yes I’m not religions and I’m sick of religion poisoning the minds of otherwise sane people and turning the planet into the living hellhole.

    You do not own your religion nor do you own your prophet. All this ” it’s my right to be offended” is just apologist bullshit. Your faith must be so weak that you get offended by a mere cartoon ? 500 years ago you couldn’t speak up against Christianity and now it’s the turn of Islam. When will you religious sheep realize that your delusions do more harm than good. Come out of the bubble of religious nonsense and try living a secular life. The world is a much better place to live without some invisible sky daddy looking over you all the time.

    Oh by the way my favorite band is Pink Floyd. I “religiously” follow them and know all their albums/songs/bootlegs. Please go ahead and insult them as much as you wish. Unlike you I would not feel offended nor would I rally my fellow peaceful and reasonable Floyd fans to exercise their “right to feel offended by your mockery”.

    PEACE !

    • ramio1983 says:

      I’m truly sorry i lost you there. Your response is the problem with so called “secularists” your hypocrisy is that polarizing it blinds the eyes. So get this, you agree to the notion that its everyone’s right to offend Muslims and Islam, and you know what, if that is secular value- that is fine i will take it- offend my religion day and night i can handle that.

      Yet on the other hand you abruptly refuse our right to be offended. Calling us names and mocking us further for having any reaction to those actions, even the reasonable and oh so human reaction of offense. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, if only you could see how ridiculous your response is you might understand.

      In the real world the right to offend, green lights the right to be offended – within a reasonable manner. Muslims that are reasonable will be offended at such immature tactics to try and “desensitize” their beliefs from people who obviously want a one sided approach to secularism and liberalism.

      Don’t you understand? I am not offended that they offend my religion, i am offended that they have an agenda beyond expression their freedom of speech and expression, they have an active goal to change 1.6 billion people by compulsion, by consistently rubbing offensive images in their faces they expect Muslims to collectively “stop being offended”. It doesn’t work that way, we will actively exercise our right to be offended at those that offend us and if you think its unreasonable then you must be living on a different planet than me.

    • peterrabbit2015 says:

      G’day T, I do not know if you are the same as Tim further below.

      Welcome to the fight to TRY and instil some sense to these muzzies – – – it is almost impossible.

      You will soon learn that there is a groups (?) of them. Once mindmadeup opens a new Forum (which occurs daily!!!) the other immediately arrive.

      At least one of them – MMU – decided to “fight the good fight with the terrorists” in Iraq or ??? because his Forums stopped for two months. The group disappeared!!! a newspaper reported “some muslim youths were seen in Bangkok heading for the fighting. A muslim mother demanded on TV the Australian Govt MUST bring her sons back “home”.

      Whether all this is connected is unclear except just as suddenly mindmadeup re-commenced his vitriol against Australia and new Forums appeared and of course all MMU’s little puppy dogs came following in the door.

      Join, join, join our happy, happy club 🙂

      EVA . NIZ . DEY

  2. peterrabbit2015 says:

    This past year or so has not mellowed you ramio 1983.
    Still throwing YOUR islamic bullshit around.
    About the only thing I will agree with your is a dislike for the Murdoch Press and television!!! One person should NEVER be allowed to control so much.
    Curious that you being a muslim, have the hide to mention Sydney’s Martin Place siege and terrorist attack.
    Did you even look in on any of the Forums devoted to it?
    I’ll bet not!!!
    Not one of you muslims have shown any sympathy or revulsion at such an attack, in fact someone from your community claimed the terrorist’s body to give it a decent burial.
    He was a criminal, one of Australia’s worst.
    You might possibly have been one of that group of young muslim men who sneaked out of Australia claiming to be going to Thailand for a holiday which they had won in a competition.
    mindmadeup and several others suddenly disappeared off the WordPress radar for two months from November, 2014 until early January, 2015.
    A muslim woman appeared on Channel 9 demanding the Australian Govt bring her sons back.
    Were you one of those doing the *right thing for your ISIL cause” and went to fight?
    They were not very brave, were they? Coming back to this terrible country where all you get is given money and the chance of a better, peaceful life!!!

    • ramio1983 says:

      Why would the last year mellow me? Because a few fools committed acts of violence i should be “mellow”? Glad we could see eye to eye on the Murdoch press who are the worst of the worst. Why would i, as a Muslim have to “hide” when mentioning the Sydney Siege. I was one of those that paid tribute in Martin Place along side the countless scores of others from the creed who came to pay their respects in regards to this maniac.

      I am well aware there are hardliners in the community which is why i actively denounce terrorist both publically and privately. Yet i am not a superhero my friend, neither are others. If a person is so self inclined to inflict harm at a random moment in time , you’d be hard pressed at stopping it.

      You tell me “someone” buried the criminals body. You tell me about Muslims going to fight for ISIL who count at about 70. Lets add Man Yonis to that, so you are holding the 500,000 Muslims in Australia responsible for the actions of 70? That’s a bit loopy.

      Australia is the bomb, mind my pun! I try to educate my fellow Muslims how blessed they are to live here because the fact of the matter is that if they were still in their generational homelands they’d be likely in a life of strife and struggle, we need to appreciate that fact and you need to acknowledge our efforts too.!

      • peterrabbit2015 says:

        No, you stupid idiot.

        Don’t you remember me from early last year – wassup2014?

        You and I had several conversations.

        I have had to change my identity thanks you your cobber mindfuckedup.

        Boy, does he have clout with the moderators of WordPress???

        Whereas my responses were accepted earlier on, MFU – – – hang on, PROVE it was MFU!!!

        True, I can’t!!!

        My posts were moderated out.

        However this different Forum somehow has accepted the above post.

        Does this mean peterrabbit2015 becomes peter rabbit pie?

        🙂 …. 🙂 …. 🙂 …. 🙂


  3. Tim says:

    I think you are completely missing the point of her blog posts and I’m sorry you are offended by them but yes Islam does have a problem. If you happen to be in the majority of peaceful muslims the extreme elements of Islam are doing you a massive disservice.

    Why don’t you check out what the muslim mayor of Rotterdam just the other day said to the extreme elements “‘This is stupid, this so incomprehensible. Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here. All those well-meaning Muslims here will now be stared at’. ”

    You can march in the street to condemn but Paul Sheehan recently wrote an article saying Muslims in Australia are statistically more likely to join Daesh than join the Australian Defence Forces. The extreme elements are causing you a lot of problems so Islam does have a massive problem.

    Do “catholic” terror groups claim their god makes them enslave girls for use in the sex trade? No. Does Daesh claim your god commands them to do so? Yes. Can you see the point I’m making?

    You are right to be angry but your anger is grossly misdirected. It is those lunatics like Mad Monis and the Charlie Hebdo which give rise to Ms Panahi’s blog posts. What in fact she is trying to get you to do is not renounce your religion, be less religious it is for you in fact be better Muslims and stop the lunatics ruining the name of Islam.

    • ramio1983 says:

      Her article was that inconsistent it was hard to see the “point”. In one sentence she blames Islam as a general. Then she blames “Extremism” as an exclusive. Then she bunches them together, then she separates them again. It appears to me that even Rita is confused with the message she is trying to portray. Also the hypocrisy screams loud when Australian Jews are welcome and supported in fighting for the Israeli Defense League, they should be as scrutinized than those that go to fight for any other “group” that has taken part in the killing of innocents. As for your “statistics” leave it for the day where the numbers become more than just that, a “number”. Leave it for a day where Australia is genuinely under gross attack and then you can count the Muslim headcount as another means to test their “loyalty” to Australia.

      Daesh can claim what they want about our God, they shout Allahuakbar as they are hacking heads- all of that is just word play. A way for them to feel justified in committing their actions. It’s no different than one that says “voices in my head” told me to do it, it’s all part of the same self analyzed decision to do what they want to do, all excuses aside. As for the Catholics that is my point, their religion is irrelevant because they are not mimicking the actions of Jesus. Just like extremists of the Muslim category should also have the same leniency in regards to their religion being irrelevant because they are not acting in accordance to the Quran (killing innocents and fellow Muslims).

      Miss Panahi’s post was poorly written and her support base are applauding it calling her some national hero? To me the only reason they support Rita is because they read a few stand out words. “Islam, Terror, Bloodthirsty, Evil” and they collectively cheer because it’s all they needed to hear.

  4. esa says:

    Regardless if it’s islam or radical islam, the terrorist without fail uses the name of islam and allah in their act of violence. ..that makes it everyone’s problems, especially islams.

    so for that matter, rather than ranting for being “victimized” and playing a wounded dog. ..perhaps focus your energy to actually do something, take an action to condemn the act of violence using the name of islam. Don’t waste your energy on Denying that it’s not your problem.

    • ramio1983 says:

      It’s not my problem, somebody elses actions are not my problem, whether they yell out “spaghetti monster” or “Allah”. As i said, Muslims world over have condemned the actions and claimed them as “Un-Islamic” which means Islam is not the problem because its not related to their action of killing innocent people and fellow Muslims, its forbidden.

      So now it turns into a human problem, yet when it becomes a human problem the bigots have an issue with that because they cannot point the finger at one group with pitch and forks.

      We are not victims, we are not predators- we are just regular people doing our regular things like you. The moment you start to treat and see most Muslims like that, you may realize that YOU will indirectly reduce the number of society hating terrorists.

      • Tim says:

        If you don’t think muslims are suffering because of Daesh, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram you need to step away from your keyboard and into the real world. Those lunatics have ruined your religion for everyone. So yes, Islam, you have a massive problem.

      • James says:

        What about hitler? He was either an atheist or a Christian. Most say he was a Christian. Atleast one thing is certain. He was not Jew or a Muslim. How many Christians or atheists living in Germany or France at the time tried stopping him. It took external forces to stop his advances. Here the opposite is happening. It is the West that keeps supporting these goons. America and the IMF give billions of dollars of aid to countries like Pakistan supporting corrupt regimes there for their own purpose. Its a mess that we need to clean up together – not just Muslims you ignorant fools.

  5. D'ablo abz says:

    Well done Ramio1983!

    Just wanted to ad. To all those having a go at rami for what he has said, ISNT THAT GOING AGAINST FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Opinions is one thing, however saying rami is wrong and not accepting his point of view is going against that freedom of speech. Oh and what about the cartoonist who drew a cartoon depicting an israeli man sitting in a chair on top of a hill in Sderot with the star of David on the back watching the bombs go off in gaza? He was fired for being such an ‘anti semetic’ bastard. Double standards once again.

    And to those pinpointing sections of the quran which is violent and so forth, how about read the quran as a whole. For instance, Quran 4:59 states, ‘Obey Allah and obey the messenger (Muhammed SAW), and obey the law (which in Australia is the entire legal system) above you. For if you disobey them you disobey me (Allah)’. This here is clearly peaceful and above the so called violent parts of the quran.

    Please if you are going to throw around ‘negative’ parts of the quran, do your research amd find an equally positive section and throw that around to. Other wise you to are like the bigot murdoch media only looking to tarnish people for wealth ( wether it be emotional satisfaction, money etc.)


    At the end of the day, love to you all.

  6. AJ says:

    Tim, how come you accept Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda’s definition of Islam but not the majority’s definition which is the rest of the 1.6 billion Muslims? Its like saying that we, Muslims, accept Westboro Church’s definition of Christianity as Christianity itself all though every other remaining Christian screams otherwise?

  7. Try, try, try again – – –

    Moderated, ACCEPTED under a different nom de plume – – – now WordPress rejects my log-in?!

    Good work Tim!

    We who understand the real world and not the bull shit put out by those whose founder consistently “changed his mind” محمد غير رأيه محمد رأيه محمد رأيه

    Pardon the three translations, they look a little the same. I translates to English “mohammed changed his mind”.

    muslims know all about this, yet they will not research by reading books written by imams who state the fact!!! See “Living by the Point of my Spear” by Zaki Ameen, (Ramsees the third). Can’t find the publication date. ISBN978-0-9809948-6-5. Felibri.com. Lightning Source UK Ltd, Milton Keynes UK. UKOW0512250290713

    Brainless idiots like ramio 1983 who is also mindmadeup – only using a fake name (one WordPress habitual Forum-opener), scott, JM, astrotevo, etc, etc etc. you will soon get to recognise the same old posters (sorry, young – they are all pro-terrorists) when you visit any of mindmadeup’s Forums, they are always there.

  8. peterrabbit2015 says:

    Buy a pair of reading glasses, AJ and re-read Tim’s post.

    Nowhere does Tim say he “accepts boko haram or al-qaeda”. Both are acknowledged as being islamic terrorist organisations. It is their disgusting lack of consideration that anyone else has a right to a different opinion or religion..

    islam (despite it having a massive following) is just a group of thugs enforcing their ideas on others: The old-style of religious wars – including the Christian Crusades – where their attitude was either accept our brand of “religion” or die!!!

    I, peterrabbitt2015, DO NOT ACCEPT islam AS A RELIGION!!!

    • AJ says:

      Whatever claim they may lay to Islam, we lay an entirely opposite one. Why should their claim be given preference over ours?

  9. Tom says:

    It comes down to what you value as an individual. I’m not muslim or religious, so I’m not going to be offended by a cartoon of your prophet. I neither support or oppose it personally. I do however, think it should have been thought through before publishing such things knowing the nature of many Muslims who are just waiting to jump on anything to get hostile about.

    If your God and Prophet are so great, then surely the words of such people are meaningless and they will meet their fate one day, right? If you were all so sure of your faith, and that the afterlife is more important than the current one (you will spend eternity there), why the anger and insecurity? These are words of mere mortals after all, and infidels at that.

    Is it because deep down Muslims know that their faith is irrational and crazy? That forcing them to think outside the prison walls of Islam is just so inconceivable? That violence and outrage is the only answer?

    Other religions have grown up a lot in recent times, it’s about time that Islam did so too. But the control and power in the way it compels people to behave is a very useful tool for evil people to achieve their goals.

    If you’re a muslim, you’re a muslim. Is there a spectrum of Islamic belief? If you ignore one part of the Quran you may as well ignore all of it. How can you justify cherry picking the nice parts, other than that they don’t fit with common sense or rationality? How is what Isis is doing not an acceptable part of Islam, from a literal interpretation of the Quran?

    If anyone can influence Muslims it is other Muslims, they will certainly not listen to people who they see as the enemy. So it is up to Muslims to be mediators, to communicate with their peers and stop passing the buck. Shouting BIGOT or RACIST any time they face criticism is not helpful and will not change anything for the better. Most people just want to lead happy, peaceful lives and many see Islam as an obstacle to achieving this ideal because of it’s incompatibility with sensible, rational thinking.

  10. Ricardo says:

    Racism? Rita is a Middle Eastern women my brother

  11. carlalouise89 says:

    Another amazing article!!! Love it!!

  12. the Thylacine says:

    Too much superficiality here. Your knowledge base needs expanding. In fact, I set up before you a distorting mirror into which you need to peer, so your cross-eyed vision may be rendered straight.
    Case in point, the Hebdo shootings. Ballistics expert Gordon Duff points out the guy was not shot on video. The masked men (observed by one in the office to have blue eyes) were using blanks, because real AK47 ammo at point blank range would have exploded the guy’s head and made a foot-deep hole in concrete.
    So, what were we watching? A false flag op, because the entire French intel apparatus is riddled with Mossad agents. Charlie Hebdo was carried out by Israeli agents, dupes, patsies and pros, in revenge for the French parliament’s passing laws to recognise Palestine. This Iranian bitch is another Islamophobe doing the Zionist Murdoch’s work. Duh, it’s all about demonising Islam.
    Most of the terror orgs, ISIS, al-Nusra, to the Taliban and Boko Haram have their roots in state security agencies of Israel and the West. Abu Akhbar al-Baghdaadi, ISIS emir, was kept on ice in an American jail in Iraq, released, sent for 6 months to an Israeli conditioning centre, and then briefed by Senator John McCain as he split from al-Nusra/ISIL and created ISIS. Meanwhile ISIS core fighters were trained in Jordan in February 2014 by US Special Forces.
    Islam has nothing to answer for. Nothing. What DOES have a lot to account for is takfirism and Salafism, which are intolerant fundamentalisms, and Wahhabism, which is a heresy, apostate, and the only permitted religion in the troglodyte state of Saudi Arabia, from where issues a large amount of support for terrorism. And who backs Saudi? US, UK, France, Gulf autocracies such as Propaganda Central Qatar, and others like Turkey, a Muslim Brotherhood [Islamofascist] tyranny. Also Israel, now assisting the apes of Riyadh to slaughter Yemenis.
    How can you miss it? This is where terror comes from, not from Islam.
    Does the jigsaw now fall together in a different way? Go do more homework.

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