Let me say briefly, i never voted for Tony Abbott. Yet i also do not blame people that did. When the Australian Labor Government fell on its knees and made an embarrassment of itself from its rise of Julia Gillard and fall of Kevin Rudd, we all were keen on a new leadership. Someone we could trust and a government that was Solid with the interests of not only Australians in mind but society and the World as a whole.

An elected government could quickly change the demographic of the nation and i have noticed this with the current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I have been alive for just over 30 years in this country and there are many things i notice about the climate of the population. Sometimes people will Mirror the sentiments of their leader, yet what is evident is the low lives of society that remained dormant for many years have suddenly risen with this new government and never have the bigots felt so confident to come out and offend our current social climate.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made some questionable decisions.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made some questionable decisions.

Let me give you an example, years ago under many other Australian governments i had never heard of groups like “Reclaim Australia” or the “Australian Defense League”. These are borderline fascist Neo Nazi’s that hate all things immigrant. So far this year there have been “rallies” in many Major Australian cities conducted by these Nationalistic groups that were thankfully challenged by Other groups in public squares. Yet these protests turned violent and another one is planned this month in July 2015.

These “protests” were attended by people with Swastikas on their heads and clear affiliation with other groups that are high on the crazy scale. Even though these protests were violent and full of hate, we barely heard about them in the media. Yet when a bunch of Australian Muslims ran around spewing their disgust in a distasteful matter about Prophet Muhammad cartoons, we barely heard the end of it. The bottom line is the bigots feel protected by this government to come out of their dungeons and to cause civil unrest- like members of the Australian Defense League going to a Mosque and taunting people whilst they mind their own business after prayer services.

Groups like the Australian Defense League feel protected by this current government.

Groups like the Australian Defense League feel protected by this current government.

Why are people surprised by former Olympian Dawn Fraser telling misbehaving Tennis Players to Go back to where their parents came from”? This was the language many people were afraid to speak of with other governments that held stronger stances against stereotypes and xenophobia. Yet under Tony Abbott, people are not only taking aim but firing away with their derogatory comments about their fellow inhabitants in this nation.

Why are people so surprised when we have the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs on public television telling Australian born and bred citizens that were accused of terrorism but acquitted of those claims “I’d be happy to look you straight in the eye and say that I‘d be pleased to be part of the Government that would say that you were out of the country.I would sleep very soundly at night with that point of view.”

Our foreign Minister openly tells an Australian Citizen to get out of Australia on public television.

Our foreign Minister openly tells an Australian Citizen to get out of Australia on public television.

This was before Zaky Mallah said that oh so shocking quote about ISIS yet nobody blinked an eye when we had our Minister Of Foreign Affairs actively telling an Australian Citizen that was NOT charged with Terrorism that he would “Like him [permanently] out of the country“. Again such brazen comments made with a daring confidence highlights something to me, due to the current political climate we are in and seeing how our current Government views its minorities, immigrants and indigenous Australians, we find that never before have we seen such an influx of Nationalistic, Paranoid and Power Obsessed political figures and citizens come out from the dark.

This attitude of mine does not come out of thin air. I did not suddenly wake up and say I hate this government and what it stands for, yet it is a series of progressive decisions made by our government and its reaction from the Australian Public of which i see where the problem lies. Sometimes the people are a reflection of the government and sadly my Fellow Australians are Mirroring this Parliaments shortsightedness and i think we need to make changes- fast.!

Another nail in the coffin was the recent decision by the Australian Government to shut up Australian workers in foreign detention camps where “illegal” immigrants are currently being held, including children. The Tony Abbott government recently made a new rule claiming that all doctors, hospital workers, guards and other staff have no rights in reporting ill behaviours in these detention camps. That is right, if Human Rights abuses are being conducted (and there is evidence to suggest that they clearly are) the government has paralyzed the right of these Australian Citizens to report the cruelty with the lurking threat of 2 Years Jail for such a “crime”.

Our government no longer allows workers on out Detention Centres to report misconduct or abuse- instead they face jail.

Our government no longer allows workers on our Detention Centres to report misconduct or abuse- instead they face jail.

Not only that, our current government has also allowed Meat Headed “Guards” in these detention centres that have a clear hatred for Immigrants and Xenophobic attitudes. Recent evidence has shown that many of these guards carry Anti Immigrant tattoos, hateful social media posts and open sentiments of intolerance including photos with the infamous political bigot Pauline Hanson. These guards that the Australian Government has entrusted to these vulnerable people LOATHE them. Yet the most horrific fact about this situation is that the guards potential abuse of these people cannot be reported. It is illegal to report them! Obviously there is something to hide. Such laws are being passed and Australia is letting it happen.

These issues will now even filter down to our schools and education system here in Australia. The impending threat of 0.02% of the Australian Muslim population (100 from 500,000 who went to join ISIS) has now  reared its ugly head into our schools. The Australian Government is trying to implement a new “Jihadi Watch” scheme in our schools where teachers and students are taught on how to “spot” a Jihadi among their midst. Apparently if a fellow student “Gets in trouble” or “Argues with people of different ideologies” or “drifts away from their friends” this constitutes suspicious behaviour that would leave that student singled out and watched by fellow students and teachers. That’s odd that they formulate general “Naughty” behaviour in school to Jihadi links, they might need to actually reconsider what a Jihadi actually is.

Our government proposed

Our government proposed “Jihadi Watch” schemes in our schools where kids can be reported as potential terrorists by fellow students and teachers.

Just think about that for a moment, if one day Sarah at school decides to wear a Hijab and Abdul decides to grow his beard,  then their friends distance themselves from them and their teachers and fellow students ostracize them as potential terrorists- how on Earth would that be productive to our current social condition? How do you expect to counter terrorism by making almost anyone a suspect? It’s absolute nonsense. Will our schools then introduce “Domestic Violence Watch” schemes or “Drug addict schemes” or “Alcohol fueled violent schemes”? ALL of these examples pose a much bigger threat to Australians, yet there is no government initiative against them on a federal level.

The voice of the reasonable like us is suddenly being muffled by these flag waving bigots holding up scary signs with words like “Halal” and “Sharia” whilst they start protests, vandalize mosques, send death threats and degrade fellow citizens. Which is why Sydney and Melbourne are holding COUNTER Rallies against these groups of hate. The No To Racism, No To Facism and No To Islamophobia counter rally will be held at Martin Place, Sydney on July 19th.

Our Detention Centre

Our Detention Centre “Guards” posing with Right Wing politician Pauline Hanson- in an Anti Islam rally.

Remember this is a COUNTER rally against hate. It was never a rally that was meant to exist. Yet it is about time we respond to this rush of ignorance in our beautiful country and we cannot allow them to take the Microphone and become the spokesmen and women of Australia. We cannot change the government right now, yet when that moment comes ladies and gentlemen we must make a change. Australia cannot afford such leadership, nor such a following.

Peace, Salam! 🙂


    • WallisH2HFH says:

      Great post, I totally agree with you here.

      I think that the Government has been working on this kind of public rhetoric since 2001, when mandatory detention was introduced. No longer was Australia responsible for looking after at risk people who were fleeing war (AKA seeking asylum, following International Law), Australia was protecting itself from a ‘security threat’. Making these people sound ‘illegal’ is shaping a negative perception amongst the public, which can’t have been a mistake. No matter how subtle or unsubtle they have been, it has encouraged a fear of the unknown. Instead of viewing asylum seekers as people who need help, a dominant view in Australia is viewing them as a threat. So of course, why would people be supportive of treating these ‘criminals’ with compassion? According to common rhetoric, not only are asylum seekers a threat to our safety, they are a threat to our economy and have social consequences…

      I can’t believe the ‘Jihadi Watch’ scheme you talk about, that’s the first I have heard about it. What a load of rubbish. If children are being taught from such a young age to be cautious of Muslims, we are purposefully breeding racists.

    • Apologies, Ramio. This post was blocked one a previous page, so this*IS* A repeat.
      When I returned with more added, in a new webpage my post was there!

      How pitiful you make yourself look Ramio.
      You have a forum or whatever you want to call it, yet I notice you now do not allow comments to your replies to readers. I would make a long answer to what you replied to MY POST below, but you prefer a one-sided argument

      The website cannot display the page
      Most likely causes:
      He website is under maintenance
      The website has a programming error.


      The error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying

      Simply put Ramio, how brave is a half-caste muslim Lebanese/Croat?

  1. Shockadelic says:

    “Sometimes the people are a reflection of the government”

    Not in Australia.
    We’re one of the most apolitical nations on Earth.
    Most people couldn’t care less who the government is.

    And they are now all too aware that voting for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum is not going to change anything re immigration.

    I don’t even listen to mainstream media, so have no idea what Abbott or any of this party say.
    I can think for myself.

    The violence was brought by the communist/anarchist counter-protesters who “thankfully” turned up to silence free speech.

    This anti-immigration trend is growing because immigration keeps going.
    Regardless of the economic or social consequences.
    And the average Joes (not extremists) are finally realising that it’s never going to stop or reduce to sensible levels.

    Since Hanson’s first appearance about 1.5 additional million immigrants have arrived and the runaway train keeps chugging along at full steam despite the GFC and 700,000 unemployed and 100,000 homeless.

    The real reason there’s a people’s protest movement is that they now realise neither major party will do anything about this without a very loud kick in the pants.

    • raidbaqartumas says:


    • Way back in “the good old days”, ie 1950-1972 after World War 2, Australia welcomed 10-pound-poms. These included migrants from every European country, speaking all languages, most religions, all with the desire for a better life in a new country.
      Cost to each applicant man, woman or child???
      TEN POUNDS AUSTRALIAN ($20 dollars in today’s currency).
      Did those people receive welfare? NO!
      Did those people expect welfare? NO!
      Did those people sit on their arses and whinge? NO!
      They found work even in the remotest parts of this country.
      They worked hard – many extremely hard in the Snowy Mountains.
      They learned to speak the language. They learned to work with all Nationalities.
      They came to make anew life for themselves amongst like persons with a welcoming country.

      COMPARE them to today’s “refugees” and “boat people”

      Mostly with an unbending so-called-“religion” – foreign to all those all those in Australia.
      Were never invited, just claimed they were escaping the tyrannical ISIL DEATH CULT ! ! !
      Those who were not prepared to wait their turn, gave their money to smugglers.
      Did those who were fortunate to arrive here illegally settle in to become Australian?
      Some did.
      Some did – yet their children were brainwashed by a dissatisfied group amongst them.
      Some didn’t and refused to even learn about Australia APART FROM Citizenship.
      Did any of them show appreciation by obeying Australian Laws?
      Some did! Many didn’t.
      Most simply learned the Australian characteristic of whinging.

      Many – yes, many even settled here then returned to their country – – –
      Yet expected to be allowed back “home” to Australia!!!
      “I am an Australian citizen – I can show you my Citizenship Papers!!!”

      If you do not like Australia 100 per cent
      Australia did not invite you or your family or your problems or your troubles
      Yet Australia welcomed you, gave you a home, welfare, peace,
      the opportunity for a good life.
      ********DO NOT NEED YOU********
      Take whatever you worked for, and whatever you brought with you including your hatred
      AND SIMPLY GET OUT ! ! !
      Make room for appreciative emigrants.

      • ramio1983 says:

        Hi there. My parents were Migrants that came from Lebanon and Croatia and you are right, they came to Australia in the 1970’s and worked their asses off. This whole “welfare generation” didn’t exist because collectively these people were all born within the Baby Boomer generation (1950s) and hard work was something to be proud of.

        Yes now, its not as great. Nowadays welfare is very accessable and people have lazy minds and its not a religious or even cultural thing, its a generational thing- believe me, many true blue Australian born and bred youngens LOVE Centrelink as well.!!

        I have a huge problem with your statement “If you do not like Australia 100%” because no, i do not like Australia 100%. Our country has issues. Political issues, foreign policy issues, social/racial issues and many more problems. NOBODY loves Australia 100% and every single facet of this notion and anyone that boasts about this is a liar. So threatening to deport anyone that so much as 1% has an issue with Australia would make a very empty Australia wouldn’t it?

        You simply need to stop talking like migrants are your possession because you had the luxury of being born here. They still do not owe you anything and they should be treated with respect and courtesy just like any other Human Being. The moment you have that inclusive attitude, you will see a more inclusive society.


  2. Shockadelic says:

    Actually, it’s been 2.8 million immigrants since Hanson’s election.
    I underestimated 80,000 annually, as I couldn’t access the settlement reporting facility in Chrome (it worked in Firefox).

    And I thought I had not posted even one.
    My apologies Rameo1983 (does that mean you are 32 years old?
    16 years bitching about Australian bastards like Jazzer.
    16 years whinging about Australia’s attitude towards such wonderful islamic people.
    16 years receiving the Australian unemployment dole cheque.
    16 years praying to alalalalalalalalalalala to send pig shit raining down on Australia.
    I still claim you have deleted some of my posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TESTING Ramey

    My previous two long posts
    in Christmas Ramadan or none
    simply disappeared.

    As I had spent several hours composing them I was not happy.
    Both you and I KNOW that nobody else reads this shit –
    either YOUR shit
    or MY shit
    But I THOUGHT some good advice might have sunk in EITHER of OUR brains

    Sadly I was wrong

    • ramio1983 says:

      Hi. You have not adhered to my forum guidelines. This is MY blog and they are my rules. I do not allow spam first of all, as you already know. Copying and pasting the same thing, but changing a few words is still spam. I got your point from the first message.

      Secondly your message on my “Christmas, Ramadan or None” post was sent to the trashcan. I did this because it was a very ignorant post that included violent, degrading and sick acts committed by Shiit’e Muslims that inflict self harm upon themselves. People can google and find such videos on their own, i will not promote such things on my forum which is open to all people.

      Your comments breach the very generous guidelines of my blog. A huge majority of your comments go through, yet when you start getting person, linking horrific videos and spew hatred i do not allow this. I very well could also share videos of psychotic “Christians” that crucify themselves and engage in stigmatas and pedophilia, yet i have no interest in being the medium to share such visuals.

      I don’t need your sarcasm about me blowing up or being “investigated” or going to fight. These are all offensive and very personal comments and it shows my “getting through” to you doesn’t work because you ignore everything i tell you and i have been very open.

      Don’t compare my brain to yours, that is also offensive. I am intelligent and sophisticated.

      Good evening matey patriot, God bless the Queen! 😉

      • Ramey you are missing the point.
        We were discussing your post in one forum. NO PROBLEM.
        Then you suddenly disappear.
        Common courtesy in my country is to let my correspondents know I would not be around.
        My replies were simply left in limbo – – – EXCEPT
        in a new form “Christmas, Ramadann or Nothing”
        That post disappeared!?!?!?
        Deleted? Moderated?? Censored?????????
        Had I realised you were not serious and were simply keeping this fish on the line just for fun
        I would have never have bothered.
        Unfortunately I considered you were a GENUINE Muslim sincerely wanting to adopt Australia!
        So be it!!!
        I am sorry to have bothered you and wasted your time.
        Good luck to you for the future in case you eventually follow Abdullah Elmir.
        At least he enjoyed the pleasures of one virgin Amira Abase (15) – a bit old for a virgin!!!
        My reason for copying the same post surely was obvious,
        I was trying to locate one of your Forums you might be still replying to.
        I apologise to you for this.
        “Apologise!!! Another trait unkown to your society.
        So, Ramey, I will bid you farewell and leave you
        to those other thousands of followers you claimed,
        yet curiously never made one single comment.

        وداعا!‚ إلى اللقاء! JAZZER.

      • Like the remainder of your 78,978 Readers, YOU Ramey do not answer your respondemts.

  5. 78 – fucking – thousand – 978 FOLLOWERS,

    Ramey you have really got to get a grip on yourself.

    At 30 years of age you are far too young to be experiencing halucinations.

    • ramio1983 says:

      Ah wow is this good old JAZZER using another fake account? How many fake accounts and stolen “profile” images do you need? Geez get a life mate.

      • Juliusthompson, JAZZER, whomsoever’s *name* you wish to bestow upon MY POST Ramey
        doesn’t mean a thing to me.

        I went hunting through your three year posts column (on my left)
        when you FAILED to reply to my questions.

        WHERE are these “79,006 Readers” you claim are following you?

        Are they what is usually referred to in the Press as the
        SILENT MAJORITY ? ? ? ? ?

        Where do you get those fantastic numbers ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        An extra 28 from my previous post.

        ANDREW BOLT WOULD ENVY YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • Post Script – – – no, an afterthought

        Thank you for having the decency to add the “reply” key.

      • So, my dear Ramey – – –


        you have let us say just 100 or even 50 ACTUAL “followers”

        out of those “WHO’S WATCHING? 79,019 Readers” ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        I do not mind whom you reply to – JAZZER – or myself – or WallisH2HFH – or Shockadelic
        – or even that Arab raidbaqartumas – – –
        W T F? I can’t even work a name out that one.

      • ramio1983 says:

        Howdy Sir. I don’t have to prove anything, these are proven statistics. I have over 79,000 followers. The reason people don’t comment is my blog is more about learning than discussing. I could only assume a huge majority of my readers have no critique of my views and actually agree with them 🙂

        I love all your sock accounts, im trying to pick my favourite, the Arab one is pretty funny. He’s so sharp and refined. Looks like an Omani Prince ready for an adventure! hahahaha

      • OK, I will play along with your game of “AVOIDANCE” – the art of delaying the PROOF.

        There is only YOU and I remaining in this pathetic discussion.

        WallisH2HFH, Shockadelic, raidbaqartumas (obviously one of your friends) have pissadeered,
        jasonalexander2015 is clearly myself when I was younger because he has a beard I suppose,
        plus the FACT whenever he was posting to you, ***I*** was absent
        and – – – – – – – whenever **I** am postin.g to you *HE* is absent
        (You have me believing it, Ramey!!!)
        and who this JAZZER is I must admit has me puzzled,.
        but there are NO POSTS FROM this fictitious JAZZER!
        I am absolutely confused.

        So, Ramey it is just you and I.
        Why not simply prove you have 79,023 Readers “watching”

        I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW SOMEONE ELSE – – – ANYONE ELSE – – – is wasting their time.
        Surely I am not the only one – – –
        oh, and YOU of course.

      • ramio1983 says:

        What am i meant to be proving exactly? I have actually entirely lost track of any direction our conversation was getting into. I have 79,000 readers and the fact is its on the page, provided by wordpress and its something i can not forge or alter, so that’s the end of that. Anything else?

        Your logic is laughable. You are claiming because YOU are posting to me under one fake sock account and the fact your other fake sock accounts aren’t communicating to me simultaneously prove that you’re different people ? LOL nice one.

        I am intelligent, your sentence structure, use of CAPITAL letters and distorted nonsensical line structure within your comments prove you are ALL one and the same person.

        Have a lovely night. 🙂

      • You are beginning to sound like an imbecile, Ramey.
        This “discussion” is not about your forging anything – inventing, definitely.
        It is also not about your ability to throw English words around as per English Language Usage.
        It is also not intended to compare your literary skills compared to mine.
        (pardon my use of capitals to stress this point)


        Sometimes we need to drop the pretentious and overblown verbiage

        Stop lecturing and simply answer the question – – –
        Where are these 79,040 “followers” you claim WordPress counts?
        Incidentally I notice your (sorry) WordPress’ count has dropped from 79,978
        I cut and pasted those figures ! ! !

        I requested you to prove you only had just 100 “followers”
        That is not even one in every eight-fucking-hundred

        School Report for Julie’s arse

        ENGLISH fail,
        but MATHEMATICS pass

  6. Return to “Speak English or Shut Up?”

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, RAMIO1983
    Discussions DO NOT WORK YOUR WAY.
    Common practice has it the opponents discussion points REMAIN VISIBLE

    Deleting my comments ****AND EVEN**** DELETING YOUR OWN REPLY


    RAMIO1983 PONTIFICATED THIS, yet failed to add a “Reply” key for others to comment:-
    Julius, the fact you have 26 sock accounts proves that you are indeed a psychopath. Why would you want, need or have the TIME to use 26 accounts on blogging websites, let alone take (STEAL) photos of random strangers to fit your false personas. Do you not see how disturbing that is? I am a REAL person that has been consistent with ONE account.
    I do not despise Australia, i have said i love most things about Australia. I love you how you try so, so hard to make me this vigilante Muslim assassin by absolutely fabricating everything. You also claim i “support” ISIS even though i have blatantly, loud and clear state that terrorism is wrong and that ISIS are wrong!
    Carla said on her post that you called me such things, so i was going by her word. Either way, even if you didn’t call me a pedophile you’ve still called me insulting names over and over again in MY forum. How funny for you to come to MY garden (blog) and shit all over it. Have you no manners? I don’t have to tolerate a single post of yours, you’re lucky i haven’t banned your useless ass.
    I cannot wait for the day i deactivate and ban all of your accounts from my blog and you’ll realise all of the things you have said and done were a complete waste of time. Not because i “dont listen” or i dont have an “open mind” but because the majority of what you say are absolutely BASELESS accusations against me with zero, note ZERO evidence!
    You are an absolute tool and an absolute loser. I am a proud Australian ya sucker and i am a proud Muslim with a CAPITAL M just like Christian has a capital too. Do you not think i notice those little swabs you have of my religion. Using “quotation marks” to sarcastically denounce my faith when in fact i have not said one negative thing about YOUR religion.
    Just face the Music, you are an ISLAMOPHOBE and you have a major problem with me and your envy of me is more than clear. Get over me please! 🙂 I most definitely am over you!

    JASON ALEXANDER (another REAL PERSON responds with:-
    Rameo1983, much as I detest interrupting you from your 79,838 Readers/FollowersDeciples/Figments, you posted so many points which demand a slight correction. As none of your 79,838 Followers – -or even MissCarlaLouise (also now suspiciously silent)) will reply, I can only assume it means I MUST.

    “- – – let alone take (STEAL) photos of random strangers – – -“
    Ramey, all those photos used to pretty-up this otherwise dull website were obtained freely from the internet through something surely you have heard of before – a search engine! Free for the taking.

    Incidentally, you conveniently have forgotten about the founder of your so-called “religion” mo.
    He STOLE – COPIED – BORROWED – PINCHED his ideas from many other religion of his day.
    Weren’t you taught whenever some of mo’s followers did not like something he preached saying,
    “Hey mo, we do not like this crap “love one another” and started to walk away from him
    mo called out, “No problem cobber, fuck loving them, kill all the bastards if you prefer
    alalalalala just changed his fucking mind!!!”
    Mo stole all those ideas and – – – unlike any other religion,
    alalalalala changed his mind – – – What???
    Since when did any Leader of any OTHER RELIGION change his mind ? ? ?
    God Almighty certainly didn’t!!!
    Confucious never ever did!!!
    Budda never did!!!
    Can’t remember hearing of Shiva changing his mind.
    Queztalcoatl, Biame, Zeus, Breged, Baha’i, Rastafaran, Krishna – not one changed their minds
    But knower of all things right, mo, changed his mind as often as he changed his briefs ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    GEE, RAMEY, you do have more than just you and I and Jason
    WallisH2HFH and Shocadelic – – – now there is a woman after my own heart.
    RAMEY, I am a member of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party
    Check with the Police, my One Nation number and CORRECT NAME are recorded by them from the raid on Headquarters way, way back before we even locked horns for the first time.
    I’ll give you a clue: My Membership Number is 2160 (with ONE number missing somewhere.
    Expiry Date: November 3, 2001 – – – I still carry that card PROUDLY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    whereas you my dear Ramey are too ashamed to even admit you support isil ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


    Ah, the good old Days when our MAIN WORRY was

    the influx of ********A P P R E C I A T I V E******** ASIANS

    Not like the shit we get now.


    The information we find on Social Media


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