You may have seen the image floating around social media as of late. The harrowing and disturbing image of a three year old boy, laying face down on a Turkish Beach, lifeless and bloated after having drowned along with his Mother and Brother whilst their boat capsized, headed for Kos, Greece.

His name is Aylan Kurdi, i use present tense language because in my view a child never dies, he’s an Angel in my eyes. His parents left the War torn Syrian town of Kobane to flee for a better life. A risk that obviously had to be worth dying for. When we see the situation of the Syrian war we come to realize safety for many people is no longer a viable scenario- anything is safe but their homes.

Aylan, despite passing away, has become the still living, still breathing “face” of the current refugee crisis facing Europe at the moment. Many thousands are attempting to enter Southern or Eastern Europe so they can make a passage to nations that have welcomed them with open arms, like Germany. Many of these refugees are women and children and the constant barrage of blockages is sending them in a desperate array of madness. It is understandable, these people have traveled in treacherous seas with their lives packed in a couple of bags, carrying children on their shoulders. They must be restless from a lack of sleep and deprived of standard hygienic rights.

Aylan Kurdi- The 3 year old refugee that drowned.

Illustration: Aylan Kurdi- The 3 year old refugee that drowned.

For these Syrian refugees the constant blockages they are facing by countries they are simply trying to pass through is a true test of patience. Sitting in the pouring rain with a lack of proper food and shelter whilst being blocked by barbed wire and intimidating police cannot be a sight they were expecting to find in such democratic and liberal lands. Some refugees cracked under the pressure and questioned authorities, tried to skip lines and attempted to force themselves into trains and borders. Sure enough, from our perspective it might seem like a bad idea to engage in such behaviour yet we must understand these people are on survival mode, they have been ever since they left their once glorious nation, which now lies in partial rubble. Constantly under threat by “Allied” warplanes or Barbaric terror groups.

As is the case in every situation that involves war, it is always the innocent that pay the price. Let me get political for a moment because this information is important. The Syrian situation isn’t only a Syrian issue. It isn’t only a Middle Eastern Issue. The Syrian conflict has had many different hands in play to the current dilemma. Hands that come mainly from The United States, Europe and the Middle East. The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is about to make a decision on whether he will join the United States request to begin military strikes in Syria, so we will soon enough find out if Australian hands will join this list of War meddling.

The fact of the matter is that Syria has had a relatively stable history in the Middle East. Prior to the civil conflict that soon turned into an International one we find that Syria had a huge influx of tourists, culture and relative safety. Yet now it is a place that mirrors its once great neighbour Iraq. What we find is that one by one, many formerly great Middle Eastern Nations are toppling and crumbling due to predictable dictators, foreign invasions and civil unrest. It’s a recipe for disaster and just as it happened before, it is all happening again.

Hungary building its barb wired fence to block refugees access to pass.

Hungary building its barb wired fence to block refugees access to pass.

So why is the current Syrian refugee Crisis everybody’s responsibility? It is a Humanitarian Issue. These people need our help and it is as simple as that. The Earth is a vast place. Borders and barriers are an excuse for us to be exclusive and to shut off and shun people in our attempts to “preserve” our culture. Yet isn’t our culture in humanity more important than our materialistic culture? Is it not our duty to wear the boots of perspective and try to understand it from the angle of the people fleeing? They didn’t start the war! They want out.!

Believe it or not some people are trying to dismantle the refugee status of these people, claiming that their protests and demands to get to “richer” European countries prove they are “Economic Immigrants”. This is a crude statement that fails to look at the reality. The reason all of these immigrants want to flee to “Rich” Germany and not “Rich” Iceland is the fact that Germany has ALREADY announced it is willing and ready to take in 800,000 refugees, without harsh camps, without months of waiting to only be rejected. They are aiming for stability, not money.

This explains why they are not fleeing to the Rich nation of Iceland – Who have offered to only take in 50! Refugees. 
This blasts the conspiracy theorists who are trying to undermine the struggle of these people. They are unhappy with being “blocked” by these other countries who are stopping them from going to a destination that will give them that safety and security every human being should have the chance of having.

Yet there is a huge pressure on Europe at the moment as they were not expecting this huge influx of refugees in such a short time span and no, this is not exclusively Europe’s responsibility. Yes, i am looking at you rich countries of the Gulf. Whilst the Modest Middle Eastern Nations like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon have welcomed Syrian refugees in huge proportions we find that the most well off countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE have all turned a blind eye on their fellow brothers and sisters. They have no formal resolution or proposition to help these refugees. What a shameful and shocking display of ignorance and a callous display of indifference to the suffering of their fellow humankind, who happen to share the same creed as them.

Arab Gulf States have done less than Europe. Offering NO assistance to Syrian refugees.

Arab Gulf States have done less than Europe. Offering NO assistance to Syrian refugees.

This is why i am being slightly more lenient with the current situation and Europes handling of it. We must understand- refugees must and should be welcomed, worldwide- yet it must be controlled immigration. These people need to be identified, they must be catered for and counted. There cannot simply be a “Free for all” system where people aimlessly run around settling to a place foreign to them. I believe every country should take responsibility for these refugees, yet get their act together and have a plan to support them and help them recover from their living hell they fled. This all needs to be controlled and documented migration, it is truly the only civilized way to do this.

We must look at this situation from all angles. Europe should help the refugees just like the Gulf states in the Middle East should. We all should have a plan for these people and a moral compass. Help them help themselves and find their feet again. These are Human beings, families like you and i. How can we deny them safety and asylum?

It disgusts me that even given the clear sadness of this situation with Aylan Kurdis’ photo being shown world wide we still have Neo Nazi scum burning down refugee shelters in Germany, we still have flag waving xenophobic bigots yelling “Fuck off, we’re full” and indeed we still have ignorant Morons vilifying these people calling them “Welfare cheats” before they even step foot on their lands. This is where we see the sickness in humanities heart and how we cannot see past race, religion or borders and look at the basic core of the issue. They are humans, so start treating them like they are!!

Humans, that's all they are.

Humans, that’s all they are.

Peace, Salam, Ramey.

  1. Tom says:


    This is a tragic set of circumstances. Nobody wins. I don’t think you should be using this situation to take a pot shot at Western foreign policy, if the West were to turn a blind eye you would be complaining about their indifference. I S or Daesh can’t be just left to do as they please.

    Yet another find – – –
    Exactly the same as in “Rameo1983 Interviews a ex-islamaphobe”.

    Dated October 8, 2015.
    Today November 1, 2015

    STILL “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”
    24 fucking days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jasonalexander2015 says:

    RAMEO!983 – You adamantly make the statement:-
    “So why is the current Syrian refugee Crisis everybody’s responsibility? It is a Humanitarian Issue. These people need our help and it is as simple as that.”

    There are millions if not billions ***of Christians*** throughout this World who need help.
    People who ***WOULD APPRECIATE HELP***..

    NOT expect/demand/force/protest, etc, etc to get help like those jumping the queue in Europe!
    They will even break the laws of the land of the country they are appealing to give them help!!!

    RAMEO1983 continues:-

    “The Earth is a vast place. Borders and barriers are an excuse for us to be exclusive and to shut off and shun people in our attempts to “preserve” our culture.”

    No!!!!!! Borders are not “an excuse” – they are a safety barrier against non-wanted intruders!!!
    Look at how those destitute, war-ravaged (?), unfortunate, peaceful, would-be-law-abiding people react when they are denied what they demand?

    Look at how they react when they ARE ADMITTED and given all the booty they seek:

    I am now using Australia as an example yet it is the same :

    The insane Iranian Martin Pace Lindt Café Man Monas (for decades)
    The arrogance of Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer
    Those druglords and manufacturers.
    Etc, Etc, Etc!

    Rameo1983 carries on:-

    “Yet isn’t our culture in humanity more important than our materialistic culture?”

    but our Australian culture is NOT what so many muslims will not accept!

    Unfortunately it is NOT YOUR CULTURE
    Your culture knows TAKE ONLY – never to give!!!

    RAMEO1983 speaks more:-

    “Is it not our duty to wear the boots of perspective and try to understand it from the angle of the people fleeing?

    ???????????? Nice try, “wear the boots”!
    Walk the mile and then some
    Give until it hurts.
    Suffer like they have suffered.


    We believed those early muslims and accepted them to our bosom.
    Lavished everything on them and for what?????
    When there was no house for them they were placed in four-star fucking hotels!!!
    Then eventually they were given housing ***ahead of 100% Australians***.
    They raised many children because Australian welfare paid them to do so.
    No need to work!!!!!!!!!!
    Their children were raised in islamic tradition to hate all religions (even other muslim sects)
    Their children would not mix with Australians
    – couldn’t understand their accent
    – muslims spoke English perfectly)
    Their children mixed with sheiks, muftis, radicals learning hatred.
    Their parents did not know,
    Their parents did not object,
    Their parents did not care,
    take your pick!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Then those unfortunate, please help us, we did not start the war, give us sanctuary muslims
    commenced flexing their religious muscles.
    We want:-
    mosques – – – OK, you want – – – you pay!
    islamic schools – – – WHO does not want to mix???
    sharia law – – – your laws are not brutal enough, even for minor misdemeanours!!!
    under-age-brides – – – get a woman before somebody else gets to her first -12-year-old is best.
    halal – – – ANIMAL TORTURE ! ! ! Why should any animal slaughtered for food
    Be hung upside down, alive,
    have its throat SLIGHTLY CUT
    made to die in pain for 20 fucking minutes
    before finally having its throat fully cut???????

    You RAMEO1983 should be hung up by your testicals
    and allowed to hang upside down for 20 minutes
    just because some ancient bastard says it should be so!!!

    Why should Australians regardless of their Religion – or CULT –
    have to pay for halal certification on OUR FOOD?
    Be careful Rameo1983 if you choose to answer that particular claim!!!
    There is a one word name which aswers THAT!!!

    And finally for this small part of his post

    Rameo1983 states accurately regarding the fleeing muslims
    “They didn’t start the war! They want out!”

    They did not start the war (terrorism).

    But OTHER islamic people did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT ATHIESTS – – – although ? ? ?

    BLOODY fanatical muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rather than fight to save THEIR OWN COUNTRY
    rather than kill another muslim
    they flee THIER COUNTRY.
    Expecting other all countries to ACCEPT THEM WITH OPEN ARMS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    RAMEO1983, do me a favour – – –
    At least give the rest of this world who want to live peacefully
    as we always have done – – –
    give us credit for UNDERSTANDING

    There is a question that needs a positive answer:-
    Name just one country throughout this entire planet of ours
    where muslims live PEACEFULLY BESIDE (integrated with) other religions or sects???



  6. *So, let me try to put is another way.
    Mr dear, understanding, lenient censors of
    (or might that be RAMIO1983
    following the advice of his cobber midfuckedup):-
    Australia (and ALL other countries)
    “should take in MORE REFUGEES”
    Claims RAMIO1983 ! ! ! !
    “What a wonderful, generous, humanitarian, Christian THOUGHT”
    “Wouldn’t that make this world of ****OURS*** a more better place?”
    Adds JA2015 ! ! !
    This URL was from 6 hours ago.
    My report was this hour and named two so-called “refugees”, plus another 15-year-old.
    because even the
    Would not point out the terrorists.
    ALSO, RAMIO1983
    Seeing you are doubtless claiming Australian Welfare Payments
    (for how long now?)
    Who the fuck is supposed to pay the taxation
    to FUND those Welfare Payments to new refugees?
    Most certainly not you!!!
    Most certainly not mindmadeup!!!
    (who is also claiming Welfare payments)!!!
    Yet went to fight for the fucking terrorists HIS MOTHER fled to Australia to escape!!!
    Who spends his days NOT looking for work – – –
    Who spends his days NOT making Australia friends – – –
    Who spends his days NOT trying to make Australia a better Nation – – –
    Who spends his days on
    Ramio1983, if muslims are such friendly, appreciative people, please answer this:-
    Name just one country in this whole world where those following the islamic creed

  7. TESTING Ramey

    My previous two long posts
    in Christmas Ramadan or none
    simply disappeared.

    As I had spent several hours composing them I was not happy.
    Both you and I KNOW that nobody else reads this shit –
    either YOUR shit
    or MY shit
    But I THOUGHT some good advice might have sunk in EITHER of OUR brains

    Sadly I was wrong

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