Our Mission is Protest! Our Weapon are bare breasts!” – This is the Mission Statement of extreme Feminist group FEMEN who for the last few years have appeared in many Media Outlets flashing their breasts and scrawling bold statements across their mostly naked bodies to promote women’s rights.

Lets be honest, their official mission statement almost sounds like a parody. Yet these girls take themselves very seriously. They claim their “God” is a “Woman” yet also simultaneously state their FEMEN “Ideology” is Atheism. It almost appears that this group even today is unaware of what exactly they are and what exactly they stand for.

Let us first give you a brief history of this feminist group. The group was founded in the Ukraine in 2008. The group carries about 170 “active protesters” across Europe and boasts a “social support group” of approximately 25,000 people. Given these facts and figures, the numbers are quite underwhelming yet the bottom line is these controversial ladies are stirring societies pot, yet the question one must beg is- “Are their protests actually useful?

A couple of days ago the FEMEN group attended a “Muslim conference” in France of which Men were up on stage talking about the rights of women in Islam. Moments before the men get up to speak the two women take over the stage with their bare breasts shouting “Nobody Makes me Submit!“. The Men giving the speech backed away and let the women take the stage- moments before being shoved and even kicked off the stage by one man. In typical FEMEN style the women are carried away as they leave desperate screams in the background, not leaving without a “fight”.

FEMEN protester crashes Muslim Conference in France.

FEMEN protester crashes Muslim Conference in France.

Yet further evidence that these women are confused as to what their goal is lies in the message they were promoting that night. “Nobody Makes Me Submit!“. Who is asking her to submit? And to who exactly? Is she talking about Muslim men making them submit? Oddly enough they are not Muslim so nobody is asking them to supposedly submit and never is the word “submit” issued for Muslim women in regards to how they treat their husbands. Is she talking about Muslims making them submit to Allah? Very unlikely to happen, especially in France.

So the end result with this protest is that it makes them look like a couple of crazy women screaming about nonsense flashing their breasts to a bunch of unsuspecting Muslims- it doesn’t appear the point hit home this time. It almost appears to me that the FEMEN group tend to much favour controversy over tackling genuine issues and doing productive things to actually make a change to Women’s rights around the world.

They have protested against some good causes- misogyny, unfair pay, domestic violence, religious extremism and more. Yet simply because they tend to protest against some unjust causes it doesn’t mean their way about it is reasonable. Appearing in public and private events and functions, being loud and disruptive, being mostly naked and using profanities and vulgarity in front of Men, Women and Children are actions that speak louder than the cause. Their “message” is wiped away by their sheer loudness. They tend to scream “Look at me!” instead of “Look at my cause” and that is why i deem FEMEN to be a failure in the world of protests and activism.

FEMEN protester hacking off a cross in a park.

FEMEN protester hacking off a cross in a park.

There is absolutely no evidence, in their 7 years of “service” that their means of protest has birthed any actual change to the causes they are supposedly fighting for. There is no evidence that their fight has yielded a reawakening of minds when it comes to the plights of Women’s rights and feminism. On the contrary many see FEMEN as a public nuisance- a bunch of self righteous women who simply bring attention to themselves, rather than their causes.

Oddly enough, if they were to protest (with their clothes on) in regards to Women’s rights, they’d find that their cause would shine brighter because people wouldn’t be too busy tackling them into police vans or taking screenshots of their breasts. There are many respectable, proud, strong and defiant Women’s rights groups that fight for women and do so in a dignified fashion. They make their cause their aim and their aim their cause. This is how awareness is given- not by the less you wear but by the more you say. When FEMEN make their statements shouting 5 word slogans and painting 5 words across their bodies they are doing more than simplifying many Women’s right issues around the world.

FEMEN protesters always quickly find themselves in this position.

FEMEN protesters always quickly find themselves in this position.

They are making the plight of Women’s rights more difficult because their methodology puts a negative light on the understanding of true Feminism. They put a massive blot on the hard work many other Women have done in regards to combating issues facing women in today’s societies. Let me give you a wonderful example of a WOMAN who has done MUCH for womens’ rights in a humbling, respectful and defiant matter.

Angelina Jolie. 

Angelina Jolie. This woman does activism right.

Angelina Jolie. This woman does activism right.

Whilst Femen are out shouting at the Pope, burning crosses and painting each others breasts, we have this Celebrity who has done more than they ever could. Angelina Jolie has traveled to the World’s most impoverished nations, she has spoken to Women of all cultures and religions, she has spoken with pride at the United Nations fighting for the rights of the poor, women and refugees. She’s all class and FEMEN are all crass. The sooner we all realize this, the better.

Peace, Salam- Ramey

  1. jasonalexander2015 says:

    Thank you for your response to mindfuckedup’s webpage rant.

    What a shame you missed this post of mine which you promised had been deleted.


    Because previously both you, Rameo1985 and my friends (I shall not list) have amicably exchanged views WITHOUT resorting to such a petty method of silencing opposition. YOU – and MINDFUCKEDUP live in a country where Freedom of Speech is proudly permitted even when it espouses anti-Australian views.

    Both you and MFU would be better suited actually venting your spleen alongside ISIL, DAESH or Whatever name they call themselves TODAY ! ! !
    They are following in the footstep of the founder – Mohammad –
    remember rameo1985 how dear old Mo used to change his mind to suit his followers?
    محمد غير رأيه
    Or didn’t your Islamic teacher tell you about THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. jasonalexander2015 says:

    The name SPAM is meant to infer an item which is repeated over and over.
    Sort of like how young Muslims are taught.Bored to death until they know no better.
    To you my boring epistle was totally understood after just one read!!!
    So, technically CANNOT be branded as SPAM.

  3. jasonalexander2015 says:

    Not only that my “cobber” as Mindfuckedup likes to call me, At least you have the courage to allow my posts go to moderation – – –
    What happens next is up to you, I guess.

  4. On the better-quality Social-Media websites,
    we can actually post the photos, videos, etc, etc.
    WordPress is s cheap-skate SM website ! ! !

    HOWEVER, Rameo1093, I cannot allow you to claim to have allowed my posts to remain.

    ALL OF THESE POSTS **********WERE******** DELETED ! ! ! !
    I had posted a similar reply to mindfuckedup in his forums.
    Either he pointed it out to you or
    you noticed them yourself in his forums
    (all subjects anti-Australian, too)
    I checked –
    True to your work Raeo1983 –
    The whole fucking lot had ben expunged from the viewing gallery ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  5. RAMEO1983 – – –

    no, no, no, no, no, no!



    I stand corrected!!!
    My apologies to Mr WordPress.com

    However,***had I made the same mistake***
    on OTHER SM websites,

    A CORRECTION can be made seconds minutes, hours, days, weeks after posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TESTING Ramey

    My previous two long posts simply disappeared.
    As I had spent several hours composing them I was not happy.
    Both you and I KNOW that nobody else reads this shit –
    either YOUR shit
    or MY shit
    But I THOUGHT some good advice might have sunk in EITHER of OUR brains

    Sadly I was wrong

    • Just so you will know, Ramey,
      both those long posts were on Christmas, Ramadan or Nothing

      Just a thought it might also be you are absent being investigated??????
      Mindfucked up has also done the chinese FLIGEON act and FLUCKED OFF.

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