مرحبا والسلام.  <— Does this scare you? I’d certainly hope not because i just greeted you and wished you peace, in Arabic. You see just over 48 hours ago all schools in a county of Virginia, the United States were shut down because a school received so many complaints from angry parents about a Geography Lesson aiming at explaining the complexity of Arabic Calligraphy. The school used the Islamic Shahada (Testimony of Faith) as an example of its complex structure.

The Shahada or testimony of faith in Islam states “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger.” The fact is the school was dealing with language and religion and used quite a specific and important language slogan that details the complexity of the calligraphy, whilst also highlighting the religious importance behind it. Yet many parents and students felt they were being indoctrinated and somehow forced to submit to Islam by simply learning how to write beautiful calligraphy.


This homework on Arabic Caligraphy shut down all schools in a county of Virginia.

The angry backlash caused every school in the county to shut down due to security threats and fear of negative repercussions- all because this alien language and religion was used as a study topic in a school. Seems nonsensical but not in modern day America it isn’t. Especially with the likes of Donald Trump getting more TV air time than anybody of higher significance – we are seeing such fear and hostility is spreading into the communities.

Only weeks ago a woman was attacked in an Applebees restaurant in Minnesota, the US. 43 year old Jodie Burchard-Risch was so disgusted that a fellow diner in the restaurant – Ms. Asma Jama was speaking with her family in Swahili that she yelled “In America you speak English” then physically assaulted her by smashing a beer glass on her face.


Asma Jama (right) was attacked at an Applebees restaurant in Minnesota for speaking Swahili.

One must beg the question, what is it with this obsession that you “must” speak English and why does it disturb so many people that others speak another language in public? Why must you understand what others are saying when they are in fact not speaking to you? Are there any laws in the United States that claim it is illegal to publicly speak another language? All of these are pressing questions for the ones that have a burning ear when they hear something besides English.

Yet this isn’t only an American problem.

Yesterday here in Sydney, Australia we have the case of a woman on a train abusing another lady who was speaking Spanish to her mother on the phone. A middle aged “Australian” woman decided to hurl verbal abuse at the young Natalie Soto for daring to speak another language in public besides English.

We speak English in this country. If you can’t speak it in public don’t speak it at all.” – Said the angry patriotic woman who had such an itch for Spanish that it somehow forced her to speak out in disgust. “Speak it in your own home, don’t speak it in public” – she continues.


This woman verbally assaulted a fellow passenger on a Sydney train for speaking Spanish. Telling her to “Go home”.

What is odd is that this woman, amongst all the others who hold no tolerance for Multi-Lingual speakers could even come up with a logical excuse on why the other party should stop. It is not against any Australian law. It is absolutely harmless. Most times another language sounds beautiful and exotic and really highlights what a vibrant multi-cultural society we live in.

You see Australians who have huge issues with others not speaking English do not have a leg to stand on. The major problem is that i can assure you none of these bigots could speak even one of our many Native Aboriginal languages that existed in abundance before their colonial ancestors stepped foot on this land. It would only be fair that if they say all “others” MUST speak English in Australia, that then indeed all English speakers MUST speak one native Aboriginal language.

Claiming that we “Only” speak English in this country is wrong. You see this country has a history that spreads further than our 230 year Colonial history. Rewind that tape to find that Australia, before any explorers settled the area already had multiple peoples and languages within it. Many of which became extinct and depleted once settlers and prisoners came in. Yet i have never seen or heard of a single Aboriginal person telling me i MUST speak Dharug (the Native language of Sydney). Yet what i do hear loud and clear are post colonial “Australians” yelling at anyone who does not speak English- a language that is actually FOREIGN to Australia itself.


Above: All languages spoken in Australia prior to English Settlement 230 years ago.

This all falls back with another example of the Media onslaught of the Grand Mufti of Australia Mr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammed who speaks very little English. People seem to focus more about the language than what words are actually being used. I’d rather someone tell me they Love me in French than they hate me in English. The bottom line is its not necessarily the language itself, it is how we use the language and what we say.

The Grand Mufti of Australia has openly denounced terrorism, loud and clear on multiple occasions in Arabic and with English translators. Yet there was no applause for condemning terrorism, instead there was dismay that he was not speaking English.


Grand Mufti of Australia (left) publicly denounces terrorism, yet gets yelled atfor not doing it in English.

I really think people are missing the point….

Peace, Salam 🙂

  1. Like most of Ramey’s posts this one is deserted also.
    Where are those 79,050 Readers who’s watching? ? ?
    Surely they are not all out for coffee or a smoke or a piss ? ? ?

    ARABIC مرحبا والسلام.

    ARMENIAN: Բարեւ ու խաղաղության

    TURKISH Merhaba ve Barış

    FRENCH: Bonjour et Paix

    ENGRISH: Hello and peace

    • Incidentally, Ramey, your Grand Mufti of Australia Mr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammed
      (“who speaks very little English”)
      After how many years in AUSTRALIA ? ? ?
      Was told of the problem in whatever language he speaks)
      SO – – –
      Why didn’t he ask somebody to tell him what the fuck to say ? ? ?
      (even though we realise it would all be a load of pigshit.)

      • ramio1983 says:

        I agree that he SHOULD speak English after those many years in Australia, absolutely. At the same time where does it say he MUST speak English? Yet as i said, if what he is saying (even in Arabic) is of a positive force (forbidding terrorism) then i have no qualms with that. He has been accused of not denouncing terrorism when he has in fact condemned each and every single terror attack in recent history loud and clear to the media and via his social media- using English translators. Give the guy a break?

      • NOT as you say “I agree that he SHOULD speak English
        after ***********those********** many years
        in Australia, absolutely.”

        I could not care less HOW MANY – – –

        Iby Abu holds the highest position in your CULT,
        so should set an example to all your followers by learning OUR LANGUAGE.
        Were I stupid enough to live in Lebanon I WOULD learn their language.

      • ramio1983 says:

        So if you were to hear someone speak ARabic would you be a great Austrayan and verbally assault them or even worse physically attack them? You’re taking it to a whole new level my friend. He doesn’t speak English but every word he says can be translated to English and he condemns terrorism. That’s good enough for me!! PS Islam is a religion. The only cult i see is your fake sock account obsession. Get a life.

      • Despite realising I am wasting my time trying to get you to understand. I will reply.
        No, speak whatever language you like,
        I have no problem with Arabic-language-speakers

        My criticism of your GM was simply the he knew what the problem was – terrorism.

        Before he made a public comment about “terrorism”
        the GM should have consulted with an English-speaking Arab
        to be sure his exact meaning was made.
        Now there is a commotion about what the GM said,
        the GM wants to retract his words with the excuse
        “Me no speak a da Engrish!!!”

        Terrorism is a serious problem to Australians
        Terrorism id NOT a serious problem to most muslims it is their way of life.
        The GM should have sought expert translation before he opened his mouth.
        Of course YOUR RETORT would be
        “and he condemns terrorism. That’s good enough for me!!”
        He is YOUR GM.

        PS, read up about islam – – –
        islam is a concoction of laws “borrowed” from various other Religions
        Your founder even altered those words whenever his followers disliked what he preached.
        When questioned by his followers the next day of the sudden change,
        mo would brush it off with
        “alalalala” (or whatever name he used) had changed his mind.

        Ramey, I know of no other Religion whose founder claimed
        “God Almighty changed His Mind!!!
        God Almighty has NEVER changed His Mind.
        Whenever God Almighty saw something He did not like He did not change His Mind –
        He removed that problem – – –
        The Garden of Eden.
        Sodom and Gomorrah.
        Noah and the Great Flood.
        God Almighty did not change His Mind.
        God Almighty destroyed the wicked who would not obey His Commandments.

        islam’s founder changed whatever he said

        So Ramey – – – – Bull shit ! ! !

        islam is not a Religion
        despite many claiming it is.
        islam is in the same category as
        children of god,
        Jim Jones’ people’s temple in Guynana,
        the unification church (moonies),
        supreme truth (aum shinrikyo),
        branch davidians,
        heaven’s gate.
        The list goes on.

        Your mention of me supposedly using different “socks”
        my only comment remains unaltered:-
        You used to reply posts, then suddenly decided it easier to block those posts
        rather than answer them.
        Then when a “different person” arrived in your otherwise deserted columns
        you began responding once again.
        When the original poster returned and claimed you censored his replies,
        those self-same posts miraculously re-appeared – – – Halleluiah.
        The trouble is Ramey, you refuse to answer questions
        when you realise they are unprovable.
        “79,602 Readers” today ! ! !
        WOW – a sudden increase of 552 “followers” overnight.
        You claim WordPress provide those figures – – – somehow.

        And I only asked you to PROVE you have just 100.
        Granted a lot of those “viewers” would include the beautiful “carlalouise89”, “abooali”, “Matty Brookd”, “Hong”, “Engineer” – – – all on post wonders never to be seen or heard of again, but many many from Jason, and Julius. Yet also man many subject without a single comment.

        BUT, Ramey I will bet one cent of your to $100 of mine that
        MIDDLE EASTERN CRIME SQUAD and countless other
        unknown organisations looking for unsatisfied with Australian residents
        interested in a “better more exciting life-style.”

  2. carlalouise89 says:

    Great article! I love it! I’m from Australia, and I was disgusted by the Sydney attack. I don’t get the ‘We speak English here’. You do realise almost the rest of the world is a little bilingual, yeah!?

    • Welcome to the wonderful columns of Ramio1983, Carla Louise.

      What prompted you to suddenly appear and praise our muslim friend?


      Ramey is trying his hardest to assimilate into Australian Society.
      He spends hours every day (when he is no on his knees)
      pointing out all his astute observations about Australia and World affairs.

      He is extremely literate and is not bashful about pointing out
      any slight English grammatical errors we humble responders might make.

      Being perfectly correct, Ramey calls a spade a spade.
      He does not like a few things about Australia,
      so being determined to become a true Aussie
      he has learned how to whinge.

      Ramey is a master at whinging – – –
      just read any of his countless posts about Australia
      from the past three years.

      Gee, has it only been three years and he has found so much to report.

      Will you, dear Carla Louise, be a one-hit-wonder like all the others??????
      Or may we expect t see some more complimentary praise for our intrepid author?

      Love, 🙂 and Abyssinia, Julius Thompson

      • carlalouise89 says:

        To be honest, I’m not sure. Someone, somewhere probably directed me to this site. If I like what you’re posting, I won’t be a one-hit wonder. I’ll like or comment if I genuinely interested. That may mean one day you post something I don’t see – over Christmas, especially, I’m having my husband’s family here. I doubt I’ll have many chances to read blogs. It won’t necessarily mean I don’t like it. It’s just I’m currently following a lot of blogs, and it takes time to get through them all.
        However, if you’re wondering if I follow and do the “like for a like” thing, no, I don’t do that. I like and comment on things I think are important and interesting. Which means if I did it in the first place, I’ll be likely to do it again. Does that answer you question?

      • ramio1983 says:

        Hi Carla,

        Just a word of notice. This man “Julias” is a sock account of a person that has been a little obsessed with my blog for the last few months. He has at least 3 fake accounts and you are welcome to read at his commentary. Don’t get too comfortable with this guy because he is still arguing with me until this day for the most minute things, most of which make no sense any ways.

        I am glad you support me and i am grateful for it and i look forward to providing more captivating content.

        Thank You.

      • carlalouise89 says:

        Thank you so much!!! I went to unfollow him but I can’t??? It says the page can’t be found :S I might just ignore him. I did find his comment really rude, but I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Thank you so much for letting me know – I really appreciate it! I’ll keep an eye out for him. Thank you again!

      • Just catching up with the backlog of replies from you, Ramey.
        You really are losing your grip.
        Lately you have made a few mistakes.
        I WOULD put that down to the rush of Christmas-time- – – – except
        that would be blasphemy in islam for you to use the word Christ.
        Hi Carla,

        Just a word of notice. This man “Julias” is a sock account of a person that has been a little obsessed with my blog for the
        WHOM last few months. He has at least 3 fake accounts and you are welcome to read at his commentary. Don’t get too comfortable with this guy because he is still arguing with me until this day for the most minute things, most of which make no sense any ways.

        I am glad you support me and i am grateful for it and i look forward to providing more captivating content.

        Thank You.
        CORRECTION #1.
        Who said I am a man? Several of my fake “sock accounts” are women’ names??? Incidentally I have a couple more than three fake/sock accounts, 35 to be exact.
        CORRECTION #2.
        I am not “obsessed with your blog” – NOBODY IS even interested in your blog.
        I AM OBSESSED, however, with the idiotic notions of the islamic “religion”.
        CORRECTION #3.
        I have been following your antics and anti-Australian rhetoric
        for possibly more than 24 fucking months
        Have you forgotten I “found” you when mindmadeup went to fight with isil in 2011-12.
        Surely you cannot have forgotten that
        It was in all the newspapers,
        on television news and “A Current Affair” –
        (His mother crying demanding for him to be brought back.)
        Correction #4.
        “and you are welcome to read at his commentary.”
        TRUE, RAMEY “he is still arguing with me until this day for the most minute things”
        THIS RESPONSE ***IS ABOUT*** the minutest of things,
        because you Ramey made those minutest mistakes.
        Ordinarily no one would consider decapitation, terrorism, underage marriages, forcing foreign beliefs on others or accept death, forcing women to wear stifling clothes, shariah law, halal, certification (secretly a tax on everyone to fund islamic education overseas
        – who can say all that money is not ending up in the hands of isil????
        and finally – – –
        CORRECTION #5
        MY name on this post is and always has been juliusthompson – J_U_L_I_U_S

        Of course you appreciate having another respondent in your columns as she agrees with you.
        Curious you used the word “captivating” to describe her comments.
        Typical islamic thoughts.
        You certainly have caught a live one with Carla.
        She would look beautiful in a burka, don’t you think.

      • Hello me old muslim cobber Ramey.
        Go ahead tell Carla I am a no-good Australian bastard who criticises you.
        Carla Louise has a brain of her own
        and she can do a little reading of your three and a half years of posts
        to simply prove who is telling the truth.

        You work???
        Yes right here on WordPress!!!
        Your followers have amassed to 79,666 Readers now
        79,666 Readers ! ! ! An extra Fifty-Fucking-Four ! ! !
        – – – and mot one of those new 54 fucking newbies had the decency to say
        “Three fucking cheers for Ramio1983 for kicking that Australian bastard’s arse ! ! !
        NOT ONE OF THEM, RAMEY the rotten mongrels.
        I wonder why ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • ramio1983 says:

        Hey Julius,

        No need to speak on my behalf buddy. I am assimilated, i am not “trying”. I studied, work, have great relations and cheer the Socceroos come the World Cup. So stop trying to imply that i am “struggling” to assimilate (whatever that means).

        As for me whinging, you should probably look at your behaviour on this forum. You whinge about everything, mostly in a senseless ramble. Me talking about pressing issues about our country is not a whinge, these are hard hitting questions and queries about the country i call home.

        I am happy with Carla staying around or drifting on to another realm in the internet. All i know is that i am glad for her support and kind words- it means much and i humbly appreciate it.

        Great day “Juliar Thompson”

      • OK, IDIOT – – – an easy way to stop my posts other than censoring them – – –
        Continue NOT to put the “Reply” key so my reply is not where your comment is!!!

        I am NOT “speaking on your behalf”, simply stirring up muslim shit!!!
        You are NOT “assimilated”
        – you maintain your arrogant islamic hatred of Australia.
        “I am assimilated . . . I have great relations” unquote
        You are not assimilated with Australians –
        how could you be when you have never said anything but bad things about Australia???

        Australian muslims – – – yes, you would be friends ! ! !

        You simply are not “assimilated”
        and with your against everything Australian attitude you never will be an Australian!!!
        Just the same as mindmadeup will never be an Australian!!!
        People who dislike our peaceful country
        and are not prepared to adapt *THEIR* WAYS
        to become similar to *OUR* WAYS
        Can find another country more suited to they lifestyle.
        Might I suggest Syria.


        The open door to peaceful Australia works both ways
        Become Australian-whatever-you-are – – – Welcome
        Prefer to be Whatever-you-are-Australians
        – here is your hat, get the fuck out!!!

        Do not bother trying to make a puzzle out of assimilation
        You try to ASSUME too much Ramey:
        You try to make an ASS out of both YOU and ME – – – ASS – U – ME

        Using colloquial terms like “whinging” a wonderful Aussie tradition,
        simply does not make you an Aussie.

        You claim you are “talking about pressing issues” is a fucking whinge.
        You do not like Australian values – – – that’s a fucking whinge.
        A whinge is NEVER how the perpetrator describes it!!!

        Yes, my comments about you are a whinge –
        Australia is MY country.
        You, Ramio are the guest –
        you do not like our ways –
        No problem
        We did not ask you in!!!
        Get the fuck out!!!

        Of course you are happy to have Carla – – – you have a live one.
        Just give her a chance to see what the REAL Ramey’s thoughts are.
        You say “our country” I question this word “our” you use.
        You have not accepted Australia for what we are.
        Do you really think that by taking Australian Citizenship (if you have)
        means Australia must change to your way of thinking,
        You have got the wrong idea.
        It is a case of ***YOU*** Ramey who joined US.
        Definitely not ***WE*** joined YOU ! ! !
        You have it all arse about face ! ! !

        Remember have a “Reply” key or don’t bother to reply.

      • ramio1983 says:

        Hi Julius!

        Your whole comment is made void by the simple fact that i was BORN here you dingbat. I am an Australian. Just because i don’t like certain aspects of our policies or governence does not suddenly make me an “apostate” to Australia you fool. I am Australian whether i like it or not, i am Australian where YOU like or not. Something tells me you do not like it, i can tell because your comments are becoming a lot more abrasive and your illiteracy level increases with your anger.

        I am not a GUEST in this country you doodle. I didn’t come here from a boat (like your ancestors) or a plane. I was born on Australian SOIL.

        As i said you haven’t read all my blogs if you insist i only write negatively about Australia you admitted yourself i wrote good things about Australia too. Amnesia getting to you? Perhaps its your dementia judging by your fake profile pic.

        BYE Dumbo.

    • Happy *Christian* Christmas to both yourself and your Husband, Carla Louise89.

      You are wise to treat everyone on Social Media with caution – including myself.
      I am a Christian. Ramey is a muslim.
      His Family (if you can believe him came from Lebanon and is mixed Christian and muslim.
      THINK ! ! ! ? ? ?
      They emigrated from their life in Lebanon looking for a better life here in Australia.
      According to Ramey “they worked their arses”.
      I think he used the words “asses off” trying to be modest.”
      Maybe, maybe not.
      They might have settled and accepted Australian way of life –
      easy going, devil may care attitude – or just about any style you prefer.
      Ramey was not what we call a chip off the old block.
      Ramey did not grow up to be just like his parents!
      No, no, no, no, no, no!
      Ramey did grow up to be more of a man with a chip on his shoulder.
      Those Australians did not do things the way Ramio1983 liked.
      Study Ramio1983’s entire posts over his 46 months of posting.
      Was there even one good word he ever said about the country which accepted his Parents?
      I have been trying to discus his whinges.
      True, some are noteworthy of a whinge, but not many.
      Ramey deleted my replies to him, so I created a new personna.
      Ramey did not recognise me for a while,
      then he magically re-appeared the posts
      (no, not re-posted them, they were my original posts using the other name!)
      You see Carla Louise,
      (again you need to notice what has been happening in Ramio1983’s own posts
      BEFORE either jasonalexander or juliusthompson or up to 16 other nom de plumes appeared.
      Rarely were there any other people adding comments to Ramio1983’s posts
      Basically he is a muslim with too much islamic crp in his brain to be able to understand
      One of his friends, mindmadeup, is another similar to Ramey,
      only mindmadeup is worse.
      In 2011 or 12 he went to fight the “good” fight with isil.
      Carla Louise, I have been following this pair for several years,
      so do know their backgrounds right here on Social Media WordPress.

      Of course he does not like me or us or we or whatever the correct English word is.Ramey and I have been down that path before, haven’t we Ramey???
      He told me I couldn’t put two words correctly in a sentence or something like that.
      My primary and secondary school teachers had told me that decades ago.
      So I admitted defeat to my learned muslim – – – didn’t I Ramey!!!

      I will not suggest yo reply my posts if you prefer. That is you sole choice, not mine.
      rAmey will advise you no ignore me. NO PROBLEM by me.
      If you consider
      Halal (20-minutes of animal torture) the wy to slaughter their food
      Halal Certification (a muslim tax for a tiny sticker which goes to promoting islam overseas)
      YOU pay extra on your ordinary food for that even though they do nothing
      Hijab (female domination – women are lower than everyone in their eyes)
      Shariah Law (cut your arm off for stealing, stone you to death for sleeping with others
      Marrying as young as 9-years-old – – –
      MO HAM MAD’s wife Aisha (or other spellings) was only 9 – – – NINE, Carla Louise, 9 !!!

      Your decision.
      All I say is read what Ramey has been posting, who has been replying, and think ! ! !

      • carlalouise89 says:

        Mr Julius Thompson, I’m not a Christian. I’m not a Muslim, either. I don’t buy into bullshit that the media sells us. We don’t pay extra for halal certification and if your research told you anything, you’d actually know we gain billions each year in economy BECAUSE certain products are halal certified – meaning they can be exported overseas, and used on planes and trains and others will eat them. I have no problems with Muslims. I have no problems with Christians. I do have problems with people coming on to my page to insult someone else, especially when they’re spouting ignorant bullshit. The Hijab is a woman’s personal choice – just like the burqa and the niqab. Yes, some parts of Islam – like ISIS and the Taliban – use this to suppress women. However, plenty of women wear it because they want to. Kind of like Indian men wearing turbans – it’s a respect of their gods. Shariah Law isn’t practiced in Australia, and most Muslims don’t practice it.
        I’ll make up my own damn mind. If Ramey is a terrorist, or a child molester, or anything else, then I’ll deal with it. I’ll report his arse to the police. I’ll do whatever needs to be done. But do not come onto my page and tell me, without providing any facts that he’s done anything of the sort, this type of information. I know people are bad. White Christian people marry children that are nine years old. It’s not just “Muslims” that do it, or have done it. And not all Muslims do it. You seem to be blaming Muslims for what a select few do – and those select few are, more often than not, terrorists.
        Pull your head out of your arse, do some research on Islam, and find someone else to sell lies to.
        And from what I’ve read, parts of the bible are worse than the parts of the Qu’ran, if we’re going to go down that road of “my religion is better than yours”.
        Merry Christmas.

  3. carlalouise89 says:

    I’m sorry I swore on your blog, but I found a certain person’s comment to be utterly and completely offensive. I do hope I didn’t insult you; I just kind of lost a little control.

    • ramio1983 says:

      Hi Carla. Thank you so much for being a woman of intellect. Don’t worry about swearing but your comments were spot on Can you clarify is this moron saying to you or anyone else that I am a pedophile or isis supporter? If he is trying to defame me in such a manner I will report him to the police. This fool has been obsessing about my blog and doesn’t leave it alone. I should block him and delete ALL comments if he is going around spreading horrendous lies by calling me a criminal. If you read my blog you see I wear my heart on my sleeve and talk about many deeply personal moments of my life. This anonymous git is an Internet troll. An absolute uneducated losers. Thank goodness for people like you Carla you smashed him with your illuminated mind when he tried to fool you with gibberish about my religion. Peace and Thank you.

      • carlalouise89 says:

        No problems at all. I don’t abide my that type of behaviour. I haven’t seen anything – when I wrote my blog, I thought he’d written that comment to me, I didn’t realise it was in reply to the previous comment so I was mega annoyed. I honestly couldn’t tell you if he was spreading lies about you (other than what I just witnessed). I’ve read a couple of your blogs so far, and I’ve liked them. I see no problems, and you being Muslim (or not being Muslim; or being religious, or not being religious) has no affect on me whatsoever. I think it’s abhorrent the abuse Muslims are getting, though. I’ve had Muslim friends, and I’ve taught Muslim students, and I’ve learnt a lot about Islam. There is nothing wrong with Islam – it’s such a peaceful religion. There’s a few people – less than 1% of the Muslim population – trying to make Islam something it’s not, but most Muslims don’t abide by that – it’s just most Australians won’t listen to the ABC, SBS and Al Jazeera and hear the facts. They only hear what they want to hear. That man had no idea what he was talking about. He’s an ignorant fool; even the government wasted money doing a “halal certification overview” and they found, inconclusively, that halal certification meant MORE money for Australia and companies. The tax we pay for kocher foods is actually HIGHER than the halal tax. And personally, as a coeliac, I’m okay with that – I like products that are labelled “gluten-free”, it gives me ease of mind. I’m happy to make sure other people in this country has the same peace of mind.
        I’d probably block him; all of his accounts. He’s fixated on you because you’re Muslim, I’d imagine. There’s no rationalising with someone like that. He’s made up his own mind. He is the type of person Australia should be ashamed of; not Muslims.
        And no problems – I will always defend people that are being attacked and abused. You didn’t deserve that. I just thought it was on my blog when I started swearing. Had I realised he was commenting on yours, I would have been more respectful of you (making sure I kept language in check, those types of things). It was only later I realised my mistake! I hope you enjoy your holidays 🙂

      • 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) …… 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) …… 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) …… 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) ……

        🙂 …….:-) ……:-) …… 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) …… 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) …… 🙂 …….:-) ……:-) ……

        Ramio1983 have you finally become insane ? ? ?
        Please answer this one question – – –
        All you need do is give me the URL of any of my posts – even just one

        Where I brand you a paedophile.

        THIS IS SERIOUS ! ! !

        If you do provide that URL – – –
        I will come to what ever mosque you nominate and accept any punishmanent you choose.

      • Something happened just then Ramey. My post was printed under Carla’s post.
        It was intended for you.

      • Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Ramey!!! Where ever did you get that idea from ? ? ? Guilty conscience ? ? ? In which post of mine did I suggest you were a pedophile ? ? ? In which post of mine did I suggest you were an isis supporter ? ? ? Seems like both you and Carlalouise89 have done the Chinese fligeon act and flucked off. Oooooooo ! ! !

      • ramio1983 says:

        OI dumbo in your last post you said you believe i held ISIS Sympathies without any evidence, you see when you fake accounts you cannot keep up with your statements anymore lmao.

      • ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
        Little wonder your 79.897 Readers/Followers/NON-COMMENTERS do not stay with you

        You do not have the courtesy to retain them, even sweet, innocent MissCarlaLouise89
        finally listened to reason and did the Chinese Flidgeon act and FLUCKED OFF ! ! ! ! ! ! !

        You sent me a message then promptly deleted (censored / moderated / erased / prevented) this

        From Rameo1983 to mrju;iusthompson:

        OI dumbo in your last post you said you believe i held ISIS Sympathies without any evidence, you see when you fake accounts you cannot keep up with your statements anymore lmao.

        TRUE ! ! ! !

        Possibly I need so many accounts to TRY and EXTRACT and ANSWER from you, Ramey ? ? ? ?

      • ramio1983 says:

        As i said, there is no censorship. I truly believe you don’t know how WordPress works. I’ve heard your grievences about the website. You see even when YOU comment there is NO reply button for me to respond to you. Instead i have to click on the top right BELL icon and click down to your comment THEN click on the reply option. This is a fault with WordPress and NOT me, so please try to get a WordPress tutorial and stop being so quick to jump the “censorship” card.

      • This is becoming B O R I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

        Are you simply stringing me and Jason along so
        Somebody – – – ANY – FUCKING – BODY – – – keeps posting to your bull shit ? ? ? ? ? ?
        Blame WordPress for no “Reply” key
        Bullshit ! ! !
        Blame WordPress because *my posts* pissadeered.
        Bullshit ! ! !
        Then they miraculously re-a-fucking-peered.
        Bull shit ! ! !

        There are no fucking 79,935 Readers
        Except in the figment of your own fucling muslim mind ! ! !
        There are not even 79,935 fucking Readers just you Ramey, me Julius and me cobber Jazzer.

        Show some PROOF or I am out of here.

      • ramio1983 says:

        The proof is in my WordPress ANALYTICS. It gives me something called a graph and even tells me where my visitors are from around the World. People have read my blog from 134 nations around the world and almost 80,000 individuals have clicked on my blog. This is all PROVEN by my host blog statistics which gathers, retains and provide information on my website traffic. Theres your PROOF Jazzer.

      • Missing from the end of the previous post was

        Either show PROOF of those 79,942 Readers or those 198 Followers
        or I am out of here and leave you to play with yourself – – –
        YES, Ramey I DO MEAN MASTURBATE YOURSELF ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • – – – and a very merry Christmas to you too, Carla Louise.

      What a shame you are following in the footsteps of Ramey.

      I AM CHRISTIAN, baptised David John – – – honest!
      Trouble is my Parents had named me Edward Alfred at birth,
      So to the Govt I am NOT!!! True!

      Julius and Jason and James and Josephine and 666999, and Arthur, and Aisha – – – and
      a further 26 other aliases (I just counted them). True!

      Ramey has now claimed I called him a paedophile –
      Ramey really has a vivid imagination.
      Don’t believe me ? ? ?
      Ask him to show you that post.
      What could be more easy ? ? ?

      You have made six replies to him.
      You now are Ramey’s second highest respondent after myself.
      38 months he’s been posting “Discussions” yet you score his second highest replies!?
      Nobody, but nobody is interested in Ramey vitriolic attacks on Australia.
      Why does he despise our country so much ? ? ?
      My original posts to him were polite.
      My sincere hope then was to see if I could understand him
      and possibly open his eyes to what Australia is really like.
      Since 150 we have gained many many New Australians from just about every country.
      Australia is multi-racial.
      Very few of those New Australians returned to their Homeland disappointed with Australia.
      The assimilated.
      They accepted Australians giving them a name –
      Pommy (English)
      Froggie (French)
      Kraut (German)
      Itie and Spag (Italian)
      But when muslims began arriving they were too high and mighty to be labelled Wogs.
      muslims generally do not want to assimilate.
      That unfortunately is their problem.

      Back to Rami1983:
      My trying to understand Ramey has proved to be a complete waste of time.
      Ramey has decided islam is the correct path.
      I had no intention of changing his “religion”.
      His decision.

      However, I cannot stand by and permit him to make false accusations against myself.
      Even though you have not appreciated my replies to him Carla Louise,
      Should you also be a sincere person – – – asking him to actually prove – just to you –
      that I cast such an abhorrent brand on him – WOULD PROVE 2 U WHO IS THE LIAR ! ! !


      RAMEY CAN NOT because

      RAMEY … K N O W S … that I have not said that word to or at him.

      Yes, I have accused him of being a isil supporter – – – *without proof*

      I used my own impression gained from his posts.

      A genuine Muslim member on WordPress is UNVEILED THOUGHTS.
      I met her online when mindmadeup reblogged one of her messages on his website.
      She and I have exchanged some ***pleasant conversations***
      in which she requested I do not bring either mindmadeup or Ramio1983 to her blog.
      Unveiled Thoughts is a totally assimilated Muslim.

      I … ADMIRE … HER.


      All I ask of you Carla Louise, is to use your brain and question Ramey’s words.

      I am not asking you to BELIEVE my words over Ramey’s words.

      Enjoy the remainder of your Christmas and New Year.

      • carlalouise89 says:

        I have zero interest in what you are saying. Please don’t talk to me again.

        Simply do not bother to read or reply my posts directed towards you.
        My conscience is clear –
        YOU misread a post sent to Ramey –
        NOT ***MY*** PROBLEM ! ! !

        YOU prefer to listen to the bleating of an idiot who
        HATES AUSTRALIA – yet is happy to live here because life is free
        WRITES TOTAL CRITICISM ABOUT AUSTRALIA – yet could return to his homeland.
        (ok, so he :claims to be “born here”
        I can tell you I vote for such and such a political party – DOES NOT mean I do vote for them.
        Ramey uses his skill of dodging actually showing proof of anything..
        How easy enough it would be to show how he has (today) 79,736 Readers
        Yet another increase since yesterday (possibly they came to see you Carla?)


        All I suggest to you my dear is keep you mind open –
        read back on this earlier discussions,
        keep watching, keep questioning and keep looking
        to see WHO, WHAT and IF anybody else is interested.

        I gave you Carla the same courtesy I gave to Ramey in the beginning.


      • ramio1983 says:

        Julius, the fact you have 26 sock accounts proves that you are indeed a psychopath. Why would you want, need or have the TIME to use 26 accounts on blogging websites, let alone take (STEAL) photos of random strangers to fit your false personas. Do you not see how disturbing that is? I am a REAL person that has been consistent with ONE account.

        I do not despise Australia, i have said i love most things about Australia. I love you how you try so, so hard to make me this vigilante Muslim assassin by absolutely fabricating everything. You also claim i “support” ISIS even though i have blatantly, loud and clear state that terrorism is wrong and that ISIS are wrong!

        Carla said on her post that you called me such things, so i was going by her word. Either way, even if you didn’t call me a pedophile you’ve still called me insulting names over and over again in MY forum. How funny for you to come to MY garden (blog) and shit all over it. Have you no manners? I don’t have to tolerate a single post of yours, you’re lucky i haven’t banned your useless ass.

        I cannot wait for the day i deactivate and ban all of your accounts from my blog and you’ll realise all of the things you have said and done were a complete waste of time. Not because i “dont listen” or i dont have an “open mind” but because the majority of what you say are absolutely BASELESS accusations against me with zero, note ZERO evidence!

        You are an absolute tool and an absolute loser. I am a proud Australian ya sucker and i am a proud Muslim with a CAPITAL M just like Christian has a capital too. Do you not think i notice those little swabs you have of my religion. Using “quotation marks” to sarcastically denounce my faith when in fact i have not said one negative thing about YOUR religion.

        Just face the Music, you are an ISLAMOPHOBE and you have a major problem with me and your envy of me is more than clear. Get over me please! 🙂 I most definitely am over you!

    • Just a simple correction Carla my dear.
      You stated:-
      “The Hijab is a woman’s personal choice – just like the burqa and the niqab. Yes, some parts of Islam – like ISIS and the Taliban – use this to suppress women. However, plenty of women wear it because they want to.”
      Have I deleted any part of that? (No, the Indian sari is not connected)
      IT (the head-to-toe Burka) HAS *NEVER* BEEN THE WOMAN’S PERSONAL CHOICE
      Why not try wearing one especially if you live in a hot climate ! ! !
      The islamic male-dominated society
      demands a woman never be seen by any other male
      other than her husband.
      [ I purposely left that slightly incorrect as a visitor to a muslim’s home
      *might* happen to see his friend’s wife’s face when she serves his meals or drinks.
      All other times she remains in the shadows.
      Unfortunately you claim you are not religious, so would not know this:
      In the islamic mosques, women are still the lowest of the low
      (correction higher than Christians – – – otherwise low ]
      Women are not permitted to worship alalala wt their husbands
      but in a lower-basement (???stuffy???) room.
      Work that one out ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      Happy Christmas (a celebration),
      Happy Hanukkah (a celebration),
      Happy Ramadan (a celebration – of four weeks of starvation during daylight hours)

      • carlalouise89 says:

        Just because I’m not personally religious, doesn’t mean I don’t understand religion. I have a degree in religious education and have taught religious education. So you *might* not understand just how much I *do* know.
        There are also plenty of Christian religions that expect the same of women. Some sects follow all aspects of the bible to the T, some don’t. Some Christian religions are like cults. It’s the same with every religion, every where. Someone will always cherry pick what they want to serve their best interests. And others will always follow along.
        Just the other day, Muslims created a protecting circle around a group of Christians when they’d be threatened by a terrorist and saved their lives as a result. Clearly, not all Muslims believe that Christians are “beneath them” – and this is not a one-off event.
        Muslims, in general, do not think Christians are “lower” than them. Nor do they think women are “lower” than them. Yes, you will find Muslims that think Christians are no better than pond scum – but you’re not better. You’re spouting hate and untruths to serve your cause, and you clearly dislike Muslims. You clearly think everything is wrong with their ideology. So you clearly think that you, being Christian, is better than being a Muslim.
        Stop nitpicking the aspects of Islam you don’t like for your own purposes. Otherwise, I’ll return the favour – and believe me, I’m damn good at nitpicking the worst of every religion on this planet.

      Simply do not bother to read or reply my posts directed towards you.
      My conscience is clear –
      YOU misread a post sent to Ramey –
      NOT ***MY*** PROBLEM ! ! !

      YOU prefer to listen to the bleating of an idiot who
      HATES AUSTRALIA – yet is happy to live here because life is free
      WRITES TOTAL CRITICISM ABOUT AUSTRALIA – yet could return to his homeland.
      (ok, so he :claims to be “born here”
      I can tell you I vote for such and such a political party – DOES NOT mean I do vote for them.
      Ramey uses his skill of dodging actually showing proof of anything..
      How easy enough it would be to show how he has (today) 79,736 Readers
      Yet another increase since yesterday (possibly they came to see you Carla?)


      All I suggest to you my dear is keep you mind open –
      read back on this earlier discussions,
      keep watching, keep questioning and keep looking
      to see WHO, WHAT and IF anybody else is interested.

      I gave you Carla the same courtesy I gave to Ramey in the beginning.


  4. Not a criticism of you Ramio1985, nor Carla, but – – –

    A …. CRITICISM … OF …. WORDPRESS …. ITSELF ! ! ! ! ! !

    All good Social Media Websites put replies *under* the questions.
    Not under a long string of other posts.
    As Carla herself pointed out she mistook one of my replys to you as an attack on herself!!!

    Allow posts to be corrected after posting – Not WordPress.
    Allow Photos to be added with a post.
    Allow videos to be added with a post
    Allow “Likes” and “Dislikes” to be scored to a post.
    Allow objections to a post to be printed and ***uncensored*** (within reason).

    Not so with WordPress.
    Ramey deleted replies he disagreed with – – – until . . .


    My word you are an extremely busy person.
    I have just visited your blog on Bluestacks and Twitter, etc, etc.
    How do you have so much spare time to do all those posts?

    Good for you.

    Quite liked your dog, although cannot name its breed.
    We used to have a Springer Spaniel (Whiskey-he was black and white)
    Then there was a Scottish Terrier (Fergus)

    One of you photos was of a lion with the sentiment:
    “No matter how educated,
    or cool you believe you are
    how you treat people,
    ultimately tells all.”

    You are a woman with immense understanding.

    Whoever directed your attention to that other website
    certainly was not doing so
    with your best interests at heart.

    Ramey has shown you a side of himself
    that is definitely his best side.
    Possibly your friend introduced you to him
    is also Ramey’s friend of acquaintance.
    He could have done so with the intention of your becoming better than just friends.


    The thing is my parting words to you above were written with total sincerity for your well being.

    Keep your mind open.

    Changing another of your website posts:-

    A SKUNK by any other name
    would smell just the same.

  6. PS

    I just noticed your top mention:

    Now Rameo1983 – THIS IS ***MORE BELIEVABLE***

    “You are following this blog, along with 198 other amazing people.”
    But, to expect ***ANYONE*** to believe
    little young insignificant Ramey has
    79,901 Readers
    Correct me, Ramey, have a few dropped off???
    I am beginning to lose Pinterest, too.

    • ramio1983 says:

      I love all your silly little puns, have you ever thought about working for the Murdoch papers? That would be RADICAL and TERRORIFIC! 🙂

      • SHOW….PROOF….OF….THOSE….79,935 Readers
        SHOW….PROOF….OF….THOSE….79,935 Readers
        SHOW….PROOF….OF….THOSE….79,935 Readers
        SHOW….PROOF….OF….THOSE….79,935 Readers
        SHOW….PROOF….OF….THOSE….79,935 Readers
        SHOW….PROOF….OF….THOSE….79,935 Readers

        You won’t – – – because you fucking can’t.
        Two of your slightly creditable 198 Followers are Yours Truly ! ! !

  7. See what I mean – – – – – – – immediately deleted ! ! !
    Say hello to Mrs Palmer and her five daughters Ramey.

  8. Mrs Josephine Goddard says:

    Seems Ramey has gone on a sabbatical – – – AGAIN.
    Oh to live in such a country as Australia.
    Not one good word to say about OUR golden sands, our friendly people.
    Unlike /
    Hawaii, eh, Ramey???
    They welcomed you and your family your missus wearing her head to toe abaya, the girls hijabs and boys – well, clothes of course, after all islam is a male-dominated “religion”, isn’t it, Ramey?
    Things are quiet here without your beaming smile.
    By the way – – – your “Readers” continue to increase with today’s total 82,458, but the TRUE figures only make 209!!!!!! Just a few lemmings!!!

    • ramio1983 says:

      You know what- i will take that comment off you. Your simple comment about my “beaming smile”. Shows despite all the hate and anger you got in you-
      there is a sign you saw an ounce of humanity in me. YAY for that! :-). I am still waiting for you to reach out with a REAL account so i could
      get to know you, even if you had a “Nuke Mecca” tattoo on your forehead i am still open to communicating the PROPER way!
      Come on man, lets do it already?


      • dogsdoodle says:

        Just noticed this response from you Ramey.
        What difference would it make if I ACTUALLY DID use my correct name ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
        You would never know it was my correct name
        Anyway YOU, YOURSELF are not using your correct name either ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        There is no way in hell we could become friendlier
        because of you anti-Australian attitude.
        We barely suffer each other at best.
        Whilst that branch of your “religion”
        is beating the shit out of other muslims
        yet you never mention it
        – its insane!




        yet you give me the impression you do not work
        as you are always right here on WordPress
        or galavanting around the globe
        but it is that dislike for Australia that really pisses me off.
        That is why I occasionally throw in the question – – –
        “Why stay here?”

        To me it means
        Because your Father and Mother made Australia their home –
        They worked hard and made a success of themselves becomre well off
        – proving that Australia still is the “Land of opportunity”

        You stay close so as to live this lifestyle and have it financed by their hard work ! ! !

        So now, why not simply answer my latest question – – – is that mmu?

      • ramio1983 says:

        Goodness gracious me. I am still waiting for the day you get a very simple fact that i have repeated over and over and over again. I love Australia. I have mentioned it in my blogs, youtube
        and many other forms of social media. I reiterate how lucky we are to be in Australia for any person that tries to diss the place as some shithole. Yet there is a point of contention i must make.
        I love to talk about topics that are seen as “taboo”. I love to talk about topics that get people talking, like us for example. I only WISH you’d communicate to me as a real person.
        I am not asking for much hey? Either way i digress, our governments and our people (whether white/asian/black/arab/christian/muslim/atheist) do many questionable things.
        I just like to catch up on that and talk about race issues, religious issues, government laws, government alliances, hypocrisy and double standards of the media.
        This is nothing new or refreshing, it could be found today even on our mainstream television (bar the Murdoch outlets).

        I stay here because i was born here and i want to stay here. Simple really. Now as for MMU i have no idea who that person is.
        No idea what they look like or who is even behind that board. Sometimes i will share a blog post of mine with them
        but besides them accepting it we do not actually talk. Sorry to burst your bubble!

        Have a gnite.

  9. dogsdoodle says:

    At times you exasperate me Ramey –
    I ask myself is he worth the trouble?
    Your persona on YOUtube is entirely different to the one you pose here on WordPress.
    Name one of your numerous blogs where you are pro-Australia???
    Most certainly not this item from your pen
    Why I loathe the “Tipping Culture”. Nov 2013
    Australia has all the attributes you shout out about Hawaii – – – you never mentioned them.
    Speak English or Shut Up? Dec 2015
    Why The Current Refugee Crisis Is Everybody’s Problem.Sept 2015
    Why should the World make it their problem? They over-bred. They raised the terrorists.
    Why Bigotry Thrives Under Our Current Government? July, 2015
    Offense VS Freedom Of Speech. April 2015
    The most important thing you should learn is respect for those Australian fighters the ANZACS who gave their lives during the two World Wars (non-muslim). Our men are now even fighting to protect your islamic countries. Not once have you mentioned this fact. Not Australia’s war, so why should Australians fight for them?
    Case Study: Muslims, Media & Terror (Video) Feb 2015
    You try to blame the Press for the news they report. Just because they are muslims creating that news!?!?!?!?!?
    Frying Stephen Fry: Is God A Meany? Feb 2015
    On YOUtube you make yourself out as a comedian
    (not here on WordPress – different face of Ramey!).
    OK. Australians have a sense of humour – sometimes irreverent humour – yet should we make one wise crack remark about islam, Arabs.or your “culture” and you are up in revolt.
    Rita Panahi, You Have A Serious Problem. Jan 2015
    How many years have you been re-bogging this old tale??? Even reblogging and redating the comments!!!
    The Ugly Result Of Mass Hysteria. Sept 2014
    Responding To Tim Blair’s Article On Sydney’s “Muslim Land” Aug 2014.

    At least on this blog:- Places You Must See Before You Die. (Jun 2015) you gave five out of the 10 must-see places from right here in Australia.

    Possibly there is still hope for you yet Ramey.

  10. dogsdoodle says:

    Ramey, why is it you continue to ignore my request as to the POSSIBILITY your cobber Mindmadeup is also the same one depicted in that news item from some time back.
    That is two strikes to such a “peace-loving” “child-loving” muslim!!!
    MIND MADEUP IS ANOTHER muslim LIKE Man Haron Monis

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