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TheFinebros are a popular Youtube channel that have made a name for themselves thanks to their “reaction” type videos, including “kids react”, “elders react” and “teens react”. These men have witnessed a huge success in their channel and views, yet just like the typical tale of greed we see that their latest step in maintaining fame and money has come at a pricey cost!

TheFinebros made a pitch to the World claiming they have an innovating, new and exciting idea called “react world”. Where basically they are creating a special network where people from all around the world can make reaction videos and they’d support and sponsor them. Yet in the meanwhile what the Finebros did was they decided to start a Trademark pitch of which they trademarked and copyrighted certain words and lines on Youtube. These included the word “react” and “kids react” “elders react” “teens react” “parents react” and many many more.

So whilst they have been trying to sell “React World” to be some all inclusive club they have behind the scenes been trademarking words on Youtube which has led to other Youtubers getting their videos banned, copyright claimed and outright blocked worldwide simply for using words such as “react”. Youtube user 8bit Eric has recently come out exposing the Finebros for blocking his videos worldwide. TheFinebros not only took other peoples videos down but also “claimed” partial ownership of them meaning THEY got part of the earnings cut from that users original content.


The Finebros and their “React World” pitch

In short, they are trying to OWN and claim the “reaction” market on Youtube. This is crazy because thus far their plan has been working. Many Youtubers have complained of having their videos blocked and copyright struck when their videos are well within the Fair Use of Youtube guidelines.

Yet the scary thing is not that the Finebros are only trying to takeover the “react” sector on Youtube but also OUTSIDE of Youtube. A short time ago Ellen from the Ellen Degenerous show had a little segment on her show of Children reacting to older technology items. Her “format” on her show was pretty much unrecognizable from the Finebros format found on their channels.

Yet Ellen having this segment on her show infuriated them, so much so that they encouraged their fans both on Facebook and Twitter to go and barrage the Official Ellen page for daring to run a “react” segment on her show- without their permission.


This segment of Ellens’ show outrage TheFinebros who believed she needed their permission for having a “react” segment on her popular show.

This goes to show how far their thirst and greed has processed. So much so that these “Youtube Stars” are threatening high profile celebrities and have the confidence to suppose they have a monopoly on an idea that existed way before they even existed.

You probably think TheFinebros deserve some success, they worked hard to get where they are today and what is wrong with earning something for all the hard work you put in right? Wrong. You see in Early 2012 there was a Youtube channel called Stillcosmos. This channel was by no means “huge” or anywhere as near as popular as the Finebros became. Yet in saying that Stillcosmos had a list of videos titled “Seniors react“. Their format included a senior person, sitting in front of a laptop with the “Seniors react” logo in view and them reacting to a variation of things.


Finebros took to Facebook and Twitter to complain and encourage their fans to banter against Ellen.

At this stage the Finebros had still not entered the “Senior/Elder” market. So what the Finebros did was they adopted, or lets be honest- STOLE the “Seniors react” idea from Stillcosmos and they created their own “Elders React” segment on their own channel, pretty much copy and pasting the format that was first seen on the Stillcosmos channel.

So its bad enough that the Finebros stole this idea from someone else, yet it becomes worse. Way worse. Once the Finebros got a strong grip of the “Elders react” market and continued their expansionist vision they also began to wrestle their competition to the ground and exile them from Youtube.

One of their first victims was the very channel they took the idea from- Stillcosmos. TheFinebros flagged their videos, gave them copyright strikes and put their channel on the path of closure. Eventually Stillcosmos “Seniors┬áReact” disappeared into the Cosmos on Youtube and is no longer part of the community. In the meanwhile┬áTheFinebros continued to claw, gnash and punch their way to the top.



Youtube user “Stillcosmo” created the “Seniors React” idea first. An idea that was taken from TheFineBros who then claimed “ownership” of it and flagged Stillcosmo off of Youtube.

All of this information has become available and the backlash from the Youtube community has been huge. TheFinebros have lost approximately 150,000 subsribers, damaged their reputation and have depreciated their earnings here on Youtube. The community has spoken in this mass protest and TheFinebros have done everything in their power to extinguish it with disingenuous damage control.

There is a huge lesson in this. Always remember where you came from. As i mention in my video Youtube is a community, not a heirachy based business proposition where you can just “buy” segments of it all for yourself. These two men have taken an idea, made it their own and then force others to go THROUGH them to create content they should initially have the right to create in the first place.!


Youtube User “8bitEric” is another victim of the Finebros bully tactics. His videos have been blocked and copyright claimed by the Finebros. Meaning THEY are getting a financial cut for HIS work.

Crazy place, crazy times- right!?
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