Another deadly terror attack in Germany. At this stage it appears a 21 year old Tunisian “Immigrant” by the name of Anis Amri is responsible for the attack. It shouldn’t be surprising anymore as numerous attacks have been made in the country since its President Angela Merkel decided to let in hundreds of thousands of refugees in a completely “open door” type policy. This move alone, from a logistical standpoint is dangerous and irresponsible.

Merkel clearly wanted to be seen as the immigrants version of Mary Poppins and even though genuine refugees certainly did make their way into Germany and many have indeed tried to start a better life for themselves, we come to see that a sizable number of others came with no intent to settle in Germany- but to kill and be killed.

I personally admire Merkels wanting to help genuine refugees, scenes of what Aleppo once was and what it is today is a horrific reality that the World clearly needs to wake up to. These people didn’t ask for war, nor did they ask for their towns and cities to be obliterated or taken over by extremists, they are victims and they do deserve a safe chance, wherever it may be.



Good idea at the time: Merkel’s open door policy is backfiring.

Yet unlike other leaders who are optimistic but cautious about allowing immigrants into their Nations and desire identifiable immigrants to enter their countries on the basis of official documentation and proper accommodation– we have Merkel that allowed such a huge influx of refugees to enter from around the World in such a short span of time, which has led them to live in makeshift tents and streets. It’s an unsightly reality of a President that was not ready to carry the burdens she was about to impose on her people.

Look, i am a proud Muslim and i do fear about the sufferings of my Fellow Muslims in Iraq, Syria and many other nations that are embroiled in war. Besides the destabilization of the Middle East is not the fault of the Syrian or Iraqi people. The fault of the current climate in that region of the World is Western interference and illegal wars – which led to many cracks allowing extremists and other groups to take deadly strongholds.

Yet in saying that the numbers are speaking for themselves, at this point, i do not blame Germans to fear immigrants anymore. I have relatives in Germany and it pains me to say this- and i do not want people to be stereotyped or demonized based on where they are from or what religion they follow. Simply put, people have reason to now be concerned in Germany as Terror is becoming a bigger threat and this threat was theoretically introduced by an irresponsible policy that opened doors to all supposed immigrants, including nations of which are not in current desperate need of a mass exodus, including Anis Amris’ native Tunisia.


The current state of Syria (Aleppo, pictured) is not the fault of the Syrian People.

Now we have Merkel trying to reduce the social tension in her country- tension unseen since World War 2. This was completely avoidable because every country has a right to its National Security and every country has the right to put in place strong policies when it comes to immigration. People will try and take that step too far, including here in Australia by trying to claim that ALL Muslim immigration must be stopped, which is just as extreme a response as Merkels- except on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Is there a way to fix this mess that Merkel has caused? Probably not because hundreds of thousands of supposed immigrants are now on German soil and attacks are more likely especially since the scene on the streets are becoming more hostile. As right wing groups gain plenty of political and civilian ground across Europe it allows the extremists to come out and cite their bigotry as reason to stage such atrocious attacks on innocent people.


Merkel’s policies are giving way for right wing groups to grow and prosper across Europe.

In my opinion Germany needs to stop immigration for the time being, period.
It needs to identify all of its immigrants and if these immigrants have no identification or identity trail and if they come from nations that are not in dire need of mass civilian exile then they should be kindly deported back. Germany has a right to keep its borders safe and it has a right to allow or reject anybody they deem as appropriate or inappropriate. It is such a shame that Merkels good intent in helping refugees by completely opening her door to them has backfired and unfortunately such a decision will lead to Merkel having the door slam back on her come the next election.

Peace, Salam.

  1. Jason Donovan says:

    Because Muslims cannot be trusted –
    Let us surmise that only 1% are Islamic State terrorists –
    (be both know this is an underestimate)
    the remaining 99% being Muslims
    are not prepared to report any of those terrorists to the Authorities –
    I do not give a damn as to their reason –
    those 99% of Muslims are unwilling to dob in a fellow Muslim full stop.
    Not only Germany, but all countries are finding this out now.
    The whole lot of you Muslims,
    regardless of your Nationality,
    came here seeking a better life away from the troubles of your past
    – in your own country –
    yet along with your possessions you packed your country’s problems.
    bringing them to what used to be known as”the lucky country”.
    Why were we considered “the lucky country”?
    Because we only let in a few Muslims –
    at first Afghan camellers,
    then a few arrived in our call for larger migration.
    Then I S was formed and as you well know Ramey,
    the shit really hit the fan.
    Although I will not go so far as to say I have any Muslim friends –
    I know around 5 to 10 Muslims,
    yet not one of them is what anyone could call a friend.
    Three live in close proximity –
    Two cannot speak English even after five years or residency –
    and one them attending TAFE courses.
    The third spoke excellent English yet remained aloof.
    A group held a New Year get-together –
    $10 per head with everything provided –
    Ali passed by within three meters –
    the organiser and two others went to invite him to join us free
    they talked for 15-20 minutes without success
    Ali did not wish ti join in even to say Happy New Year –
    Quote “But is it not a Muslim reason!”
    OK Ramey – two things are going to happen when I press “Post Comment” –
    #1 the post will disappear into the ether never to see the light of day, or
    #2 you will read my first five words “Because Muslims cannot be trusted -” and press delete!

    • ramio1983 says:

      I have approved your post, long time no see, i hope you’re well. I would gladly report a Muslim that i know
      is intending on harming the society i am living in, absolutely. Muslims have foiled terror attacks by others before.
      Also your assessment that we’re all a bunch of sneaky sleeper cells that will hide the ill intent of our fellow Muslims is easily
      dismantled with a report that in the United States at least “The report asserts that Muslim communities have helped foil almost one out of every three al Qaeda-related terror plots threatening the U.S. since 9/11/01. It says this highlights the importance of law enforcement partnering with citizens through community-oriented policing.”

      You cannot simply now say Muslims are guilty by association because this is generalizing, this is stigmatizing that Muslims cannot be trusted, period.
      It is telling society that no matter how good or nice a Muslim is, that it is false, fake and a scam- which is very dehumanizing. In my article i make it clear,
      Germany has a problem with its immigrants, it should stop all immigration immediately and retrace its footsteps to ensure every single immigrant is identified
      and rightfully there (via a necessity of exile) and others from other countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan etc) need to return.

      I have multiple Muslim friends, they all speak English, many of them are highly educated. One has published a book, another is a doctor in Wollongong,
      one of my Muslim mates used to surf and all of my Muslim friends have a wicked sense of humor. So your reality doesn’t create a blanket, despite you clearly
      trying to desperately say that your experience entitles you to manifest that upon all Muslims in Australia.

      Lets not get into another annoying bout of circles, you’ve said your piece and i’ve said mine. Have a good day.

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