You see and hear it all the time, inspirational quotes and memes floating all over the internet inspiring you to “be yourself” yet what exactly does it mean to be yourself and do people really accept you for being you?

There is an internal and external struggle that occurs when one person truly attempts the endeavor to be themselves. The internal struggle comes from self acceptance and seeking your inner genuine thoughts. Do you have your thoughts and beliefs? Do you stand by them? These are important questions.

If you fear your own inner thoughts then we have a problem. Sure we do not have to broadcast everything about ourselves yet when it comes to persistence in character and being able to remain consistent in who you are and what you stand for- there should be no shame nor fear in holding on to what you believe in.


The inner fight is actually being who you are meant to be, not shaped by society or the expectations of others but that internal acknowledgement between your mind and body that speaks to you in a language you understand. When you are doing and saying things counter to your inner self then there is a war waging inside of you.

For example, i am a Muslim and there is a huge stigma that comes with that package nowadays. Often i will be “ashamed” to express that fact and i will attempt to keep my beliefs and thoughts hidden lest i be judged. So then i try to “fit in” with everybody else and that yet again is when the struggle becomes real- you cannot appease everybody else whilst abandoning your true self.

This fight can be said about any human being under any certain context, when they are trying to express themselves but suppress it in order to make others happy- its an unhealthy move that will not pave the way for any fruition.

Now this is only part of the hurdle, the inner struggle to “be yourself” is difficult enough, then comes to external element- how receptive would people be to you truly being yourself? Well the few moments i have been brave enough to tell people who i am and what i am about the searing judgement was at an intense level- the questioning, mockery, suspicion and skepticism was coming.

It was then that i realized- you don’t want me to “be myself” – you want me to be somebody else.! Acceptance is a difficult thing, nobody likes the feeling of being rejected or being the black sheep so often people will alter and adjust themselves to fit comfortably into society.

Why? What is the benefit for you besides living in a mirage? A mirage of false security where you live in a World that wants you to be just like them. ? A democracy where you either “fit in” or become ostracized.

It’s a baffling conundrum but its something i wish to fix on all levels. I am as genuine as i can be but i do things to please others and neglect myself. Many people are truly afraid to be who they REALLY are– no matter who you are out there- find that outlet that genuinely will accept you and take you in for your entire being.

It will be a hard journey where you can be at peace with yourself and everybody else around you but at the end of the day you can live your life as a pretender to make everybody else sleep well at night or you can live your life being true to yourself and allow yourself to sleep well at night. Which would you rather? One sounds much healthier. 🙂

Peace, Salam.





  1. After five long years
    with 92,218 Readers,
    rarely getting a response –
    you are like Mindmadeup
    in actual fact,

    Come on now Ramey
    be perfectly honest.
    There is only me and thee,
    and even I did not have
    the decency to say
    I read your article.

    92,218 Reader, hmmm???

    I don’t expect this will see the light of day, but I’ll try.

  2. Between you and I, Ramio seeing there ain’t no one else around.
    Isn’t it curious how Mindmadeup went home for those 3 months and managed to get back into Australia. Were it myself I would be messing my panties! Yet there he is still lambasting those disgusting Australians (from all nations) who dare speak out about Muslims wearing their head-to-toe. Maybe one of the days you will clue me in on all those “readers” you ***claim*** to have. Have and enjoyable extra long weekend dong whatever you Muslims do except celebrate Christmas.
    Love Aggie.

  3. Ramey, Ramey, Ramey – – – what , no return Merry Something?

    Outside of these columns and your now “92,362 – and increasing daily Readers”- would you by any chance be a professional gambler? I only ask this because you certain;y do keep your cards close to your chest.

    Years ago when I was talking about Mindmadeup it appeared from your answer that you knew him, yet when I mentioned him last time you did not comment. Also there is this anomaly of so many readers and so few comments,

    Bye the bye.

    Despite my opening remarks, I still offer you and your Family all the best for 2018. May this column prosper.

    Love Aggie.

  4. Agnes, I wish you and your family peace for 2018.
    Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I have been quite busy, therefore I only managed to accept your posts for publication.
    As for your question about the 92,632 Readers (now, you will note, has risen once more to 92415 Readers) the answer is simple although its logic complicated. Mediators of Disqus think of a number, double it, add 365 days of the year then triple it once again.
    Regarding Mindmadeup . . . well that is a touchy subject. We are not related, so to be perfectly fair and avoid any disagreements between our individual columns it is better I not comment.
    Peace, Salam.

    See – – – it isn’t so difficult to write a reply – nod, non, wink, wink

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