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So last night i decided to pay visit to my personal favourite spoof News website called Oh wait, that is actually meant to be a reputable Australian news source that is viewed by Millions of Australians and International guests on a daily basis, great.

First thing that caught my eye was the scary image of Jihadi John. The ISIS member from the United Kingdom that was infamous for his brutal beheadings. Yet what was even more frightening than staring at this terrorists eyes was the article headline that read “Chilling letter predicts WW3 (World War 3) with Islam.”

The summary of the article underneath the image and headline read “A scarily accurate letter that predicted World Wars 1 and 2 also claimed that a third global battle would be fought between the West and Islam“.


The article that plagued Australian News sites last night. “Chilling letter predicts WW3 with Islam


First of all you cannot be at war with “Islam” for it is not a monolithic universal entity. The more frightening reality is that the only realistic thing you could be at war with, as subjects, are Muslims- not Islam.

Reading this article shocked me because it was used to evoke fear and this article is dangerous because it already empowers war mongers to become more thirsty for this “predicted war” and it reaffirms to many crazies out there that this “war” is inevitable and the famous US VS THEM mantra will rear its ugly head.

As a matter of fact this US VS THEM ideology is already in full swing– hence such a low brow article is basically fodder to these dangerous people. Yet the most terrible thing about this entire article was that- besides it being simply a tool to stir up more fear and division in a society that is already on the brink– is the fact that this supposedly “accurate letter” that predicts a “war with Islam” is nothing but a hoax and it has been recognized as a clear hoax for at least 5 years now.


Albert Pikes is the supposed late 19th century Author of the “3 predicted wars”.

Yet last night, along with other classy press toilet wipes like “The Daily Maildecided to publish it anyways. That’s right, a known hoax has made it to the front page news as a “scarily accurate” prediction- coming to you very soon!!

This supposed letter was apparently written by Free Mason Albert Pike in the late 1800’s. Apparently this man managed to speak about groups and movements that existed many decades later like “Nazism”. His letter talks about the fall of Christendom, the final battle with Islam and the New World Order. Such dramatic visionary comes with this letter, yet the fact of the matter is there is no prime or formal source of this letter in its original form, it simply does not exist.

All of the quotes from this supposed letter are quotes of quotes of quotes that trail back to absolutely nothing. There is not a single clear cut source for this letter that we could trace back to today, yet our news outlets in the year 2016 believe this is an important news article that the world must know about.

What will always stand true though is that the Governments and the Media are definitely buddies in promoting societal dysfunction and warfare. Considering the current climate we live in now with the refugee crisis, right wing leaders, ISIS and our military involvement overseas the last thing we need are our “reliable” news sources telling us that World War 3 is coming and Islam is enemy #1.



Fear works. Donald Trump is rising in popularity.

Even worse is that this News Breaking article comes with no actual source, trace it back and all you will find is thin air. Something that is vacating the minds of our journalists today, all air- no brains. The sad fact is most people would be too lazy, careless or unmindful to further research such ludicrous statements spread by our news outlets. As a matter of fact such articles could only act as an “I told you so!” to many bigots in our society who already are suspicious and hateful towards their fellow Muslim countrymen and women.

There will be no war with “Islam” and there already is a war with Muslims. A war people like me are fighting every day by correcting our News Sources, who have absolutely no problem with quite literally peddling warfare and promoting the narrative of a “final battle” between Islam and the West.

So protect your men, women and children because apparently World War 3 is coming and Islam is coming for you too! Who told me so? The airheads at that’s who!!


Peace, SALAM (PS- just kidding- cant wait to kill you)


The media are a huge and relatively modern driving force. As a society i feel we underwhelm the facts behind the media and exactly how powerful an entity it is when it comes to pushing opinions and values of all individuals. We may think we have our own “views” on certain topics that come from a free mind, yet you’ll be surprised just how influenced your opinions are thanks to both news and social media outlets.

For example it has recently been revealed and admitted by the Pentagon in the United States and the British Government that they manipulate the Internet – including social media – in order to promote false propaganda and to stifle dissenting information. Unveiled in 2011, the SMISC [Social Media in Strategic Communication] program was regarded as a bid by the US military to become better at both detecting and conducting propaganda campaigns on social media.

The Media Alters Perceptions.

The Media Alters Perceptions.

This shows that the media is an entity that doesn’t only manipulate, but it could also be manipulated by powers at hand. The media is capable of displaying what it chooses to reveal and concealing what it decides to remain hidden or obscure. Despite two stories being absolutely newsworthy we find that the media will “stick” with a certain story by keeping it in the spotlight whilst allowing the other story to be buried in the dust. Would you like an example?

Were you aware that last week (8th of September 2014) there was a Terrorist attack in the capital city of Chile (Santiago)? A bomb blasted outside a busy metro station and cafe injuring up to 20 people. Not only that. Did you know that for the last year, the capital of Chile has had 30 successful and unsuccessful bombs go off within the city? Just think about that for a moment. There have been 30 bombs that have (and have not) gone off throughout a world capital city within the last year. Were you aware of that? Why not.? Well i can explain to you why not.

The terrorists responsible for the Chile attacks were Anarchists and the fact is that Anarchists or “Rebels” do not sell newspapers. Anarchists do not cause fear and hysteria to a mass scale. Anarchists are just not interesting enough and Anarchists are hard for us to generalize. Where has all the media focus been on lately? Ah of course the huge threat of militant group ISIS and their atrocities committed in the Middle East. Their image is plastered so often that they almost become a memorable image. Their balaclava clad faces with their weaponry and black flags of doom.

Inside the September 8th terrorist attack in Santiago, Chile

Inside the September 8th terrorist attack in Santiago, Chile

Then suddenly their actions affect our society. The terror alert level suddenly turns HIGH here in Australia, then come talks of banning mosques, banning burqas and newspaper articles calling Muslims areas extremist “hotbeds” and “ghettos”. and voices have never been louder in advocating mass deportation. Then of course the government introduces new Anti Terror laws that boast a person can be guilty until proven innocent– the complete opposite of a worldwide funamental right. Our society then slowly builds an irrational fear of the enemy , yet as for this enemy the media again, only shows what it intends to, whilst keeping other information in the dark. Let me give you another piece of information you probably didn’t know.

Were you aware that ISIS beheaded at least 2 innocent Lebanese Muslim men the same week that it killed American Journalists Stephen Sotloff and James Foley? That is right- ISIS kills Muslims regardless of them being Sunni or Shiia.Yet there is a reason the media doesn’t rub in our faces the shameful killing of the 20 year old Lebanese national Abbas Medlej. The media is trying to portray ISIS as some Anti Western ideal, when indeed they don’t strictly hate the west, they hate everybody that disagrees with them- both Muslim and non Muslim. 

Muslim Lebanese family mourn their sons beheading by ISIS

Muslim Lebanese family mourn their relatives beheading by ISIS

Then comes the responses by the supposed rational and logical members of the public. People who i admire as friends shock me with their blind sighted response to what they see in the media. The insane irony is that these friends of mine are fighting extremists by themselves advocating extremist groups like the “English Defense League” or the “British Nationalist Party”. Groups that are responsible for violent protests, open harassment of Muslims, blatant and open racism, arson crimes on property like Mosques and people that have openly called for the abuse and violence of certain groups of people.

In response people unwillingly advocate extremist groups like the EDL

In response people unwillingly advocate extremist groups like the EDL

All i ask for you all is to open your eyes and take a step back from this madness. There is a lot of extremist activity occurring in and around the world right now that stretches far beyond Mosul in Iraq. Investigate and do your research and do not believe everything you hear and see when it comes to the media. Remember there is an agenda behind what you see, after a certain while we become unwillingly programmed in our thoughts and ideas- so much so that we unknowingly become our own personal extremists by advocating groups that cause chaos in society to supposedly “restore peace”.

Peace, Salam.

Edward Snowden has revealed a bombshell that is literally rocking the world as we speak and testing relations between supposed International “allies” and the trust issues that may come from this revelation. The United States spy agency the NSA (National Security Agency) has recently been revealed to have tapped the phones of about 35 world leaders, many of which were supposed “allies” of the United States. To understand the extent of this spying a recent example really gives away the expansive network of this spying and how it really effects the globe at a grass root level. In Spain the US agency tapped over 60 million phone calls in one month alone.

US President Obama has been defending his position in trying to proclaim his innocence yet he uses language that indicates a “review” of the NSA spy agency, speaking in a future tense in regards to settling the issue without outwardly and purely denying the spying had occurred or even if he knew about it or not. Besides it is far fetched to believe the President of the United states had “no idea” his National Security Agency was spying on quite literally the entire globe for 5 years, it’d take a gullible Greg to believe that.

The scary thing about this spy program is that it appears nobody is spared, whether civilian or high end respected politician, you are being listened to and monitored by foreign intelligence systems. For example German Chancellor Angela Merkel has had her mobile phone tapped for a number of years and this revelation by Snowden led her to immediately contact President Obama and admonish him for such a breach of privacy. In response Germany has labelled their strong relationship with the United States to be “shaken“.

German chancellor Angela Merkel's is left sour faced after it was revealed the NSA spied on her phone years.

German chancellor Angela Merkel is left sour faced after it was revealed the NSA spied on her phone for years.

Now before perhaps i am labelled a prude about the concept of spying, which i believe to be somewhat a natural phenomenon that occurs around the world, my biggest problem with the NSA style of spying is the excuses that it makes to pardon such detailed and non specific targeting of “suspects”.  I understand, nations have been spying on each other for many centuries and indeed sometimes they even spy on their allies yet usually the level of spying is severely restricted and is only an option that is tangible to a very enclosed network of people who are, for the most part- worth spying on.

Yet the NSA makes a very disturbing excuse in attempting to justify its universal twisted branches of spying that doesn’t discriminate nor does it seem to have any relevant tactical meaning behind it. You guessed it, the “war on terror” was used as a plug to allow such widespread spying and many people are gullible enough to accept such a reason, because lets face it ever since the September 11th Attacks many people have willingly sacrificed their rights and privacy in the name of “security” so much so that people are willing to strip bare to prove to their government that indeed, they are one of the “Good Guys”.

This is further supported by comments made by Republican Rep Michele Bachmann, who supported the NSA’s intense level of spying by playing along with the narrative by saying  “I believe that we need to win the War on Terror.” She continued by stating “It will be those who are seeking to achieve the goals of Islamic jihad who will benefit by putting the United States at risk, and it will be the United States which will be at risk.” Now one must beg the question, how long are people going to milk the “War on Terror”? So long as the fearful public stand behind those patriotic chants then indeed, people will willingly submit themselves to the spy machine the NSA.


Republican Backmann supports spying, it keeps us safe- apparently.

Now let us all deal with the facts on the likelihood of an American dying from a terrorist attack on American soil, well the latest statistics suggests that Honey Bees kill more Americans than terrorists. Not to mention an American dying from a fall is 404 times more likely than dying from a terrorist attack and President Obama himself stated that “The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident” in a recent interview with talk show host Jay Leno. Now to really seal the deal on how unlikely it is for an American to be killed by a terrorist on American soil it appears that on average more toddlers kill Americans than terrorists in the average year, at least if 2013 thus far is worth taking a look at. Time Magazine also placed the odds of an American dying in a terror attack between 2007-2011 as 1 in 20 million.

Forgive how ridiculous this sounds but these are statistics, real numbers and actual facts that people need to do a double take on, because they conflict with our idea of terrorism and it shatters our media frenzied brains that are more than certain that terrorism is a real threat to our lives and security. We know for a fact, there are no wars on honey bees, falls, car accidents or toddlers so the supposed “War on Terror” is like fuel making war with a fire, it is not an instrument to fix the problem but in fact alleviates an issue to an even bigger one!


Newest terrorist in town, the honey bee.

The Notion that people must allow spy agencies to actively pursue all that they do in order to protect them is a gross exaggeration. The fact that the people getting spied on are by no means candidates for terror makes their excuse even weaker. Unless the USA is convinced that their own friends and allies are potential terrorists then they surely have some explaining to do. I understand that a countries security is imperative and that every nation has the right to keep itself and its citizens protected, yet it becomes a puzzle when the citizens and officials of other nations are also being spied upon who tend to have no relation to terror or violence.

It becomes even a bigger issue when people are expected, for national security to give up their rights and willingly accept the fact that they must live in a Big Brother bubble to live a life of security and peace, this is a clear fabrication because as we know it, we are much more likely to die in a whole grandstand of other ways and yet the government doesn’t desire to access our private lives to protect us from them, yet suddenly when the word “terror” comes in to place the government is more than certain that many brainwashed weak minded people will shake at the knees and comply willingly to live in such a way that their life is one big Truman Show.

I think revelations like this break the “Conspiracy” theory away that we are too paranoid about our privacy and that we base very little trust on governments, this turns a supposed conspiracy into fact. The NSA is a spy agency supported by the US government that has spied on sovereign independent nations and its people whether they are held under suspicion of terror or not, whether they are every day people like you and i or high end government officials. It traces calls, reads your emails, follows you to your places of worship and monitors your move and this is no James Bond piece of fiction but is in fact truth.

People Protest against the NSA and their international spying.

People Protest against the NSA and their international spying.

As for Whistle-blower Edward Snowden himself is he to be seen as a true patriot for the American people and their security, or is he a trouble maker that has only further endangered American lives? It depends who you ask, but one thing is for certain, such information is a fundamental right of the people. We as citizens have every right to know who were are monitored by, when and most importantly WHY. Snowden may have helped nations damage relations to the United States but perhaps it was a wake-up call to the world, who are our real “allies”. To me, making excuses for this spy agency is like making excuses for the overprotective boyfriend that searches his girlfriends phone, follows her in his car and interrogates her without an evidence of any wrongdoing, will we support the bully?

I think Edward Snowden is a hero. Unfortunately for many people they enjoy having the wool pulled over their eyes and whilst they have an inkling; a feeling that their governments are on their trail they just don’t want to know. It is comforting for us to believe our governments are doing “something” to ensure our safety and security, yet when that something comes at the price of our own privacy and fringes on our rights then it leads some people to start making excuses for their government. Hence why we see the government using the magic words so soon, we must spy on you and the world because of the “War On Terror”- pardon me but that is so 2002, is it not about time the American Government was honest to its people and the world? Why not just admit that its worldwide spy program is just one to ensure dominance and control?

Did Edward Snowden do the right or wrong thing by revealing this information?

Did Edward Snowden do the right or wrong thing by revealing this information?

The United States has been on a power trip for so long and with rising powers like India (one of the most spied on countries), China and Russia indeed the only security they tend to care about is their own faltering ego. The Eagle is slowly being put back into its cage and this is worrying. It appears it is time to make some new friends (Iran) , shake the hands of old enemies (Russia) and tactfully attempt to stay atop of the leader board all for the sake of “Pride and Joy”. Edward Snowden, according to the government is a criminal who broke the “Espionage Act” who is need of some jail time. To me, the truth hurts, reality bites and one man was capable of bringing a government to its knees in front of its “allies” who are suddenly launching a tirade of anger towards it. The sad fact is the American public has turned on Snowden with many supporting criminal charges against him, yet the question shouldn’t be is “Was what he did Legal?” – instead the question should be is “Was what he did right?” and i’d say YES!

Peace, Salam.

I have been keeping tabs on many news articles within the last year and one that was striking and of course tragic was the very random bus bombing in Bulgaria last year, aimed at Israeli tourists. 5 Israelis were killed, 1 Bulgarian and of course the Caucasian suicide bomber. This terror attack seemed to have come out of the blue and quiet literally whilst the bus was still burning and within a couple of hours, Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hezbollah and more directly Iran by stating “All the signs lead to Iran. This is an Iranian terror attack that is spreading throughout the entire world. Israel will react powerfully against Iranian terror.” Netanyahu  continued. “Iran must be exposed by the international community as the premiere terrorist-supporting state that it is.”

Iranian state TV rejected accusations of the country’s involvement, calling the accusations “ridiculous” and “sensational,” reports the Associated Press.

Either way investigations have been ongoing in relation to the Bus Bombing in the seaside town of Burgas, Bulgaria. Certain things have come to light which are unsettling and bizarrely do not add up and i would like to address them. On the 18th of January 2013 an important update came to light in regards to the bombing. Bulgarian officials confidently stated there was “No Hezbollah link to the deadly Bulgarian bombing“. Please be reminded that the Bulgarian officials (under 3 weeks ago) stated that “the three allegedly entered Bulgaria through neighboring countries using fake identifications.”

Bulgaria's deadly bus bombing killed 5 Israelis and 1 Bulgarian.

Bulgaria’s deadly bus bombing killed 5 Israelis and 1 Bulgarian.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov made a surprise visit to Israel days later to brief Israeli leaders on his country’s probe into the attack, but Israeli officials remained tight-lipped about what was said in these meetings. Then suddenly on the 6th of February 2013- just over 2 weeks after Bulgarian officials stated clearly that there was “No Hezbollah link” suddenly the findings state that there IS a Hezbollah link and an Australian and Canadian (of apparently Lebanese descent) have been accused of playing part in the Bulgarian bombing– what prompted this sudden 180 degree spin on the situation? And why do things still not add up? Even remotely.

Let us look at some important facts in regards to this case. The names of the supposed Australian and Canadian suspects are “known” but are not (yet) being disclosed to the public. The identity of the actual bomber remains unknown even though his DNA samples have been shared with intelligence agencies, adding that no DNA match has been found in their databases. Authorities claim in contradiction that the bomber had not “intended” to blow up- claiming he accidentally blew himself up, or that remotely outside sources did it in chaos- either way he was wired to explode- so to say he had no “intention” to kill himself makes no sense. Why did the Bulgarian foreign minister Nikolai Mladenov make a surprise visit to Israel (after finding no Hezbollah connection) to talk about the case- and why was the information spread between the two kept discreet? Why would so many different people of many different “nationalities” go to Bulgaria to kill 5 Israelis? Why was Bulgaria adamant that the guilty parties in this attack were from neighboring countries then suddenly they were from Australia and Canada?

The suicide bomber. Caucasian. DNA has been extracted- but there is no "lead" to his identity.

The suicide bomber. Caucasian. DNA has been extracted- but there is no “lead” to his identity.

Very importantly and politically speaking why did and does the Israeli government constantly push for the European Union to finally call and acknowledge Hezbollah as a terrorist organistation? Remember The USA and Israel make the claim that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, most European nations do not agree to this claim and withdraw from making such statements. Benjamin Netanyahu said “We hope the Europeans learn the proper conclusions from this about the true character of Hezbollah”. The US  Obama administration & Its Secretary of State John Kerry saidWe strongly urge other governments around the world – and particularly our partners in Europe – to take immediate action to crack down on Hezbollah.”

Almost immediately Hezbollah leaders responded to the supposed findings of the terror attack. The Lebanese Shia group’s deputy leader denied the accusations and said Israel was waging an “international campaign” against Hezbollah. Speaking a day after Bulgarian politicians and European police experts said the bomb plot had “obvious links” to Hezbollah, the group’s deputy leader strongly refuted the accusation.

The Bulgarian report was part of “allegations and incitements and accusations against Hezbollah” driven by Israeli paranoia over Hezbollah’s continued military strength in southern Lebanon.

All these accusations against Hezbollah will have no effect, and do not change the facts” Naim Qassem said, according to Reuters news agency.

Strangely enough these tactics deployed by the terrorists that committed in the Bulgarian attack ring similar to previous attacks made by Israeli Mossad agents outside of Israel like  The 2010 assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, senior commander of the Palestinian paramilitary group Hamas. In the attack that occurred inside a Dubai hotel- Israeli Mossad agents collaborated and worked together using disguises such as fake mustaches, wigs and sporty dress up (tennis gear). They used fake German and British passports and killed with intent.

Israeli Mossad agents have used similar fake identity tactics (above).

Israeli Mossad agents have used similar fake identity tactics (above).

In the case of the 2012 Bulgarian bombing we notice striking similarities between that attack and the Mossad based attacks. In the Bulgarian attack the killer/bomber himself wore a disguise. Glasses (perhaps a wig) and dressed up in similar sporty gear. This killer and the supposed accomplices used extremely fake identification (Michigan, USA) and western passports (Australian and Canadian) and the bombing was planned and executed.
This is not to say that Iranian/Arab terrorists did not commit this attack. It is possible BUT upon investigation of this case you find things simply do not add up. Not much is making sense and the information is jumbled and has change by so many degrees within a couple of weeks. Very scattered information is being relayed to the public, there is much secrecy between the government officials and such a terrible attack has put under the spotlight far too many convenient political statements (Israel/USA pushing Europe to accept Hezbollah as a terrorist network- Israel blaming Iran 2 hours after the attack etc).
A supposed fake I.D used by one of the "suspects?"

A supposed fake I.D used by one of the “suspects?”

In the realm of politics we must be extremely weary, money talks is what i will say. Governments are swayed by greed and corruption and they look after their own interests before the peoples. I refuse to accept the Media and politicians say on this attack until further irrefutable and clear proofs are made our way. Who were the terrorists? Who were the accomplices? Who was the bomber himself? Why despite DNA of the bomber being assessed is he “unknown” and non existent in the database? Why Bulgaria? Why such a huge network for a minor terror role? Why would Iran/Hezbollah take that gamble? Why do we have no information on the bomber that we can see, yet we have more information about invisible suspects?
Why so much parliamentary secrecy between Israel and Bulgaria? Why was it initially said after months of review that Hezbollah had nothing to do with the attack to then have that statement revoked just 2 weeks later? Why is the evidence so scattered and concealed? Why does this attack ring similar to previous Mossad attacks? Why would Iran and Hezbollah deny the action (when they’ve admitted to other things before?)? Why the international pressure from Israel to make Hezbollah an official worldwide terrorist organisation? Could this be a false flag campaign?
Obama Backs Netanyahu on Pressuring Europe.

Obama Backs Netanyahu on Pressuring Europe to recognize Hezbollah as a terror network.

Think before you swallow up every bit of information that comes from media and politics, i am skeptical of this narrative but i am more than open to admit i may be wrong and with further investigation and full clear proof i am happy to claim i am wrong- but in the meanwhile i will keep myself distant from such statements and accusations, i won’t just swallow the pill they give me and neither should you. If you want truth, investigate! If things don’t make sense, it most likely is not true, what is revealed? What is concealed? Who knows. Am i a big conspiracy theorist for not buying a story that makes no sense? Question.
Peace, Salam.

The Israeli-Gaza conflict has recently exploded the last few days with the two coming close to a blown out war, including plans for Israel in infiltrate into the ground, whilst dropping leaflets to the Palestinians in the region.  Thus far up to 20 Palestinians have been killed and so have 3 Israelis. Rockets have been firing to and fro the region with both sides technically blaming each other. If you have paid attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict you will see that this is nothing new, in fact the wheel has spun 360 degrees and we’re back to the breaking point, the current trend is nothing more than a cycle caused by stagnant progress and no resolution to the conflict between the two.

We need to look at the lead-up to such tensions and how this war will never end unless we see change. Amnesty International states in an October 2012  article that Israels Gaza Blockade is still operational (after 6 years) and still violating human rights. The 1.6 million Palestinians of Gaza have lived under an Israeli military blockade that has left more than one million Palestinians dependent on international humanitarian aid. The blockade also affects life in Gaza in other terrible ways.  As  reported in 2012, “Israeli authorities hindered or prevented hundreds of patients from leaving Gaza to obtain medical treatment.”  And Gaza workers and students find it all but impossible to leave the territory to pursue jobs or education elsewhere, even in the West Bank.

Missiles land into Gaza. Rockets paint the sky between Israel and Gaza in escalating violence.

The truth is despite weak “cease-fires” and temporary “truces” the two are constantly at each others throats and attacks have continued for years. Yet one must beg the question, when you look at the state of Palestine and the Palestinians we see an impending frustration but for the most part they are defenseless themselves and the attacks are mainly caused by “Hamas”- the political party that vows to protect Palestine. The general population of both nations would love peace, but peace does not come with simple words that drag out for years, where next to nothing is actually happening. Peace comes by being willing to compromise, question your own standing and reach out and make changes.  Imagine the frustrations of the Palestinian plight when we see that the blockade has reduced their quality to life, not to mention Israel going ahead with illegal settlement building that is steadily expanding its own borders.

Benjamin Netanyahu was speaking during a visit to Gilo after Israeli approval for the construction of 800 Jewish homes there sparked a sharp condemnation from EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton. Israel captured Gilo in the 1967 Mideast war from Jordan. Then it annexed the area to Jerusalem in a move that has not been recognized internationally. This example is not a Palestinian issue but really shows the significance in the Israeli cause to expand in any given opportunity and not having much care about the International community at large.

It also doesn’t help the Israeli cause that a recent poll conducted October 24th 2012 and published by “The Age” reveals that many Jewish citizens of Israel support discrimination against Palestinians, with 69 per cent advocating preference for Jews over Arabs in government jobs and 74 per cent in favour of segregated roads in the West Bank. The survey, commissioned by a private foundation, the Yisraela Goldblum Fund, revealed what past polling had suggested – that Israelis “accept the policies of separation“, said Dahlia Scheindlin, a public opinion analyst based in Tel Aviv.

Media reports Israel is acting in self defense- despite knowing the struggles of the Palestinians living in occupation and segregation.

Yet we must remember such polling cannot and will not account for all of the people, as only 500-600 people were polled. I will not, and never will curse every single Israeli or every single Jew based on mere opinion polls. Israel DOES have a right to defend, yet it must go on the offensive only to those committing an offense and the people of Gaza for the most part, and the Palestinians themselves are not doing anything to deserve unbalanced retaliation attacks. We hear though from the United States and other nations that Israel has a right to “defend itself”  and that no country should tolerate such random rocket attacks, yet one must beg the question- does the same calling for justice echo for the Palestinian people? What about their right for self defense? When Palestinians are having their olive farms destroyed by neighboring Israeli settlers… or When Palestinians are having their cars smashed in by rocks thrown by Israeli settlers… or When Israelis throw Molotov Cocktails at Palestinian taxis…or When spray paint that reads “Gas The Arabs” is sprayed by settlers in a Qurtuba girls school in Hebron… or When disturbing video is released of an Israeli war Museum where kids are saying “A dead Arab makes me happy” one must ask….When is it alright for the Palestinians to defend themselves without being branded as violent criminals  and terrorists? This isn’t propaganda, this is really happening.

Bottom line is this, the stagnant nature of any peace process is part of the problem. We must understand that things need to change in that region and that their fruitless gimmicks and word games need to end. Civilians should never be part of a war that is fought between two political entities that are eternal enemies. Unlike many of my Muslim counterparts i will not call for the destruction of Jews, Israelis or anything like that for that matter. I still believe that most people from both ends would much rather live in peace, than live in fear every day. Yet i feel that people need to understand the Palestinian position more before branding them as terrorists, they are a people that are walled into a tiny area, who have their goings and comings monitored, who have restricted medical, social and employment opportunities and who face opposition and discrimination almost daily. Yes, i know the hatred goes both ways but with every actions comes a reaction and when people have their wings snipped there is no way they can say nice things to those who carry the nippers.

20 Palestinians and 3 Israelis have died thus far in confirmed reports.

Any people under such occupation, restraint and humiliation would be angry and would retaliate, but the sad thing is the media does not see the Palestinian frustrations as retaliation but aggression- which is relatively ironic seeming it is the Palestinians that are occupied. A drastic change needs to be made, whether it is a change of power, change of resolutions or even a change of connections. As all this suffering goes on and continue to goes on we learn it’s not what you know but who you know. Many nations that promise to care for the multitude of the Palestinians turn away from them. Nations fear speaking out against Israel thinking it will crumble relations and security. Many nations have an unbreakable “allegiance” to Israel which oversees the many International controversies conducted by them. At the same time you have Arab nations that are allies to the United States who would rather the economic and social comforts of such a relationship than helping their brothers and sisters in Palestine. The injustice is relatively telling. The media is already echoing the Israeli accusation of “Pallywood” – claiming that Gazans are faking deaths and injuries to get sympathy.

This “desensitization” program won’t work with me. In the midst of chaos and an explosion (buildings are on fire all around them) it is quiet common for men to carry people around and away from the fires. In the case of the above video what if the man had fainted? Or felt faint? It is very easy to combat these accusations that Palestinians fake their own deaths and injuries by giving you a disturbing truth: how about this image of Jihad Mashawari – a BBC journalist holding the body of his dead 11 month old son Ahmad,  following an Israeli attack on their house on November the 14th. Are his emotions not real enough? Is this another “play”. I hope that baby is good at “playing dead“.

Accusations by the west and Israel of Palestinians using “Pallywood” (acting for sympathy) is damaging the actual heart and truth of this war &  is a product of “desensitizing” to ignore the suffering of the Palestinians.

I just want the sick cycle to end, and it never will unless something drastic happens. We must remember that a full blown war would be rather catastrophic, especially knowing Israels disproportionate “retaliatory” attacks. Do we forget when Israel decided to do a “full blown” attack on Lebanon in 2006 it resulted in the death of over 1,000 civilians? When you look at satellite imagery of Beirut before and after Israels “retaliation” for the capture of a handful of Israeli solders (and the death of one)? Such a war on a compact, tight and penetrable area like Gaza would be catastrophic, no matter how many leaflets you drop- the Palestinians have NOWHERE to go.

Israels disproportionate attack on Beirut in 2006 – The city before and after the “all out war” of which it plans with Gaza which will be on a much more critical scale. (Click on image for Animated GIF)

I hate the concept of war and i am more Pro-Palestine than i am Pro-Israel but it has nothing to do with my background, but it has plenty to do with the facts that have been displayed and the international outcry against many of Israels policies and aggression against other nations like Iran. The condemnation coming today is telling Hamas to halt their rocket attacks, yet has anyone ever thought if the occupation ended, if the aid blockade to Gaza ceased and if genuine peace talks were in place would we then see a change? It hasn’t been tried before. Call me crazy but could i be equating a halt to rocket attacks perhaps once there is a halt to the occupation? It’s  as easy as 1+1 but most are dissatisfied with such a simple calculation.


Just recently it has been revealed that the United States wants to build a Spy Drone base in Australian territory.
The Cocos Islands just north of the mainland are a gorgeous and unique environment with pristine beaches,
tropical settings- a serene quietness  and its tiny population mind you are mostly Muslims.

Little is regarded at how the locals would feel
knowing their island paradise is to turn to a noisy base for US spy planes. Australian prime minister Julia Gillard is not
ruling out the opportunity – of course not seeming the brown nosing that woman has done for a certain Obama.

As this is happening lately the United States and Iran have been having sparring matches with each other,
yet one thing that we must make clear is that intimidation wont win you any friends. As much as i love the
American people and many of its values i have to say that the policies in that country are abysmal.
What other nation in the world could get away with harassment, bullying, sheer intimidation and a
crawling sense of threats? When you look at American Bases in the region around Iran it is more than
clear who is intimidating who- maps show the US bases almost circumnavigate the nation.

Americas support for Israel seems to distract it, considering the only actual attacks thus far have
been within Iran- remember when some of its top scientists were recently blown up in their own
countries by what appears to very likely be Israeli Mossad agents? Terror has occurred in Iranian land
already, if such a thing happened in the United States- we would be assured bombs would be falling.

I am over the American superiority complex…look we get it- you are a nation that is proud,
the land of the free and the brave. Yet your foreign policies and intimidation tactics are worrying,
not only are they worrying for the Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans & others- it is worrying for your own nation.
When you see your own protestors taking over the streets, when you see weeping widows holding up
portraits of their men killed for these previous wars- it is clear that a brand new war with Iran would
only equal hell for all parties involved.

I say let us push back this “super power” and not fear a loss of relations if we don’t live up to its
every demand. Let us say “No!” without fearing that they would not have our backs if we needed them.
Australia needs to be independent and think for itself. Why would we support Spy Drones here in
the Southern Pacific? Who is there to spy on? Why are they spying on them? Do we not ask ourselves
these questions and doesn’t suspicion cloud our minds?

Sorry America but intimidation wont win you friends, it only creates enemies not only abroad but
also enemies within. Enough with the bullying and taunting, no nation likes to be smeared; trodden
and left to hang in shame to the public.

My Auntie came back from Iran over a year ago and she said it was an amazing country. The people
were hospitable and ever so warm, the culture was unique and different and despite its many
flaws it is not hard to imagine why we have such a warped image of a country we know so little about.

Wake up people.!!

Peace- Salam Alaykum