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Mistakes…something we all make in our lives. I am one that has fallen in some really deep stuff and have done some things i regret immensely. Did i learn from these mistakes? For the most part indeed i did, and certainly i think that is the case for most people. It is true that trial and error is exactly what shapes us to eventually be better people- yet there is something i have noticed. 

The position of us being “imperfect” and “only human” appears to be an excuse for us-  whatever wrong we will commit to already has a back up plan, surely the scripted response to our own actions is already laid out on the table, besides “We all make mistakes, right?”. Well lets not state the obvious, yes we are human and we are prone to error- yet for me this is a lazy excuse and a convenient saying of which what we do ends up baring next to no responsibility and our actions are masked by our vulnerable state of mind.

Before you do something that you know will wrong yourself; or others for that matter…think about it for a minute. Do not fall back on the comfort of being imperfect. Instead we should focus on our strengths and potential for being amazing beings by stopping ourselves before doing something damaging to ourselves or other people- indeed this is the most honorable way. We become too complacent and rely on our human status as being imperfect beings and expect forgiveness as a default for making a “mistake”.

If doing wrong only makes you a human, what does stopping yourself from doing wrong make you? A SUPER human! So why don’t you become a super human? Yes, i realize we are all imperfect beings and we all make HONEST mistakes, yet something tells me most mistakes we make are not honest- nor innocent..yet they are decisions we make knowing that the excuse for “imperfection” will always be there to save the day…

Well not today my friend.

Peace, Salam Alaykum