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Now before people take the title of this post the wrong way i want you to read into it further and why i state that “Gay marriage does not concern me“.  Recently President Obama lit up many peoples hearts and hopes by stating that he “supports” Gay marriage- yet to me this is something that is said to simply please an audience and its surrounds- he knows the words are empty because unlike Australia where the law is federal and would apply allover- in the United States it is only supported as per state and each state is not subjected to a forced “Gay Marriage” allowance- hence Obama does not stop states that do not support gay marriage.

So he may claim he “supports” it day and night, he knows the end decision is made by the state and not himself, hence he could sing any song to win votes yet personally i am not buying it. Now as a heterosexual male i don’t feel an immense urge to support or condemn the situation around gay marriage. I am not a part of that community, though i must say that ANY group that feels discriminated against and is fighting for a right they believe to be theirs, then GO FOR GOLD!  Yet i am not in their position, i cannot relate to how they feel- full knowing i can and will marry.

Yet do not expect me to march in rallies, nor expect me to be extremely vocal about it either. I support you and your right to fight oppression and in that aspect i am entirely with you, yet the cause you fight for is a cause that i am not a part of- just as much as i don’t expect a gay man to rally against Islamophobia, i hope i am not expected to protest against homophobia- though i have to proclaim i am entirely against the irrational fear of ANY people whether it be based on their race, religion or sexual orientation.

Gay Marriage doesn’t concern me because i do not believe the government has any right to govern what people do with their own bodies and lives– i find the whole notion of the government controlling all aspects of our lives to be rather sickening. If i were to count the amount of unjust things our governments get away with i would be rallying every day, i just feel these people have no right to dictate how we live our lives- whether secular or religious, we own our own bodies and what you do with your body is none of my business.

Hence by me being active in the rights of gay marriage it becomes my business and i feel that i have no right to speak for, support or encourage gay marriage– though i definitely don’t speak against it either nor mistreat people for being homosexual. I feel the gay community SHOULD fight for their rights that they are passionate about, because they are fighting against the same government that sanctions many more injustices and discrimination- so i can urge the people WITHIN that community to do whatever they feel is right, and if gay marriage is something they believe they have a right to- then go for it, but i assure you that the fight is in David and Goliath terms.

What i dislike is how people assume that just because i don’t personally encourage or condone homosexuality that i am homophobic- that is entirely wrong. As cliche as it sounds i work with many, many wonderful people and their sexual orientation does not bother me, nor does it get in the way of respectful and friendly dialogue. I just dont think the “with or against us” culture is one that is healthy– for some topics we should be allowed to sit on the fence and observe, i am with the homosexuals in their fight against oppression yet the cause is none of my concern so i will sit and wait it out- the outcome is in the power of the homosexual community, not mine.

Peace, Salam Alaykum