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As i was working out at the gym today the News Screens flashed at me from all main Australian Broadcasters. It revealed two Muslim women from the group called “Hizb Ut Tahrir” having a discussion about if and how it is justified for a man to physically hit his wife or not. In the video the two women talk about different interpretations of a certain verse in the Qur’an and they take out a Siwak (toothbrush) and tap each other with it to indicate this is the “beating” that is accepted, though not encouraged according to some Islamic opinions.

The video made all mainstream news and as i was working out i did indeed shake my head at this moment because it seems that Muslims are often the ones that shoot themselves in the foot by having such discussions and leaving the grounds of interpretation open far and wide.

Yet in a way, it’s actually good that this video was released and the Media published it because, let’s face it, we as Muslims and Islam as a faith already have a deplorable reputation and that bar could barely be raised any lower sadly, but at the same time it has opened up a discussion and dialogue about a huge problem, not necessarily in the Muslim community but in the Australian community at large, and that is domestic violence.


The video in question of two women in Australia discussing if wife beating is permissible in Islam.

Now theologically, without a shadow of a doubt, beating your wife, or in fact anyone for that matter is absolutely unacceptable and a widely condemned action from an Islamic standpoint and this is the important crux of the discussion because all we are seeing right now are superficial opinions and snippets of dialogues that scrape the surface of this troubling detail.

What we need to do, or i need to do for that matter, is get to the core of the matter and we must examine, if indeed this action of “wife beating” is an accepted practice of Islam- the religion- and if i can convince you that it is not, then we can clearly make a distinction on whether or not this person is acting in accordance of not only the laws of his religion but also the laws of the land that he lives in and in this case we’re talking about Australia.

Now let us start with the verse in Question, which is found in the Qur’an. Chapter 4, verse 34.  “Men  are the supporters  of  women   by  what Allah has  given  one  over  the  other  and what   they  spend  from  their  wealth.  So  righteous   women  are  obedient,  guarding  in absence what Allah would  have  them  guard.  But those from  whom you  fear  rebellion  –   advise  them;  forsake  them  in  bed;  and (finally) strike  them.  But   if  they  heed to you  ,  seek no  means  against  them.   Indeed, Allah is  ever  Exalted  and  Grand.

The verse in question from its origins has been open to much interpretation, confusion and dissension upon Islamic scholars and believers alike, yet this verse as a standalone doesn’t carry with it enough information on whether this language is that of symbolism or one of absolute literal instruction. The Hadith literature that at times further clarifies some of the more ambiguous verses of the Qur’an can shed more light on certain topics and this topic of “wife beating” is widely covered.


Does the Qur’an and Islamic literature really indicate to beat your wives?

What we now need to do is observe if the founder of Islam, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) followed the above instructions literally, did he hit his wives? Did he endorse hitting women? If he is a role model on how a man should treat his wife and if he was the living, breathing and walking Qur’an – we must then assume that if the above verse was literal, that he would then indeed beat his wives.

Our first piece of evidence comes from one of Muhammads wives, her name was Aisha. This woman later came to be a massive collector of Hadiths (sayings of Muhammad) that have been preserved for the last 1300 years. In one Hadith that is actually rarely cited we see something that is very clear cut and absolute. She states in the Hadith Below:

Aisha reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, did not strike a servant or a woman, and he never struck anything with his hand.

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2328, 

Not only that, Muhammad himself convinced a woman not to marry a man because he had a reputation of beating women. She had three men make proposals to her and Muhammad helped her measure up who would be the most suitable. One man was poor, the other was a wife beater and the third was pious. It was stated:

Allah’s Messenger said: So far as Mu’awiya is concerned, he is a poor man without any property. So far as Abu Jahm is concerned, he is a beater of women, but take for marriage instead Usama b. Zaid. (The Pious man)

Source: Muslim, Book 009, Number 3526:

When a companion of Muhammad approached him and asked how he should treat his wife, Muhammad responded with a very simple and clear instruction.

I went to the Apostle of Allah and asked him: What do you say (command) about our wives? He replied: Give them food what you have for yourself, and clothe them by which you clothe yourself, and do not beat them, and do not revile them.

Source: Abu Dawud, Book 11, Number 2139:

Yet one of the greatest evidences that beating is clearly not allowed or mandated in Islam is a historical event that occurred with Muhammad and his wives. There was a situation that ensued where Muhammad was dissatisfied with his wives, they were charged with jealousy amongst each other and conspired against their husband in order to “get even” about certain woes they felt in regards to their relationship. Clearly, if Muhammad had the green light in his book to “beat” his wives for “disobedience” then this would have been the perfect opportunity for him to recite this verse and then get physical!

Yet this never happened. This particular event was called the “Incident of I’la”.

Thereupon, he vowed that he would keep away from his wives for a month in order to show them that the worldly life was unimportant for him, to teach them a lesson, to decrease the jealousy among them and to measure their love of and loyalty to him.

After this vow, he started to live in the arbor called Mashraba. This was a small humble room with a straw bed, a pillow stuffed with bark and his food items were barley and water. His companions were convinced he had divorced his wives and they wept at his poor form while indicating the high figures of Persia and Rome lived like Kings.

Yet this was his way of dealing with supposed “disobedient” wives. He had already advised them and spoken to them, he then separated himself from their beds for an entire month and he did not lay a single hand on them before, during or after this event.

Source: Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 63, Narration 212


In Australia 56 women a year are killed in domestic violence disputes.

So given the above information we can clearly see something is amiss. If the Prophet of Islam and the verbal communicator of the Qur’an never beat his wives, then how is it possible that this verse can be taken literally? This is why a Muslim man who intends on following their Prophet in his treatment to his wives should live by his ideals, which was NOT to beat them- ever! Muslim men that use this verse in their holy book to legitimize them beating their spouses are not only cowards, they have a clear and negligible misunderstanding of their own faith and their own Messenger.

Not only is this abhorrent and debasing action clearly unacceptable within the context of religion, it is clearly unacceptable within the society of which we live in. In Australia domestic violence is a major issue. According to the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre :

“On average at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner in Australia. One in three Australian women has experienced physical violence since the age of 15.”

These statistics are alarming, it indicates that in Australia alone 56 women are KILLED in domestic violence incidents yearly and a staggering one in three women has experienced physical violence from the age of 15. That is approximately 4.5 million Australian women.! 

So let us not pretend this is a “Muslim issue” and let’s not make it a Muslim issue as the media seems to be stipulating that domestic violence is an ESPECIALLY Muslim problem, it most definitely is not and the majority of the domestic violence cases in Australia are not being conducted by men reading Quran 4:34.

In Australia it is illegal to beat your wife, period. It is a highly intolerable action that should be dealt with in accordance to the law, yes the Australian law. Protections are already in place for women that encounter domestic violence encounters and they should utilize them, whether they are Muslim or not.

Muslim women that are dealing with abusive husbands should remind them of the examples above, inform them that their treatment against you is not in accordance to the Messenger of Allah and make it clear that if they are believers and want to replicate Muhammads treatment of their wives to their own lives that they should not, and cannot beat you!

I hope you have read this article and gained a better understanding on how and why this problem exists not only Worldwide but also within the Muslim world. All of my sources are Authentic Islamic sources that are verified and accepted by all mainstream scholars of Islam. I ask my fellow Muslims to please discuss this situation while the heat is still on.

People are on TV boasting about wife beating and making excuses on how some elements of wife beating are okay and it clearly enables others to navigate their way through to domestic violence when all of my examples show, without a shadow of a doubt, in clear language that Muhammad never hit his wives.

Today is our day to speak out and highlight to the media, to the wider general Australian public AND to fellow Muslims that we do not accept wife beating in our theology, hence in our lives. We reject it and we are law abiding citizens that stand by the laws of our land and our religion.

Peace and blessings be upon you.



So after a long and tiring day at work i decided to visit my favourite love/hate site titled “”- this site of course is one branch of the entire Australian (and international) News Corp community, where every day folks in suits believe they are being enlightened and kept “in the know” to the latest news and events.

As soon as the webpage loaded, BANG! There it was. 1940’s style Nazi type propaganda- and i am not kidding you. The fact that this article was FRONT PAGE on the website made my skin crawl and hairs rise. I mean i know the Murdoch papers hate on my “folk” (aka The Muslims) all the time- but this was a whole new can of worms.!

“Ex-Muslim calls for end of Islam The front page headline read. Whereas the exact same article was shared on The Herald Sun with the title “In Islam they are ALL Rotten Apples“. The article was written by supposed Ex Muslim Somali woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is the famous author of a book titled “Infidel” and her upcoming one is “Heretic” i wonder what the third title will be…”Outcast” perhaps?

News limited ran this front page cover story "In Islam they are all rotten apples"

News limited ran this front page cover story “In Islam they are all rotten apples”

She is now a self confessed Atheist that has a huge problem with Islam, yet that is not my problem. Her language has diverted AWAY from the religion itself and now targets the PEOPLE– The practitioners and believers of the faith, such as myself and the other 1.7 billion Muslims around the world and yes, now it is getting personal.

Upon reading her front page article on this News Site i was absolutely sickened by the language within it. The fact that the Murdoch led News Agencies saw this as a FRONT PAGE story to pimp out the further sales of her book at the expense of all Muslims was beyond me and no i am not being overly dramatic, i seriously mean all Muslims. In her article Ayaan Hirsi Ali states:

The assumption is that, in Islam, there are a few rotten apples, not the entire basket,” Ali tells The New York Post.I’m saying it’s the entire basket.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an activist, author and opportunist!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an activist, author and opportunist!

Now let me be upfront, i am first to admit that there are Muslims that are “rotten” and do the wrong thing. There are in fact rotten apples in all trees/communities. Yet for her to make such a disgusting sweeping generalization about 1/4 of the Worlds Population is absolutely disgraceful and yes- it offends me beyond belief. Now is the time for me to defend myself from such pompous vulgarity against this so called “activist” and “writer”.

NO Ayaan, i am not “rotten” in any way, shape or form. I am an intelligent, distinguished, well mannered and all around beautiful individual who follows the faith of Islam. In fact the majority of Muslims that i and most others know would fit in and around the same category. Well, that was easy to debunk so let us move on to some more of the shocking things i found in this Nazi like campaign. Actually before i do that, Imagine if any News publication in this day and age put up headlines reading “In Judaism they are ALL rotten apples” and actively calling for an “End To Judaism”. It wouldn’t happen, nor would it be acceptable.

The News article goes on to state “Today, she is that rare thing: a public intellectual who, despite death threats and bigotry, calls for an end to Islam — not just as the faithful know it, but as we in the West think we know it.

Ayaan has obsessively and continually made numerous books about Islam and Muslims.

Ayaan has obsessively and continually made numerous “best selling” books about Islam and Muslims.

What do you mean an “End To Islam” News limited? How on Earth can you just “End” Islam.? That in and of itself is a ludicrous statement yet the most frightening thing about such writing is that people actually think such a thing is possible, which is when the “Ban Wagon” as i like to call it, comes out. A bunch of uneducated bigots flood the News Limited Facebook pages with suggestions about “Banning Importing Muslims” and “Banning Burqas” and “Banning Halal” and “Banning Mosques” and “Banning Qurans”. As i said, such language has not been so rich and loud since 1940’s Germany and the vocalization is sadly getting louder!

Ayaan then goes on to Clump Muslims into Three groups- like its not bad enough we’re already clumped into one (negative group). She dissects us into three. Basically we are either fundamentalist, enablers or plain stupid. Again, i do not give you the authority to label me Ayaan, i am who i am and i do not fit into the mold you try to force on to me. She claims “Moderate Muslims” do not exist and goes on to say:

““It’s totally useless. I think we’re in a time now where we demand answers from Muslims and say,
Whose side are you on?
’ ”

Ayaans attitude promotes the "ban wagon" people who actively believe Islam could be stopped or cease.

Ayaans attitude promotes the “ban wagon” people who actively believe Islam could be stopped or cease.

Wow Ayaan, that is totally original. Trying to push Muslims into a corner and force them to either do as you say or then be thrown into a nasty label. As i said earlier- Muslims “speaking out” does not work. How do i know? Well the countless amounts of research i have done shows that Muslim leaders, scholars, imams, communities and individuals have been condemning extremist actions for a long time. Yet it doesn’t change opinions, why? Because people aren’t listening Ayaan!

Now who is this woman that is judging such a big bulk of the Worlds Population? First of all is she a source we can trust? No, not at all. Ayaan is a well known liar, this is not me simply being an ignorant fool that cannot take criticism of his faith. Anyone could research Ayaan Hirsi Ali and find out that she fraudulently filled out information when applying for her Visa from Somalia to the Netherlands.

Ayaan makes the predictable statement that Muslims need to "speak out" or face labels from society. Muslims speak out but it makes no difference, like this demonstration in Spain against Terror.

Ayaan makes the predictable statement that Muslims need to “speak out” or face labels from society. Muslims speak out but it makes no difference, like this demonstration in Spain against Terror.

She not only lied about her name and age but she also already cried victim by claiming she was escaping from a “forced marriage”…A claim which is evidently false when news anchors visited her home village. Ayaan lied to immigration authorities by also claiming she was escaping a “war zone” when further research revealed she lived a comfortable and secure life in an Upper/Middle class suburb in Kenya. Ayaan was then about to get kicked out of the Netherlands for her fraudulent story and then made a move for the United States.

Early signs prove this woman was an opportunist and believe me, she still is. She takes full advantage of the fact that Westerners are intrigued by Islam and Muslims. They tend to buy books about so called “survivors” of Islam who come out bigger, better and bolder on the other side. Book covers of oppressed looking women with veils and dramatic titles tend to draw our attention. Little do we realize Islamophobia is a big money making business and if you intend on getting rich with the full backing of the corrupt media then this is the direction you’d want to go.

Ayaan is going in this direction full steam ahead and forgive my analogy here but Ayaan is the call girl whilst Rupert Murdoch is her pimp. Titles such as “In Islam they are all rotten apples” and “Ex Muslim wants to End Islam” is not about social cohesion and community harmony, it is about division and chaos. Such articles are all about increasing her book sales whilst also demonizing a massive amount of the Worlds Population and somehow the Media gets away with this rhetoric. Language that is identical to the language used in Nazi Germany to vilify the Jews- yet at least nowadays the Jews are protected with many strong Anti Semitism laws, yet where are ours? Why is no one coming to defend our humanity in the year 2015!?

The Murdoch Papers fearlessly publish Nazi Style Generalizing that hasn't been seen since Nazi Germany.

The Murdoch Papers fearlessly publish Nazi Style Generalizing that hasn’t been seen since Nazi Germany.

The article continues “With Heretic, Ali is calling on those Muslims who reject jihad, acts of terror, and the subjugation of women and infidels to organise, to challenge, to speak out loudly and often against violence committed in the name of Allah — and she is calling on the West, to actively demand it.”

Wait a minute Ayaan. I thought we were ALL rotten apples and “Moderate Muslims” do not exist. Why are you even bothering us? We are a lost cause aren’t we? According to your own twisted calculation we cannot be saved. So please, stop trying to save us and change us. We cannot save ourselves and the “West” cannot change us. In essence everything you talk about makes absolutely no sense.

Just to clarify...I am Muslim and i am BEAUTIFUL- not rotten. :-)

Just to clarify…I am Muslim and i am BEAUTIFUL- not rotten.

Everyone is well aware that the Muslim population and community is currently in peril due to many reasons, some unique and domestic whilst other reasons are deeply complex and are an international problem. Yet one thing we must learn is that Labels do not work, they obviously stick- yet they do not work. You are in no position to stick a label on my head and tell me what or who i am, yet alone do it to the other 1.7 billion Muslims on this planet. Parts of the Muslim world need “change”, yet If you want to support change, you support us, include us and make us feel wanted and active in this community called Earth. You cannot expect change or positivism when you label a population “rotten.”

I think the only thing that is rotten is your agenda Ayaan, it’s time for a fresh change.

Don’t buy this fraudsters book.

Peace, Salam.