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Peter Dutton is Australias official Immigration Minister and has recently come under fire for some of his statements about immigration in this country. He recently spoke out in parliament being very critical about former Prime Minister Malcolm Frasers decision in the 1970s to allow an influx of Lebanese and Muslim refugees from “rural areas” into Australia because the newest generation of Lebanese Muslim youth appear to be terrorists or conspirators of terrorism.

Now before i am found guilty of quote mining and misrepresenting Mr. Dutton, let us see exactly what he says because right after his statistics of fear he does provide a little disclaimer – albeit in the wrong order- before he is jeered by the opposition party. Mr Dutton says:

I thank the leader of the opposition leader for his question, if i said that i have….out of the last 33 people who have been charged with terrorist relations in this country- 22 of those people are from second or third generation Lebanese Muslim background. I’m not going to allow people who are hard working, who’ve done the right thing by this country, who have contributed, who have worked hard, who have educated their children- I’m not going to allow these people to be defined by those people who are doing the wrong thing and who have been charged with terrorist offences, or who are involved in crime otherwise.


Were Peter Duttons comments necessary or beneficial?

Did Mr. Dutton state the truth statistically? Well yes he did, those numbers do appear to be accurate and of course we should all be concerned about the safety and security of our entire Australian community. Yet when we look at the maths behind these statistics we find a number that is so underwhelming and irrelevant that bringing this up in Parliament appears to have been nothing more than a political push to promote our dwindling past, current and future dealings with refugees and immigrants.

You see approximately 200,000 people fit within the mould of second and third generation Lebanese in Australia. Twenty Two is the number of those charged with terror related offences. Divide the numbers up and we find that 0.011% of the entire second and third generation Australian Lebanese community have been involved in terror offences.

That is right, our immigration leader is speaking out against a former prime minister for letting in these Muslim Lebanese populations in the 1970’s because it appears they produced 0.011% of the terror related population in this country today.

As a matter of fact Peter Dutton statesThe reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in, in the 1970s, and we’re seeing that today. We need to be honest in having that discussion. There was a mistake made.

You see this is where his statement hits home hard and heavy for me personally. Although i am only half Lebanese his comments do offend me and my family. Mr. Dutton is talking specifically about my fathers generation and my generation. He is addressing both my Father and I. A Lebanese, Muslim man from “rural Lebanon” who came to this country with his family in the 1970’s during Malcom Frasers leadership. Calling my fathers migration to Australia a “mistake” is essentially calling ME a mistake. His comments almost negate my existence, it is like Mr. Dutton is pointing his finger at me saying he wishes i weren’t here and that i was a mistake, along with my father. Not exactly the welcoming language you’d expect from an immigration minister.


My Father and I- 1985. Two direct recipients of Mr. Duttons criticisms. A 1970’s Lebanese Muslim Immigrant and a Second Generation Child.

Peter Duttons argument is basically this. We should have not allowed Muslim Lebanese people from “rural Lebanon” into Australia because a few generations later they would breed little potential terrorists. That would be like me saying we should not have allowed Anglo Saxons into this country because a few generations later they would wipe out almost the entire Aboriginal population of Tasmania. Or they would later be responsible for the most drink driving deaths on the road”.

Would it be fair if Mr. Dutton made his comment like this? “Out of the last 100 people who have been charged with drink driving in this country – 60 of those people are from second or third generation Anglo Saxon Australian background.

This is where his little disclaimer fails him abundantly and even though members of his party have defended him saying he is being taken out of context, he clearly is not. His statement worked within this format. Firstly he speaks to the media and insults a former Prime Ministers handling of immigration calling his acceptance of Lebanese Muslims a “mistake”. Then in parliament he hits us with a  “statistic” which reveals a dismally small percentage of his case study. Then he says BUT we cannot allow this minority to represent the majority.

You cannot negate your clear fear mongering via the media and the parliament using extremely explicit language about a very distinct community relating to both race and religion to the Australian parliament and people within this hostile climate – and then in the end say “We cannot allow the minority to represent the majority” when very clearly your statements show you are allowing the minority to represent the majority.

The fact is highlighting these figures and statistics even though they are factual is absolutely unnecessary. Do you see anybody relating to figures in regards to any topics when the total number of their example is 0.011%? Imagine if parliament spoke about every issue highlighting such statistics? It’d be tossed up and trashed in any market of academia yet suddenly it’s okay for our Immigration Minister to push these statistics of fear?



I thought we were moving forward from this? Cronulla Riots. 2005.

Look the Lebanese community and the Muslim community are far from perfect, the bad apples exist just like in all communities. Yet My father, myself and the majority of my family who are of Lebanese Muslim background are contributing members of this society and i will never accept being labelled a mistake. My father came here with little English, low education from the cesspool of civil war and has established himself well here. I myself am another example of this generation that Mr. Dutton seems to look at with suspicion and tunnel vision.

I do believe what Mr. Dutton said was irresponsible and he can scream out “facts” all he likes but his position comes with a responsibility for the people. He needs to ensure that he is unifying and not dividing. His language, statements and comments about the Lebanese Muslim community in particular have been detrimental to our current social climate.

Eleven years ago we had people on a beach chanting “Fuck Off Lebs” after a race riot and we have worked so hard within the decade to bridge that gap and come together as first and foremost Australians. Yet forgive us for feeling a little uncomfortable with being labelled as “mistakes” by our own immigration minister. I think the only mistake is your own irresponsible rhetoric in parliament. 



In light of the Denmark shooting today that was deemed a terror attack, i wanted to speak about some other BIG events that have occurred this week alone and highlight to you the double standard and pure hypocrisy of the media and government officials. Please watch until the end, this video is important. Please share, like and subscribe to my Youtube channel.


Rita Panahi, a pop-up journalist that magically appeared in the news scene recently made an article titled “Islam, you have a very serious problem“. Her facebook name is “Miss Judgement” and indeed she is an opinionated woman and proud. Yet as the famous saying goes and pardon my French here- “Opinions are like arse holes- everybody has one“.

Our Friend “Miss Judgement” claims herself to be a writer for the Daily Telegraph. Yes, the Rupert Murdoch run newspaper who’s CEO recently claimed that all Muslims should be responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, whether they were peaceful or not. That’d be as ridiculous as me claiming Rita Panahi is responsible and must apologize for her CEO’s ridiculous tweets including the fact that during the Sydney Siege Attack, instead of praying for the victims and wishing them safety and security he boasted about how The Daily Telegraph caught the bloody outcome at 2:00am. Congrats!” Mind you the moment he tweeted that, people had died.

Rita Punahi, you have a very serious problem!

Rita Panahi, you have a very serious problem!

As ridiculous as it is for me to expect Rita Panahi to apologize for her CEO’s racism, ignorance and bigotry somehow the Murdoch trail of ignorance has trickled down even to his columnists who seem to lack intellectual integrity, how would i know? Well i didn’t have to read far, the first issue i had with Rita Panahi’s article was the title itself, so spotting a flaw was childs play for me.

Islam, you have a very serious problem” Really? Islam you have a very serious problem? Not even “radical Islam” or “Extremist Islam”? No? Just Islam? Alrighty then. The title in itself shows the confusing paradox that Rita seems to be stuck in. Throughout her entire article she claims that “radical Islam” is the problem, yet suddenly a pinpoint accusation turns into a generalization. “Radical” disappears but Islam still stands- and that is a problem. If you cannot differentiate Islam from radical Islam even from a literary standpoint clearly your journalistic skill will be rightfully judged.

Rita and her CEO Rupert Murdoch echo the same ignorant sentiment.

Rita and her CEO Rupert Murdoch echo the same ignorant sentiment.

Ritas Article seems erroneous way beyond her title
. In fact her first sentence is a flawed statement. She claims:
EVERY attack perpetrated by Islamic extremists is an attack against freedom of speech — whether they’re terrorizing journalists and cartoonists at a magazine in Paris or bystanders having a quiet coffee in Sydney.”

Well Rita, no that is not really the case. As much as it sounds like a “powerful statement” it is factually incorrect and misleading. Many Muslim terror attacks have nothing to do with freedom of speech, in fact most terror attacks have been strongly linked to foreign politics. Very rarely have i heard a terrorist claim that the reason he is terrorizing society is because he or she is against “freedom of speech”- even if you are being allegorical, your statement is unequivocally false and yet again sounds like another paintbrush claim that involves “generalizing”.

Ritas article "title" begins with a fallacy.

Ritas article “title” begins with a fallacy.

Rita then goes on to state that radical Islam and Western Values cannot coexist peacefully. Yet any radical or extreme ideology is against basic human principals and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are “Western Values”. Any extremists are an affront to our safety and security, this is something i wholeheartedly agree with. Rita is also right in stating that as Muslims we need to try our utmost and strive hard to ensure that our family members and friends are free from this radicalism. As i said, it’s not a Muslim problem, it’s a human one. Human beings can be influenced by a wide range of things and each person is susceptible to this “weak spot”, hence we should all guard against all forms of extremism- not only that of the Islamic kind but also the “stop the immigration” right wing kind.

Rita, in her article then yet again makes another slip up by co-mingling the general term “Islam” with the exclusive term “extremist”. She states “We must stop pretending these incidents have nothing to do with Islam. They quite clearly have everything to do with extremist Islam and the sooner we admit this truth the better...”

So i must reflect the question back to “Miss Judgement” herself. So are these actions the problem of Islam, or Radical Islam? Even world leaders condemned these acts as “Un-Islamic”, you also might want to check out my last article titled “15 Important Facts On Ridiculing Islam“. Not to mention, the Wests “Arch Nemesis” individuals like Hezbollah leader Hassan Nesrallah stated the Paris bombings were “The behavior of the takfiri groups that claim to follow Islam that have distorted Islam, the Koran and the Muslim nation more than Islam’s enemies …”

Even supposed terror group Hamas condemned the Paris Attack

Even supposed terror group Hamas condemned the Paris Attack

Even the supposed “terror group” Hamas condemned the actions of the extremists who murdered in Paris. There is no “justification for killing innocents,” Hamas reportedly said in a statement, according to Reuters and Agence France-Presse. So forgive me Rita, for being critical of your oversimplification on the matter. If this had everything to do with Islam,  why is it being condemned world over by the majority of Muslim groups both “moderate” and supposedly “extreme”?

Rita then takes a step back and sympathizes with the Policeman that was shot in the Paris attacks, the first victim of the day. His name was Ahmed Marabet and he was a Muslim. Keeping this observation in mind Rita states that “It mattered not that Ahmed Marabet was a Muslim“. Actually it matters, a lot. Ahmed Marabet became a martyr in the sense that his untimely death was a chilling wakeup call to the world. He was a Muslim, being killed by extremists and he is the perfect example of that separation between Muslims and Extremists- a fine line that Rita Panahi cannot seem to find, even if it stares her right in the face. Ahmed Marabets brother said in a public statement that the men that killed his brother in cold blood were “Pretend Muslims“.

Let us spell it out for Rita.

Let us spell it out for Rita.

Rita goes on the make another risque blanket statement,by claiming “This reveals the lie that all religions are equally bloodthirsty; in the 21st century only one religion is at the centre of terror attacks around the world.

The fact of the matter is, extremist actions happen day in and day out by people from all walks of life and they should all be despised and people come up with all sorts of “roots” to justify their atrocious actions. For example, beheading is quiet common in “Catholic” Mexico. I think i should throw some statistics Ritas way, just so she can truly grasp the staggering figures. In 2013 alone, drug cartels murdered more than 16,000 people in Mexico alone. 16,000 people! In Mexico ALONE! If that is not sheer terror then i don’t know what is.

What about bombings? Santaigo, the Capital of “Catholic” Chile has been host to 200 attacks and attempted bombings in the past decade, or to narrow it down 30 bombs, or attempted bombs have gone off in the Chilean capital in 2014 alone. That is 30 (THIRTY!) bombings- attacking police stations, public buildings and banks. The culprits? Not Muslims. Not “ISIS” but in fact “local anarchist groups“. Again, this is terror activity at a grand scale. Are you with me yet?

ISIS commits more terror. No wait this is "Catholic" Mexican terror groups.

ISIS commits more terror. No wait this is “Catholic” Mexican terror groups.

Where is the worldwide condemnation? Where are the demands that Christians “apologize” for these gross statistics? Oh that’s right, when we see statistics like these religion is irrelevant, no matter how shocking the number. Yet somehow Muslims are responsible for the statistics of Muslims, whilst people of other faiths do not carry the brunt in regards to the behaviour of their followers. I have many more official statistics available that will shock you, yet that is just a taste of the hypocrisy and double standards that blatantly stare us in the face by these so called “critical thinkers and activists”.

Yet if you think Rita Panahi is clumbsy when it comes to her journalistic integrity wait until you see her here on Australian TV. She appeared on the Morning show Sunrise to express herself and this is where she loses even more buoyancy. In the show, television host Andrew O’keefe emotionally confronts Rita on a few forms, albeit he fumbles a few times, so let me respond to her claims whilst on the TV show.

Ritas TV presence is less buoyant than her Journalistic presence.

Ritas TV presence is less buoyant than her Journalistic presence.

Rita opens up her segment by claiming that “All terror attacks around the world have everything to do with Islam“. For the third time she mixes and mashes the terminology of Islam and Terror leaving out key words like “extremist” or “radical”. This language as misconstrued as it is- at least is consistent with Rita. She makes the claim that all terror attacks around the world have EVERYTHING to do with Islam, yet fails even once – to explain how or why.!?

She mentions that Muslims need to be “In the mainstream community, even more.” There’s one fact you’re missing- Muslims ARE part of the mainstream community. They send their kids to school, they have jobs, they enjoy their Sunday barbecues and have weddings that make your typical wedding look like a quiet picnic in the park. Muslims are about as mainstream as everybody else and this is evident if you own the faculty of thinking and the blessing of sight.

When Television host Andrew O’keefe mentions the point that Christians are not asked to apologize for Abortion clinic attacks, Rita scoffs at the host claiming “Oh Andrew, please, that is such a nonsensical Argument” . She later fires up to claim “When was the last time an abortion clinic got bombed?” A simple Google search gives us statistics that prove Abortion clinics are still being attacked in all forms and the statement that these attacks are isolated is quiet mute when we see abortion clinic attacks are relatively consistent in the United States, for example in the last 10 years in the United States alone- abortion clinics have been attacked 10 times. Which is at a rate of one attack per year through either direct murder, bombings or attempted bombings, firearms attacks or extreme vandalism. In fact the Anti Defamation League states that Abortion Clinic attacks “has actually remained a consistent, if secondary, source of domestic terrorism and violence, manifesting itself most often in assaults and vandalism, with occasional arsons, bombings, drive-by shootings, and assassination attempts.”

Rita Panahi consistently claims that “Moderate Muslims” need to be more vocal in expressing their distaste for terror. Yet Muslims have been condemning and apologizing for such actions for many many years and the fact that this point goes amiss proves something to me. Our condemning doesn’t actually work! It doesn’t quench the thirst for right wingers, it doesn’t satisfy the hunger of the Islamophobes, it never has and it obviously never will.

Are these Muslims condemning terror not loud enough for Rita? Take off your ear plugs.!

Are these Muslims condemning terror not loud enough for Rita? Take off your ear plugs.!

Did Rita miss the Muslim Protests in Paris only 4 months ago denouncing ISIS and terror? Muslims scattered the streets in their thousands chanting against such groups and their atrocities. What about the fact that after the London bombings 500 British Muslim Scholars and religious leaders signed a Fatwa stating “Islam condemns violence and destruction of innocent lives and that suicide bombings are “vehemently prohibited.” Or the 6,000 scholars in Pakistan that issued a Fatwa against terror in 2008? What about the 12,000 strong rally in London that Muslims created to condemn terror and promote co-existence in 2011? What about the Canadian Anti-Terror rally in October 2014? How about the #Notinmyname campaign joined by Muslim Youths worldwide where they openly condemned terror related activity in Islams name?

You get my point, Muslim condemnation to terror has been constant, consistent and persistent, yet who is listening? Rita Panahi obviously isn’t listening.! The 1.6 billion Muslims around the world cannot condemn in one voice at the same time because just like everybody else, Muslims are trying to live their lives. Each person is responsible for their deeds and at the end of the day we do what we can to disassociate terrorism to Islam, yet if that is not good enough for you then pardon me because my mask and cape are of no use!

I support freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The cartoons are not my issue, yet my issue was that the Charlie Hedbo publishers actually had an agenda behind their mockery of Islam, they did it not only to exercise their right for free speech yet the Editor Stephane Charbonnier claimed they would continue their Mockery of Islam and its Prophet “Until Islam is made as ho-hum as Catholicism”.

This is a statement which proves they don’t only want to exercise their freedom of speech and expression they actively want to change the mindsets of people and pressure them to desensitize to their religion and ideology. With that in mind, i support peaceful and reasonable Muslims to have the right to be offended by the Prophet Cartoons because as much as its their right to offend you, it is your right to be offended and it is your right to peacefully rally against it and intellectually fight such agendas of which people are trying to literally stifle your beliefs, just because other faiths allow their religion to be dragged into the dirt, we as Muslims do not have to submit to that “culture”. 


It was only over a week ago that there was that tragic shooting in the U.S Navy base by Aaron Alexis, in which he shot dead 12 people in Washington. As more information unfolded it became apparent that Alexis was not a Muslim and in fact was a recent convert to Buddhism. Although the act was never deemed a terror attack by the media, despite a very similar occurrence years ago by Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan, who quiet quickly was labelled a terrorist,  this recent attack in the U.S navy base was in my opinion an act of terror and despite the sad circumstances and needless death indeed i took a breath of relief that indeed this terrorist was not a Muslim.

Until lo and behold just as if on cue and only over a week later we have a multitude of terror attacks conducted by supposed Muslims. One terror attack occurring in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya where the death toll is rising and may reach 100 people (including Muslims) . Not to mention another attack that occurred at a historic church in Pakistan that killed over 80 worshipers. This news was simply a deafening, saddening and challenging dilemma that i had to face, it appears that “Muslims” are trying to outdo each other in the realm of terrorism.

Yet before anyone accuses the Muslims of being quite, already Pakistan’s religious leaders have said killing innocent minority members was un-Islamic. “Islam does not allow killing of innocent non-Muslims,” Sunni Muslim group – Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) spokesman Nawaz Kharal said. He said a decree was issued by 30 religious leaders, which termed the attack not only un-Islamic but a criminal act and a major sin. “Islam does not allow attacks on innocent minorities and makes it mandatory to protect their lives and property.”


The horrific scene at Westgate Mall, Nairobi after a terrorist attack killed at least 68 people.

Now of course, i always have held the opinion that western imperial powers that attack Muslim nations at a whim and have destroyed countless lives and communities are indeed terrorists too, yet at the same token killing people at locations where they should feel safe like a shopping centre or a building of worship is simply crossing the line because those drones in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq attack people who are in the cross-fire of warfare, and who constantly live in fear for their lives, whilst these attacks tend to occur in places where people wouldn’t expect, even for a minute, to be blown up by grenades or pelted with bullets.

The sad thing is it is getting difficult to tell people that my religion is a religion of peace when we are even told now that women converts in hijabs could orchestrate and dictate terror attacks, this leaves the playing field open to the public eye.  (Although the latest news suggests the “White Widow, Samantha Lewthwaite” may have nothing to do with it) . At least previously it was seen that Muslim women were innocent, but now since this supposed connection to a white Muslim convert and the Nairobi mall shooting we are being shown a whole new face of terror, Muslim, White ,Female. To me this is the nail in the coffin for every day Muslim citizens who at least felt they had members of their community who had little to fear in terms of abuse, retaliation and accusations, yet thanks to the media coverage of such attacks and the sheer reality that terror comes in all sexes, sizes and regions we are unfortunately feeding the fear of the already frightened, paranoia is at its boiling point.


New face of terror? Even with little evidence, the media are indicating British Convert Samantha Lewthwaite is responsible for the Nairobi terror attack.

As Muslims we are left with very little options. Apparently us moderate Muslims are not loud enough in condemnation. Apparently we do not do enough. Apparently we secretly support terror and apparently we cannot be trusted. It is coming to the point where whether we decide to talk or not, we won’t be taken seriously and the frightening prospect of being labelled one and the same with the terrorists is getting nearer and nearer, which is why i would like to explain to you why these supposed Muslims are not following Islam, and as cliche and repetitive as it may sound they are truthfully hijacking the religion before they hijack a mall or church or a navy base.

The killing of random innocent civilians is wrong, plain and simple. The Qur’an, which is the holy book for Muslims makes it loud and clear.

Do not kill any soul, which God has made forbidden, except in just cause.” (Qur’an 17:33)

Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right.” (Qur’an 6:151)

In fact the Qur’an goes as far to say that you are encouraged to befriend people who do not fight you for your religion, or evict you from your homes or cause aggression upon you. So if we know non combatants who do not fight us for our religion nor oppress us, we are encouraged to be their friends and treat them kindly, NOT BLOW THEM UP! There is no evidence that a single person inside the Nairobi mall or Pakistani church were actively fighting Muslims because of their religion.

Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion and did not drive you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity.” (Qur’an 60:8)

Do these terrorists have a right to kill random people going about their business who are in no conflict with others? Most certainly not! Even if it is to provide a religious or political motive, it is an outright abomination according to the Qur’an to take a soul, without any right.

And whoever should do that [Kill without right] will meet a penalty.” (Qur’an 25:68)

Also one of the verses of the Qur’an was revealed in response to senseless killings. The Prophet Mohammed sent some of his men on an expedition, they passed by a man tending sheep who offered them a greeting of peace (Salam). They conspired that he only said that to protect himself from them, so they killed him and took his belongings. Then this verse of the Qur’an was revealed.

O you who have believed, when you go forth in the cause of Allah , investigate; and do not say to one who gives you a greeting of peaceYou are not a believer (Qur’an 4:94)


The Qur’an is clear in forbidding killing unjustly.

Now as for attacking churches it is also abundantly clear in the Qur’an that churches and such structures should be preserved because essentially they still bare the name of Allah in them.

And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him.” (Qur’an 22:40)

Not to mention the Prophet Mohammed himself dictated a charter upon the Christians of Saint Catherines Monastery, Mount Sinai in 626 AD. This is called the “Achtiname Of Muhammad” where he states:

No compulsion is to be on them[Christians] . Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries. No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses.” – Prophet Muhammads Charter, St. Catherines Monastery, 626AD.

Even in the fiercest, most intense of battliefields (unlike these random terror attacks in public places, killing innocent civilians), the Muslim army are given strict protocol in warfare. Under the advice of Prophet Muhammad the first Caliph Abu Bakr said.

O people! I charge you with ten rules; learn them well! Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s flock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone.


Most victims of Muslim terror attacks are other Muslims. These Canadian sisters were severely injured in the Nairobi mall bombing.

The bottom line is, i am not going to apologize for terrorist attacks that people who call themselves Muslims commit to. These people that tend to call themselves Muslims are acting contrary and obviously enough one who does not adhere to Islam, cannot possibly be a Muslim. To me it is about going way beyond that, it is about letting the public know that the things these criminals do, are in fact criminal in the eyes of the religion itself. Education is very important in times like these where Muslims do not get stressed and frustrated about losing this battle with terrorism, we have to make it clear that there is a difference between Muslims and Islam.

If we can let the people know these terrorists are not following Islam, then eventually their facade of being a “Muslim” will eventually disappear into thin air. These people are dangerous murderers who are clasping at any straw to dignify and excuse their evil behaviour. I am sick and tired of it, but i wont submit and let the terrorists win. I am a Muslim and i know what my religion teaches me, if people want to believe that these actions are indeed the works of Islam then that is their prerogative and ill sighted right, my job is to simply be a good example to the world out there and let them come to differentiate between Islam and Muslims, Muslims and Terrorists.

Peace, Salam 🙂