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Just a couple of days ago there was a terrible knife attack at a Hostel in Queensland, Australia . The victim was Mia Ayliffe-Chung,  a 21 year old British National who was stabbed by a 29 year old French Backpacker Smail Ayad.  The tragic murder sparked suspicion of extremism because the attacker yelled “Allahu’Akbar” (God is Great) whilst attacking the victim and whist being arrested.

This immediately caused a media stir with all major media outlets hastening to call this a “terror attack” on Australian soil because of the attackers use of “extremist language”.Yet the Police have already cleared this crime as a Murder based on jealousy and not at all terror related, regardless of what he shouted out.


French National Smail (inset) attacked and killed Mia in a small hostel community in Queensland while shouting “Allahu’Akbar”.

Despite the Police commissioner being very quick to clear this act from terrorism– claiming there is no evidence at all that this man was radicalized- we see that xenophobic politicians immediately used this case as a means to loudly call – yet again- for the banning of Muslim Immigration of Australia claiming that “terror” and “jihad” has hit our shores simply because a man is shouting “Allahu’Akbar“.

A lot of people don’t realize that the term “Allahu’Akbar” (“God is Great”) is widely used in the Muslim community for a huge array of reasons, yet there is a disturbing trend i am noticing about the statement. Both extremists and bigots are taking the statement from the general Muslim population and are turning it into a phrase that one should fear.

Just to remind you that hearing someone say “Allahu’Akbar” is not all doom and gloom- i will present to you 9 other examples where “Allahu’Akbar” has been used for something
besides violence, hatred and bloodshed.

1) “Allahu’Akbar” Used Whilst SAVING lives.

In this video footage in Aleppo, Syria- filmed in January 2014 we see a bunch of men unearthing a child from the rubble of a destroyed building. After doing all they can they chant “Allahu’Akbar” (God is Great) whilst holding the child after the rescue.

In fact there are multiple videos online showing the phrase being chanted whilst people are SAVING lives (as opposed to taking them.)

2) “Allahu’Akbar” during the call to PRAYER.

If you’ve traveled to any country in the Middle East you may have noticed mysterious and mesmerizing voices coming out of the minarets. This is called the Call To Prayer and the very first line is “Allahu’Akbar”. This call is to remind Muslims to stop what they are doing and go to prayer.

3) “Allahu’Akbar” used in Music (and Nasheeds).

Popular Muslim artists such as Sami Yusuf use the popular phrase in many of his songs including the popular hit “Asma Allah” which has almost 14 million views on Youtube. The term is an expression that is popular in many “Nasheeds” or songs that glorify.

4) “Allahu’Akbar” used to support Sportsmen/Women.

Marathon Runner Mo Farah did the United Kingdom proud during the Rio Olympics this year- yet during one of his practice Marathon Runs in London in 2014 spectators of his could be heard shouting “Allahu’Akbar” at him in support for him to win.

5) “Allahu’Akbar” used by a talkative Parrot.

Nothing to see here – simply a Parrot that shouts out “Allahu’Akbar” whilst raising his foot, simulating a Muslim rising during prayer.

6) “Allahu’Akbar” used in Awe of Nature.

Many times during extreme weather events, or witnessing natural marvels- including the one featured in this video-  you will hear Muslims shouting “Allahu’Akbar” to symbolize Gods strength and power.

7) “Allahu’Akbar” used to celebrate Success.

Sonny Bill Williams is a very popular footballer in Australia who converted to Islam a few years ago. During one of his wins he publicly declared on live television “last but not least, Allahu’Akbar!” whilst pointing to the sky.

8) “Allahu’Akbar” used during last moments in life 😦

Adam Air- an Indonesian Airline was plummeting to the sea at rapid speed in 2007 due to Mechanical failure and the Black Box in the Cockpit clearly records the flight crew praying in fear as they realize they are helpless against this crash- shouting “Allahu’Akbar” until their final second on Earth.

9) “Allahu’Akbar” used when one converts to Islam.

People from around the World Convert to Islam and after one states the Shahada (testimony of faith) they are met with a smothering of hugs and the famous “Takbir” which is proclaiming “Allahu’Akbar” (God is Great) out loud.

So there you have it, that was 9 other times you may have heard the term “Allah’u Akbar.” Please do not be like the media and ONLY associate the phrase with violence, bloodshed and evil behaviour. The bottom line is this statement is made by Muslims on a daily basis and we do not want extremists AND the media to Hijack this word and use it as a mouthpiece for evil.

Salam Alaykum, PEACE! 🙂



The latest news to hit your local news stand and newspaper is that apparently it is perfectly fine in the eyes of Egyptians and Muslims to have sex with your dead wives! Why yes! That is the latest spin in the media vomit that we like to take in every day. A rumored story that spun from such a limited; restricted and unrelated source has suddenly spiked and made its way through the major journalists in the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, AOL News,, Yahoo news and more!

The story began on an opinion column written by pro Mubarak (and Anti Muslim Brotherhood) supporter Amr Abdel Samaii-  in the Al Ahram Newspaper. It stated that “Egypt’s new Islamist-dominated parliament is preparing to introduce a controversial law that would allow husbands to have sex with their deceased wives up to six hours after death. Known as the “farewell Intercourse” law, the measure is being championed as part of a raft of reforms introduced by the parliament that will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 for girls.”

With any news story one must gather the information and provide evidence suggesting the said statements and in this case- there is absolutely no evidence that this was suggested in the Egyptian Parliament– that it is even being considered nor by who- and most importantly WHY would this be a law seeming there is nothing in the practice of Necrophilia that belongs in the religion of Islam, nor in the culture of Egyptians/Arabs- or in fact next to no race in the earth!

Egyptians from all walks of life took to the twitter universe to save the dwindling reputation of their nation by stating such a news story is nothing short of a rumor- nothing but an irksome hoax led to slander Egypt in its latest developments post the “Egyptian Spring“. Naturally once worldwide media outlets jumped on this bandwagon the disgrace and outcry of the Public from around the world was loud, and this rumor spread like wildfire- again dehumanizing Egyptians and making Muslims not only the “Cheerleaders” for Terrorism and Pedophilia- but now add Necrophilia to that mix! Also when it comes to the age of Marriage- only 5 years ago was the age for marriage increased in Egypt to 18 years of age. Despite there being no complete fact to the legislation to make 14 the legal age of marriage why is this open to a world of contempt when we have the following nations that allow Marriage for a girl between 14-16 years of age- Kenya, Mali, Niger, Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands,Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, England, Scotland, Canada, Chile, Colombia and certain states of USA + More. (These mostly apply with Parental Consent).

Some comments included: “It’s to be expected from people who follow Islam. They degrade women, even in death.” “There is only one explanation(Islam). absolutely disgraceful.” And “Islam so respects women doesn’t it.?“. Yet many other people managed to see the lies within such stories– they commented “This is a lie as usual please make sure before spreading any information to defame a country stop lying.” and “I hope the Daily Telegraph will apologize for republishing this crap without attempting to verify its sources first. What a joke.” Even a Christian Blog titled “The Christian Science Monitor” saw straight through this seedy story and they cited- “There’s of course one problem: The chances of any such piece of legislation being considered by the Egyptian parliament for a vote is zero. And the chance of it ever passing is less than that. In fact, color me highly skeptical that anyone is even trying to advance a piece of legislation like this through Egypt’s parliament. “

The most shocking thing for me- is this news spread down here in Australia and was published in the Daily Telegraph– the most read newspaper here in Australia and to my horror it was the #1 most read news story– which shows how many eyes were exposed to this and without a doubt this would leave people with an extremely sour taste for Arabs/North Africans and Muslims- believe me, i know the power of the media- its manipulation of minds and the terrible effects it has in our societies.

It is strange how people seem to allude that having sex with the dead is a Muslim trait all of a sudden, when a supposed saying of the Prophet Muhammad was-

“Do not abuse the dead, for they have gone on to what they sent before.”

Clearly this abuse is in all forms- do not abuse the dead- with your tongues or with your own hands. During the burial and cleansing in a Muslim setting it is extremely clear how much respect is shown for the deceased- their privates covered- they are scented and washed- wrapped in a white fabric and only seen by the closest eyes. This story needs to be halted and all the evidence needs to be gathered because right now the evidence is nearly non existent and surely it is not substantial enough to make local- yet alone international news!

Let us not leave alone the fact that perhaps a few loonies somewhere out there in this crazy universe may feel Necrophilia is perfectly okay- yet that ignorance is only for themselves. There is simply nothing to show that this “law” is near the horizon- let alone has even been talked about by the Egyptian parliament. Such lazy journalism really proves to us that we sometimes have to do the job for these sloppy journalistsresearch. They copy and paste attractive headlines, plaster up photos of shocked Niqab wearing women with “DEAD” written in bold to highlight the sex these dirty Arabs are to engage in- is indeed with the DEAD. Such sights is an Islamophobes and racists playground- it is the Willy Wonka of Islamophobia- a wonderland of lies and scattered rumors and myths blended with perhaps a few real people – to summarize it is a mush up of nonsense disguised as “news”.

Do you blame me for doubting?

Peace, Salam  Alaykum.