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You know i like to think of myself as quite a modern gentleman. Sure i stick with some traditionalist views and i am a bit old fashioned in some aspect but i am more than open to new ideas and advancements in the World. Lately there has been many loud cries in regards to gender segregation, particularly of Muslims in the Western World.

Apparently events run by Muslims have been “investigated” to be segregating genders, males on one side of the room and females on the opposite side of the room. Sure this does sound like a very different format that we are all used to- seeming we are a nation that identifies with co-mingling in every sense of the word.


Scenes like the ones pictured above where Men and Women are “Segregated” In Muslim events has caused major uproar in the media about sexism.


This uproar though has caused massive media stir and juicy controversy. In order to prove that Islam is a religion that hates women, the fact that they must sit across from men in their religious meetings and mosques indeed proves this is a religion that discriminates against women- apparently.

Yet hold on one moment, you might be surprised to know Gender Segregation is already alive and well in our communities and nobody is kicking up a stink about it at all! In fact, even worse – we openly practice Gender discrimination– Let me give you a few classic examples here in the West that is happening right now.



Female only gyms are becoming more popular.

Womens Only Gyms:

Currently across the country there are women only gyms. Am i as a male to take offence at this? Why can’t a woman workout in the same room as me? Is it because i am a man? Am i being perceived as a pervert?  Are women frightened of me?

Womens Only Cycling Group:

There are groups right now in Australia where women can only cycle with other women. Women instructors and Women cyclists. 

Womens Only Clubs:

The Lyceum Club in Melbourne, Australia is a perfect example of a strictly female only club. One of the main reasons this club exists is to keep every day women away from the “gaze” of men. Only male guests that know female members can visit.

Womens Only Cosmetic Surgery Teams:

Feel like a quick nip and a tuck but don’t want a dirty man to touch you? Too easy because right now you can take advantage of an all female cosmetic surgery team here in Sydney, Australia.

*Yet when a Muslim lady once asked for a female only doctor, her request made NEWS HEADLINES!Monash Hospital Agrees to female only doctor-after complaint”


Dinah, the Worlds Biggest Party. For Women Only. For Lesbians only. No Males. No Straights.

World’s Biggest Party- For Women Only!:

Dinah is the Worlds Biggest Lesbian Pool Party that attracts up to 20,000 women only in Los Angeles, USA. Gay males? Keep out! Girls only bucko!

Womens Only Aged Care Facility:

The Opal Austral House in Manly, Sydney, Australia is one of many examples of “Womens Only” aged care facilities. Here they can feel safe and secure from their fellow old men.

Womens Only “Hackathon” Events:

Sydney and Melbourne last year hosted their first Womens Only Hackathon events. Where only female coders got together to share their tech-savvy views.


Womens only train carriages exist Worldwide. Now proposed in Australia.

Womens Only Train Carriages:

Up to 10 countries already have “Women Only” carriages on their trains and a few of them are in developed countries too. This year Australia proposed a potential new “pink carriage” for female travelers only.

Now there is one very important difference between all of the examples above and the examples of Muslim Gender segregation in events. The Muslim events that are being scrutinized are INCLUSIVE of both sexes. Regardless of seating practicalities both men and women can attend.

Yet all of the examples that i highlight to you above (and there are many more). We find that it is gender EXCLUSIVE. So genders aren’t segregated but one entire gender is openly discriminated against. For example- as a male i could visit these Muslim events and functions. As a female you could visit these Muslim events and functions. Yet as a male i could NOT visit the above gyms. As a male i could NOT visit the above clubs. As a male i could NOT take part in the above events.

So when you scope out and take a look at these scenarios comparatively, we would clearly see that one of them is actually more discriminatory, because it openly doesn’t “segregate” the sexes but it actually isolates an entire sex. Yet there are no complaints about the above examples we find in our Western nations.

I believe that life is about choices. A woman, in a Muslim event should have the choice to sit with women or sit in an “open” environment- should she choose.  Yet with the examples i show above, do i- as a male have the choice to workout in that gym or join that party? Not at all! So essentially…Is Gender Segregation really such a big deal?


Bristol Jamia Mosque,  Totterdown

Muslims in general, like any other community can and do free-mingle. Yet they wish to maintain the option for gender segregation in Islamic functions and events.

The option of having a “female only” section is something i have no problem with. Should a woman (or man) choose to prefer to be segregated then that is their prerogative. Yet for society to openly ban this idea of segregation and hence therefor force women, or men for that matter to sit in a manner that makes them uncomfortable is not a beneficial environment to me.

If a woman today is given the freedom to workout in a Female only gym to feel more comfortable, then i do not see the hostility to giving a Muslim woman the freedom to sit with females only in a Muslim function. 

To me there is a clear double standard where our current Western Society proudly boasts about the examples i gave you above. Where sexes are not segregated but sexes are clearly discriminated against. Nobody raises their voices in concern, cries foul or writes lengthy news articles about this norm. Yet once a Muslim wants to exercise their choice to sit in a segregated environment then all hell breaks loose.

It’s just oddly peculiar.




You may have seen the image floating around social media as of late. The harrowing and disturbing image of a three year old boy, laying face down on a Turkish Beach, lifeless and bloated after having drowned along with his Mother and Brother whilst their boat capsized, headed for Kos, Greece.

His name is Aylan Kurdi, i use present tense language because in my view a child never dies, he’s an Angel in my eyes. His parents left the War torn Syrian town of Kobane to flee for a better life. A risk that obviously had to be worth dying for. When we see the situation of the Syrian war we come to realize safety for many people is no longer a viable scenario- anything is safe but their homes.

Aylan, despite passing away, has become the still living, still breathing “face” of the current refugee crisis facing Europe at the moment. Many thousands are attempting to enter Southern or Eastern Europe so they can make a passage to nations that have welcomed them with open arms, like Germany. Many of these refugees are women and children and the constant barrage of blockages is sending them in a desperate array of madness. It is understandable, these people have traveled in treacherous seas with their lives packed in a couple of bags, carrying children on their shoulders. They must be restless from a lack of sleep and deprived of standard hygienic rights.

Aylan Kurdi- The 3 year old refugee that drowned.

Illustration: Aylan Kurdi- The 3 year old refugee that drowned.

For these Syrian refugees the constant blockages they are facing by countries they are simply trying to pass through is a true test of patience. Sitting in the pouring rain with a lack of proper food and shelter whilst being blocked by barbed wire and intimidating police cannot be a sight they were expecting to find in such democratic and liberal lands. Some refugees cracked under the pressure and questioned authorities, tried to skip lines and attempted to force themselves into trains and borders. Sure enough, from our perspective it might seem like a bad idea to engage in such behaviour yet we must understand these people are on survival mode, they have been ever since they left their once glorious nation, which now lies in partial rubble. Constantly under threat by “Allied” warplanes or Barbaric terror groups.

As is the case in every situation that involves war, it is always the innocent that pay the price. Let me get political for a moment because this information is important. The Syrian situation isn’t only a Syrian issue. It isn’t only a Middle Eastern Issue. The Syrian conflict has had many different hands in play to the current dilemma. Hands that come mainly from The United States, Europe and the Middle East. The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is about to make a decision on whether he will join the United States request to begin military strikes in Syria, so we will soon enough find out if Australian hands will join this list of War meddling.

The fact of the matter is that Syria has had a relatively stable history in the Middle East. Prior to the civil conflict that soon turned into an International one we find that Syria had a huge influx of tourists, culture and relative safety. Yet now it is a place that mirrors its once great neighbour Iraq. What we find is that one by one, many formerly great Middle Eastern Nations are toppling and crumbling due to predictable dictators, foreign invasions and civil unrest. It’s a recipe for disaster and just as it happened before, it is all happening again.

Hungary building its barb wired fence to block refugees access to pass.

Hungary building its barb wired fence to block refugees access to pass.

So why is the current Syrian refugee Crisis everybody’s responsibility? It is a Humanitarian Issue. These people need our help and it is as simple as that. The Earth is a vast place. Borders and barriers are an excuse for us to be exclusive and to shut off and shun people in our attempts to “preserve” our culture. Yet isn’t our culture in humanity more important than our materialistic culture? Is it not our duty to wear the boots of perspective and try to understand it from the angle of the people fleeing? They didn’t start the war! They want out.!

Believe it or not some people are trying to dismantle the refugee status of these people, claiming that their protests and demands to get to “richer” European countries prove they are “Economic Immigrants”. This is a crude statement that fails to look at the reality. The reason all of these immigrants want to flee to “Rich” Germany and not “Rich” Iceland is the fact that Germany has ALREADY announced it is willing and ready to take in 800,000 refugees, without harsh camps, without months of waiting to only be rejected. They are aiming for stability, not money.

This explains why they are not fleeing to the Rich nation of Iceland – Who have offered to only take in 50! Refugees. 
This blasts the conspiracy theorists who are trying to undermine the struggle of these people. They are unhappy with being “blocked” by these other countries who are stopping them from going to a destination that will give them that safety and security every human being should have the chance of having.

Yet there is a huge pressure on Europe at the moment as they were not expecting this huge influx of refugees in such a short time span and no, this is not exclusively Europe’s responsibility. Yes, i am looking at you rich countries of the Gulf. Whilst the Modest Middle Eastern Nations like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon have welcomed Syrian refugees in huge proportions we find that the most well off countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE have all turned a blind eye on their fellow brothers and sisters. They have no formal resolution or proposition to help these refugees. What a shameful and shocking display of ignorance and a callous display of indifference to the suffering of their fellow humankind, who happen to share the same creed as them.

Arab Gulf States have done less than Europe. Offering NO assistance to Syrian refugees.

Arab Gulf States have done less than Europe. Offering NO assistance to Syrian refugees.

This is why i am being slightly more lenient with the current situation and Europes handling of it. We must understand- refugees must and should be welcomed, worldwide- yet it must be controlled immigration. These people need to be identified, they must be catered for and counted. There cannot simply be a “Free for all” system where people aimlessly run around settling to a place foreign to them. I believe every country should take responsibility for these refugees, yet get their act together and have a plan to support them and help them recover from their living hell they fled. This all needs to be controlled and documented migration, it is truly the only civilized way to do this.

We must look at this situation from all angles. Europe should help the refugees just like the Gulf states in the Middle East should. We all should have a plan for these people and a moral compass. Help them help themselves and find their feet again. These are Human beings, families like you and i. How can we deny them safety and asylum?

It disgusts me that even given the clear sadness of this situation with Aylan Kurdis’ photo being shown world wide we still have Neo Nazi scum burning down refugee shelters in Germany, we still have flag waving xenophobic bigots yelling “Fuck off, we’re full” and indeed we still have ignorant Morons vilifying these people calling them “Welfare cheats” before they even step foot on their lands. This is where we see the sickness in humanities heart and how we cannot see past race, religion or borders and look at the basic core of the issue. They are humans, so start treating them like they are!!

Humans, that's all they are.

Humans, that’s all they are.

Peace, Salam, Ramey.

Let me say briefly, i never voted for Tony Abbott. Yet i also do not blame people that did. When the Australian Labor Government fell on its knees and made an embarrassment of itself from its rise of Julia Gillard and fall of Kevin Rudd, we all were keen on a new leadership. Someone we could trust and a government that was Solid with the interests of not only Australians in mind but society and the World as a whole.

An elected government could quickly change the demographic of the nation and i have noticed this with the current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I have been alive for just over 30 years in this country and there are many things i notice about the climate of the population. Sometimes people will Mirror the sentiments of their leader, yet what is evident is the low lives of society that remained dormant for many years have suddenly risen with this new government and never have the bigots felt so confident to come out and offend our current social climate.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made some questionable decisions.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made some questionable decisions.

Let me give you an example, years ago under many other Australian governments i had never heard of groups like “Reclaim Australia” or the “Australian Defense League”. These are borderline fascist Neo Nazi’s that hate all things immigrant. So far this year there have been “rallies” in many Major Australian cities conducted by these Nationalistic groups that were thankfully challenged by Other groups in public squares. Yet these protests turned violent and another one is planned this month in July 2015.

These “protests” were attended by people with Swastikas on their heads and clear affiliation with other groups that are high on the crazy scale. Even though these protests were violent and full of hate, we barely heard about them in the media. Yet when a bunch of Australian Muslims ran around spewing their disgust in a distasteful matter about Prophet Muhammad cartoons, we barely heard the end of it. The bottom line is the bigots feel protected by this government to come out of their dungeons and to cause civil unrest- like members of the Australian Defense League going to a Mosque and taunting people whilst they mind their own business after prayer services.

Groups like the Australian Defense League feel protected by this current government.

Groups like the Australian Defense League feel protected by this current government.

Why are people surprised by former Olympian Dawn Fraser telling misbehaving Tennis Players to Go back to where their parents came from”? This was the language many people were afraid to speak of with other governments that held stronger stances against stereotypes and xenophobia. Yet under Tony Abbott, people are not only taking aim but firing away with their derogatory comments about their fellow inhabitants in this nation.

Why are people so surprised when we have the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs on public television telling Australian born and bred citizens that were accused of terrorism but acquitted of those claims “I’d be happy to look you straight in the eye and say that I‘d be pleased to be part of the Government that would say that you were out of the country.I would sleep very soundly at night with that point of view.”

Our foreign Minister openly tells an Australian Citizen to get out of Australia on public television.

Our foreign Minister openly tells an Australian Citizen to get out of Australia on public television.

This was before Zaky Mallah said that oh so shocking quote about ISIS yet nobody blinked an eye when we had our Minister Of Foreign Affairs actively telling an Australian Citizen that was NOT charged with Terrorism that he would “Like him [permanently] out of the country“. Again such brazen comments made with a daring confidence highlights something to me, due to the current political climate we are in and seeing how our current Government views its minorities, immigrants and indigenous Australians, we find that never before have we seen such an influx of Nationalistic, Paranoid and Power Obsessed political figures and citizens come out from the dark.

This attitude of mine does not come out of thin air. I did not suddenly wake up and say I hate this government and what it stands for, yet it is a series of progressive decisions made by our government and its reaction from the Australian Public of which i see where the problem lies. Sometimes the people are a reflection of the government and sadly my Fellow Australians are Mirroring this Parliaments shortsightedness and i think we need to make changes- fast.!

Another nail in the coffin was the recent decision by the Australian Government to shut up Australian workers in foreign detention camps where “illegal” immigrants are currently being held, including children. The Tony Abbott government recently made a new rule claiming that all doctors, hospital workers, guards and other staff have no rights in reporting ill behaviours in these detention camps. That is right, if Human Rights abuses are being conducted (and there is evidence to suggest that they clearly are) the government has paralyzed the right of these Australian Citizens to report the cruelty with the lurking threat of 2 Years Jail for such a “crime”.

Our government no longer allows workers on out Detention Centres to report misconduct or abuse- instead they face jail.

Our government no longer allows workers on our Detention Centres to report misconduct or abuse- instead they face jail.

Not only that, our current government has also allowed Meat Headed “Guards” in these detention centres that have a clear hatred for Immigrants and Xenophobic attitudes. Recent evidence has shown that many of these guards carry Anti Immigrant tattoos, hateful social media posts and open sentiments of intolerance including photos with the infamous political bigot Pauline Hanson. These guards that the Australian Government has entrusted to these vulnerable people LOATHE them. Yet the most horrific fact about this situation is that the guards potential abuse of these people cannot be reported. It is illegal to report them! Obviously there is something to hide. Such laws are being passed and Australia is letting it happen.

These issues will now even filter down to our schools and education system here in Australia. The impending threat of 0.02% of the Australian Muslim population (100 from 500,000 who went to join ISIS) has now  reared its ugly head into our schools. The Australian Government is trying to implement a new “Jihadi Watch” scheme in our schools where teachers and students are taught on how to “spot” a Jihadi among their midst. Apparently if a fellow student “Gets in trouble” or “Argues with people of different ideologies” or “drifts away from their friends” this constitutes suspicious behaviour that would leave that student singled out and watched by fellow students and teachers. That’s odd that they formulate general “Naughty” behaviour in school to Jihadi links, they might need to actually reconsider what a Jihadi actually is.

Our government proposed

Our government proposed “Jihadi Watch” schemes in our schools where kids can be reported as potential terrorists by fellow students and teachers.

Just think about that for a moment, if one day Sarah at school decides to wear a Hijab and Abdul decides to grow his beard,  then their friends distance themselves from them and their teachers and fellow students ostracize them as potential terrorists- how on Earth would that be productive to our current social condition? How do you expect to counter terrorism by making almost anyone a suspect? It’s absolute nonsense. Will our schools then introduce “Domestic Violence Watch” schemes or “Drug addict schemes” or “Alcohol fueled violent schemes”? ALL of these examples pose a much bigger threat to Australians, yet there is no government initiative against them on a federal level.

The voice of the reasonable like us is suddenly being muffled by these flag waving bigots holding up scary signs with words like “Halal” and “Sharia” whilst they start protests, vandalize mosques, send death threats and degrade fellow citizens. Which is why Sydney and Melbourne are holding COUNTER Rallies against these groups of hate. The No To Racism, No To Facism and No To Islamophobia counter rally will be held at Martin Place, Sydney on July 19th.

Our Detention Centre

Our Detention Centre “Guards” posing with Right Wing politician Pauline Hanson- in an Anti Islam rally.

Remember this is a COUNTER rally against hate. It was never a rally that was meant to exist. Yet it is about time we respond to this rush of ignorance in our beautiful country and we cannot allow them to take the Microphone and become the spokesmen and women of Australia. We cannot change the government right now, yet when that moment comes ladies and gentlemen we must make a change. Australia cannot afford such leadership, nor such a following.

Peace, Salam! 🙂


Australian Sports presenter/journalist Scott Mcintyre recently got sacked by his Television Network SBS for making some “offensive remarks” about ANZAC soldiers and general comments about World Wars 1 and 2. The Journalist took to his Twitter account to make a series of tweets that were Anti-War, Anti Anzac Day and Anti glorification- voicing an opinion that is controversially “different” to the general take on the Australian and New Zealand war Veterans and their roles not only in Gallipoli, Turkey but numerous other locations during International war campaigns.

The Australian Channel SBS is known for its “diverse” and “alternative” take on news and current affairs and it is a channel that prides itself from presenting –other than– mainstream views on a variety of topics. Some people saw his sacking as justified whilst others have pulled into question the supposed freedoms of “Freedom Of Speech”.

People that know me might notice that every year during ANZAC day (April 25th) all of my social media outlets are silent. As our Television stations, radio channels and workplaces inundate people with the remembrance of our fallen soldiers and the hard work put forward by Australian and New Zealand service men and women we see that our social media outlets are flooded with comments, memes, pictures and memoirs commemorating the day – except that i do not say a word.

Anzac Day- April 25th- Is an important day in Australias History.

Anzac Day- April 25th- Is an important day in Australias History.

There are a few reasons for this, first of all War is a complex thing. It is easy to put forward a romanticized narrative about Wars, especially when Nationalism comes into play, yet once we look past the facade of the ever so simplistic views of Anzac day and if we dig deep into the wars and our involvement within them we see that not only is war ugly, it actually holds to it two different sides and two different perspectives and once we take a moment to view the war from another perspective it must put into question exactly what we are glorifying and why.?

The same goes for Australia Day- many of us are so caught up in our modern day nationalistic pride that we forget, for some people- the Aboriginals- or the “other perspective” such a day is not a day of celebration, glory or honour but a day of regret, hostility and pain. That is why i also fail to make commentary about Australia Day because i actually think about the other side, i precisely question if i celebrate such an occasion, may i be hurting others? The exact same thing goes for ANZAC day, if i glorify such a day, may i be hurting those that saw the occasion as something else? Something like an invasion or aggressive attempt at war? It’s not my place to make such a compelling stand and statement.

This is where people need to understand, just as the case of Scott Mcintyre- failing to acknowledge such days the same ways as other people acknowledges them doesn’t mean i disrespect our history, neither does it mean i hate my beautiful country or all that we stand for. It doesn’t make us an enemy or disrespectful mongrels that spit on the graves of fallen soldiers. I am absolutely sure i have friends that have had relatives involved in such occasions and i refuse to belittle their efforts or bravery in the face of war, yet i respond to complex issues with a complex mind. I cannot “simplify” war and i cannot dumb down the details of such intense and scattered battles where many individuals stories and narratives contradict the “perfect” storyboard of events that is given to us.

Australia Day: A day of celebration for some and a day of dismay for others.

Australia Day: A day of celebration for some and a day of dismay for others.

There is no Orthodoxy on how an Australian should view ANZAC day or Australia day yet the fact of the matter is people are cast as treacherous villains for having outside opinions of such events that are fed to us by our Politicians and the Media. I cannot help but think as we intensify in such remembrance year after year we are coming a step closer to not only glorifying a past war but unintentionally and subconsciously preparing to glorify our involvement in future wars– most of which are not sanctioned by us but our Allies overseas.

I do not believe Scott Mcintyre should have been fired for his opinions, even if they were poorly expressed. His Employer could have easily “distanced themselves” from his statements on his personal Twitter by distinctively stating his words are not an expression of their views or beliefs- but they should have stood by his right to say what he did without losing his livelihood. Our Nanny State antics are hitting the roof if even a person that works for Australias most “diverse” channel cannot voice his own controversial opinion without getting fired for it or being forced to apologize for offending others.

SBS Sports Journalist Scott Mcintyre fired for

SBS Sports Journalist Scott Mcintyre fired for “offensive” comments about ANZAC day.

Besides, many of the Murdoch Run Newspapers across Australia run articles by “pop up journalists” all the time that are full of racist, homophobic, ignorant and offensive statements in the form of “blogs” and they all manage to keep their jobs, in fact their presence becomes more highlighted, just as the case with out of the Blue “journalists” Rita Panahi or Tim Blair who constantly makes offensive jibes at Muslims in the form of News Corporated “blog” articles. The truth of the matter is i don’t expect any better from such rubbish press, yet i did and still do expect better from SBS who pride themselves in supposed diversity to be able to handle a “diverse” opinion.

At the end of the day Freedom Of Speech is paramount in any civilized society. My lack of speech indicates that i am not confident enough to celebrate, glorify or amplify such days on our calender. I acknowledge the history of it, i acknowledge the Peoples bravery and spirit in the face of war- yet i cannot commemorate something i cannot relate to. There are far too many dissenting opinions and there is more than one perspective we must look through. I look at such days as lessons at most- perhaps such days could make us think more about the value of human life and the tragedy of war and perhaps such days could encourage us to not send more troops abroad so we can avoid the risk of allowing history to repeat itself- again.

Peace, Salam.


So after a long and tiring day at work i decided to visit my favourite love/hate site titled “”- this site of course is one branch of the entire Australian (and international) News Corp community, where every day folks in suits believe they are being enlightened and kept “in the know” to the latest news and events.

As soon as the webpage loaded, BANG! There it was. 1940’s style Nazi type propaganda- and i am not kidding you. The fact that this article was FRONT PAGE on the website made my skin crawl and hairs rise. I mean i know the Murdoch papers hate on my “folk” (aka The Muslims) all the time- but this was a whole new can of worms.!

“Ex-Muslim calls for end of Islam The front page headline read. Whereas the exact same article was shared on The Herald Sun with the title “In Islam they are ALL Rotten Apples“. The article was written by supposed Ex Muslim Somali woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is the famous author of a book titled “Infidel” and her upcoming one is “Heretic” i wonder what the third title will be…”Outcast” perhaps?

News limited ran this front page cover story "In Islam they are all rotten apples"

News limited ran this front page cover story “In Islam they are all rotten apples”

She is now a self confessed Atheist that has a huge problem with Islam, yet that is not my problem. Her language has diverted AWAY from the religion itself and now targets the PEOPLE– The practitioners and believers of the faith, such as myself and the other 1.7 billion Muslims around the world and yes, now it is getting personal.

Upon reading her front page article on this News Site i was absolutely sickened by the language within it. The fact that the Murdoch led News Agencies saw this as a FRONT PAGE story to pimp out the further sales of her book at the expense of all Muslims was beyond me and no i am not being overly dramatic, i seriously mean all Muslims. In her article Ayaan Hirsi Ali states:

The assumption is that, in Islam, there are a few rotten apples, not the entire basket,” Ali tells The New York Post.I’m saying it’s the entire basket.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an activist, author and opportunist!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an activist, author and opportunist!

Now let me be upfront, i am first to admit that there are Muslims that are “rotten” and do the wrong thing. There are in fact rotten apples in all trees/communities. Yet for her to make such a disgusting sweeping generalization about 1/4 of the Worlds Population is absolutely disgraceful and yes- it offends me beyond belief. Now is the time for me to defend myself from such pompous vulgarity against this so called “activist” and “writer”.

NO Ayaan, i am not “rotten” in any way, shape or form. I am an intelligent, distinguished, well mannered and all around beautiful individual who follows the faith of Islam. In fact the majority of Muslims that i and most others know would fit in and around the same category. Well, that was easy to debunk so let us move on to some more of the shocking things i found in this Nazi like campaign. Actually before i do that, Imagine if any News publication in this day and age put up headlines reading “In Judaism they are ALL rotten apples” and actively calling for an “End To Judaism”. It wouldn’t happen, nor would it be acceptable.

The News article goes on to state “Today, she is that rare thing: a public intellectual who, despite death threats and bigotry, calls for an end to Islam — not just as the faithful know it, but as we in the West think we know it.

Ayaan has obsessively and continually made numerous books about Islam and Muslims.

Ayaan has obsessively and continually made numerous “best selling” books about Islam and Muslims.

What do you mean an “End To Islam” News limited? How on Earth can you just “End” Islam.? That in and of itself is a ludicrous statement yet the most frightening thing about such writing is that people actually think such a thing is possible, which is when the “Ban Wagon” as i like to call it, comes out. A bunch of uneducated bigots flood the News Limited Facebook pages with suggestions about “Banning Importing Muslims” and “Banning Burqas” and “Banning Halal” and “Banning Mosques” and “Banning Qurans”. As i said, such language has not been so rich and loud since 1940’s Germany and the vocalization is sadly getting louder!

Ayaan then goes on to Clump Muslims into Three groups- like its not bad enough we’re already clumped into one (negative group). She dissects us into three. Basically we are either fundamentalist, enablers or plain stupid. Again, i do not give you the authority to label me Ayaan, i am who i am and i do not fit into the mold you try to force on to me. She claims “Moderate Muslims” do not exist and goes on to say:

““It’s totally useless. I think we’re in a time now where we demand answers from Muslims and say,
Whose side are you on?
’ ”

Ayaans attitude promotes the "ban wagon" people who actively believe Islam could be stopped or cease.

Ayaans attitude promotes the “ban wagon” people who actively believe Islam could be stopped or cease.

Wow Ayaan, that is totally original. Trying to push Muslims into a corner and force them to either do as you say or then be thrown into a nasty label. As i said earlier- Muslims “speaking out” does not work. How do i know? Well the countless amounts of research i have done shows that Muslim leaders, scholars, imams, communities and individuals have been condemning extremist actions for a long time. Yet it doesn’t change opinions, why? Because people aren’t listening Ayaan!

Now who is this woman that is judging such a big bulk of the Worlds Population? First of all is she a source we can trust? No, not at all. Ayaan is a well known liar, this is not me simply being an ignorant fool that cannot take criticism of his faith. Anyone could research Ayaan Hirsi Ali and find out that she fraudulently filled out information when applying for her Visa from Somalia to the Netherlands.

Ayaan makes the predictable statement that Muslims need to "speak out" or face labels from society. Muslims speak out but it makes no difference, like this demonstration in Spain against Terror.

Ayaan makes the predictable statement that Muslims need to “speak out” or face labels from society. Muslims speak out but it makes no difference, like this demonstration in Spain against Terror.

She not only lied about her name and age but she also already cried victim by claiming she was escaping from a “forced marriage”…A claim which is evidently false when news anchors visited her home village. Ayaan lied to immigration authorities by also claiming she was escaping a “war zone” when further research revealed she lived a comfortable and secure life in an Upper/Middle class suburb in Kenya. Ayaan was then about to get kicked out of the Netherlands for her fraudulent story and then made a move for the United States.

Early signs prove this woman was an opportunist and believe me, she still is. She takes full advantage of the fact that Westerners are intrigued by Islam and Muslims. They tend to buy books about so called “survivors” of Islam who come out bigger, better and bolder on the other side. Book covers of oppressed looking women with veils and dramatic titles tend to draw our attention. Little do we realize Islamophobia is a big money making business and if you intend on getting rich with the full backing of the corrupt media then this is the direction you’d want to go.

Ayaan is going in this direction full steam ahead and forgive my analogy here but Ayaan is the call girl whilst Rupert Murdoch is her pimp. Titles such as “In Islam they are all rotten apples” and “Ex Muslim wants to End Islam” is not about social cohesion and community harmony, it is about division and chaos. Such articles are all about increasing her book sales whilst also demonizing a massive amount of the Worlds Population and somehow the Media gets away with this rhetoric. Language that is identical to the language used in Nazi Germany to vilify the Jews- yet at least nowadays the Jews are protected with many strong Anti Semitism laws, yet where are ours? Why is no one coming to defend our humanity in the year 2015!?

The Murdoch Papers fearlessly publish Nazi Style Generalizing that hasn't been seen since Nazi Germany.

The Murdoch Papers fearlessly publish Nazi Style Generalizing that hasn’t been seen since Nazi Germany.

The article continues “With Heretic, Ali is calling on those Muslims who reject jihad, acts of terror, and the subjugation of women and infidels to organise, to challenge, to speak out loudly and often against violence committed in the name of Allah — and she is calling on the West, to actively demand it.”

Wait a minute Ayaan. I thought we were ALL rotten apples and “Moderate Muslims” do not exist. Why are you even bothering us? We are a lost cause aren’t we? According to your own twisted calculation we cannot be saved. So please, stop trying to save us and change us. We cannot save ourselves and the “West” cannot change us. In essence everything you talk about makes absolutely no sense.

Just to clarify...I am Muslim and i am BEAUTIFUL- not rotten. :-)

Just to clarify…I am Muslim and i am BEAUTIFUL- not rotten.

Everyone is well aware that the Muslim population and community is currently in peril due to many reasons, some unique and domestic whilst other reasons are deeply complex and are an international problem. Yet one thing we must learn is that Labels do not work, they obviously stick- yet they do not work. You are in no position to stick a label on my head and tell me what or who i am, yet alone do it to the other 1.7 billion Muslims on this planet. Parts of the Muslim world need “change”, yet If you want to support change, you support us, include us and make us feel wanted and active in this community called Earth. You cannot expect change or positivism when you label a population “rotten.”

I think the only thing that is rotten is your agenda Ayaan, it’s time for a fresh change.

Don’t buy this fraudsters book.

Peace, Salam.


I really caught your attention with that dramatic title didn’t i? We live in days of privilege, let’s face it. Our lives are so over-consumed by work that we have companies that “home deliver” to your door because you just don’t have that time to cook up a healthy and fresh meal at home. It’s a sad indication of the direction society is going and as food becomes more “accessible” in that drive-through kind of way, we are seeing a huge increase in canned, bottled and packaged foods.

Not only is it important what exactly is in your food, yet as in the recent case here in Australia it is very important where your food comes from. Weeks ago supermarkets in Australia were forced to recall “Nannas” Mixed Frozen berries and “Creative Gourmet” Mixed frozen berries- imported from China and Chile for carrying Hepatitis A with at least 25 cases nationwide of people contracting Hepatitis A due to consuming the frozen berries.

A recent case in Australia from Imported Frozen Berries led to over 20 cases of Hepatitis A

A recent case in Australia from Imported Frozen Berries led to over 20 cases of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is spread from Fecal matter and is due to unhygienic practices. So first thing is first, when you are checking the back of your packaged food, look at where it is from and conduct some research on the companies and their location. Sadly our governments care more about the dollar than providing its population with safe, clean and consumable food- most of which is sadly exported for others whilst we are left with questionable products from questionable food authorities in foreign lands who hold little scrutiny to their food export practices. Also be aware of the famous “Made in Australia from local and IMPORTED ingredients”. This does NOT mean the product is Australian made. It simply means some Australian produce is mixed with imported produce.

I will state the obvious, fresh is best. Yet we all know that it is not possible to always be carrying around organic carrots and MSG free crackers. Below i will give you a guide as to some things to look out for when purchasing and consuming your food. Companies are being extra sneaky now by using “layman language” and implementing a number system as to confuse customers. Always remember the numbers on the back of the packet mean something and most times they do not mean something good. Here are my list of things to AVOID whilst at the supermarket.


I put Sulphite Preservatives as number one for a very personal reason. One night i was feeling like something sour, i noticed a jar of “pickled peppers” in the cupboard. It was still unopened and they looked inviting enough. I opened it, took out a couple chilli’s and started chewing with the “juices” still dripping from outside and within them. What happened almost immediately after came at a shock. It suddenly triggered a dangerous and INSTANT asthma attack, it caught me so unaware- my blood boiled to my head and i dropped the jar in a panic. My heart rate instantly peaked as i was in clear shock and my breathing was so restricted i thought i was going to collapse. I then thankfully managed to quickly get on my Asthma Nebuliser machine. I will not lie but this product almost literally killed me. Sulphite Preservatives are very dangerous to Asthmatics, especially to children or the elderly.

The big picture is that Sulphites will only have a negative effect on roughly 10% of the population, yet that negative effect could cause an (unlikely) Anaphylactic shock and prove deadly.

Some foods you might want to avoid in this case are:
Cheap Wines, Dried Fruits, Bottled Lemon/Lime Juice, Pickled Onions & Peppers.

Numbers you want to avoid on the back of the packaging are:
222,223 and 228.

Pickled Foods have high levels of

Pickled Foods have high levels of Sulphite Preservatives. Dangerous to Asthmatics.

2) MSG or Mono-Sodium Glutamate

MSG is a very common food additive used for flavouring purposes. This is especially common in Asian delicacies but is also found in common every day products like flavoured Potato chips and Instant Soups/Noodles. High levels of MSG can have a negative effect on the body, both short term and long term. Continual, long term use of MSG could increase the potential for cancer growth and the immediate effects include headaches, nausea and lethargy.

Lately there have been campaigners calling MSG “safe” yet from personal experience when i eat MSG rich foods i notice immediate unpleasant effects on my body like thick buildup around my throat, making me feel “restricted”.

Beware of misleading labels that say “No Added MSG” because this is linguistic gymnastics. Instead look for products that promote that they are “MSG FREE”.

Some foods you might want to avoid in this case are:
Dressings, Gravy, Flavoured Chips, Instant Noodles/Soups and (some) Soy Sauce.

Numbers you want to avoid on the back of the packaging are:
621, 627 and 635.

No, this is not Cocaine. It is MSG.

No, this is not Cocaine. It is MSG.

3) Aspartame

The common sight of seeing others purchase “diet” or “zero” products and thinking they are making a wise choice is very unsettling. Many sweet products that claim to be “sugar free” or have “no sugar” use Aspartame as a replacement. This highly addictive sweetener is common in our soft drinks and sodas, very popular with the younger generation. These sweeteners are chemically induced and provide absolutely no health benefits and in fact are known to cause short term and long term health defects.

Short term effects include dizziness and migraines, yet most serious is the potential for tumors and cancer. Horrifyingly enough, Aspartame was not even tested on humans prior to its approval of use in 1981. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is as addictive as its “evil” counterpart. Aspartame triggers the release of insulin which supports the storage of body fat.

Your best alternative is a LOW sugar diet as opposed to a no sugar diet that is replaced with a chemical agent 200 times sweeter and just as addictive as sugar.

Some foods you might want to avoid in this case are:
Diet Drinks/Sodas, Yoghurts, Sweeteners, “Sugar Free” Cakes,Biscuits/Lollies, Flavoured Water and Cereals.

Numbers you want to avoid on the back of the packaging are:
950 and 951.

Your "diet" and "sugar free" options are NOT smart.

Your “diet” and “sugar free” options are NOT smart.

4) Food Colouring

This is an incredibly pointless “ingredient” found in many foods. Food colouring is all about aesthetics, it simply makes the food look more appealing. It has no health benefits whatsoever and each colour you find has a different negative effect on the body. For example Blue can cause cancer, whilst Red increased episodes of ADHD. Lately some colours have been banned from the Food Colouring palette, yet the fact is even what remains is of no good use to us.

The scary thing is colouring is used in other products too like cheap shampoos and soaps. Whilst the origins of some colouring agents (like Yellow 5) come from Coal Tar. Yet when it comes to food the rule is just like that of the animal kingdom. If you spot an animal that is incredibly “colourful” or unnaturally striking in their colour then they are likely (but not always) dangerous! The same goes for food colouring, keep away from any foods that look like they are radio-active green or neon pink. 

Some foods you might want to avoid in this case are:
Concentrated Fruit Juice, Candy, (some) Cheese, Biscuits, Icing.

Numbers you want to avoid on the back of the packaging are:
Blue dye number 1 and 2, Red dye number 3,  Green dye number 3, Yellow dye number 6- Infact avoid ALL colours!

Food Colouring looks pretty but tastes dangerous!

Food Colouring looks pretty but tastes     dangerous!

5) BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)

BHA is found in many foods and its main purpose is to maintain the “stability” of the food item and slow down its break down process. Basically BHA is used to mummify food and preserve them for long periods of time. You might like to know that BHA is very popular with pet food products. It’s nice to know that your processed Banana Bread holds the same ingredient as your dogs CHUM “beef” canned meal.

Many Governing food bodies claim that BHA is safe because it only produces cancers in Mice and Rats on their “forestomachs” and they claim that it is an organ Human Beings do not have. That is some risque assumption there but why take the risk when there is a natural alternative called VITAMIN E.? 

Some foods you might want to avoid in this case are:
Butter, Cereal, Instant “Meals”, Preserved Meat, Baked Goods and Chewing Gum.

Numbers you want to avoid on the back of the packaging are:

BHT, also found in your dogs food. You might want to avoid that.

BHT, also found in your dogs food. You might want to avoid that.

Above were my “Top 5 Food Additives” to avoid. Give it a go, take a look at your cupboard and you will be shocked at the overwhelming majority of items that carry one or MOST of these potentially dangerous items. Write those numbers down and “smart shop” at the supermarket and make the right choices in preserving your health and well being.

Peace, Salam.


We are living in a complacent fence sitting world. Some people and nations have had the right idea, they understood the importance of people power and managed to topple down governments that held on until their final fall. Yet this stance might be a bit overambitious for some people and indeed in many scenarios it might seem that the “fence sitting” opinion might be the most rational.

Yet the reality is in this day and age living in a world that feels pretty “meh” about anything and is too afraid and impartial to make a decision about anything, we see that as a society we are easily manipulated and taken advantage of, because as that famous saying goes “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Why is sitting on the fence at times a dangerous position?

Why is sitting on the fence at times a dangerous position?

Many people fear to get involved or have too much of a “controversial” opinion. Yet this is a rather dangerous direction to take because collectively we turn into a society that doesn’t care, or at the very least doesn’t seem to care. There are many wrongs being committed in the world and there are many cases and examples of injustices that we can and very well should talk about. Yet as predicted we end up allowing such terrifying things to happen because we quite simply refuse to have a say, have an opinion and do something about it.

We feel comfortable to sit on the fence, observe from a comfortable distance and pretend to be diplomatic by neither taking side A or side B. We talk about ideas to ease the situation, without ever getting our fingernails dirty. Essentially we are a lazy generation of big talking, non productive fence sitters.

No fence sitting society could make change- like the toppling of the Tunisian Government.

No fence sitting society could make change- like the toppling of the Tunisian Government.

 This powerlessness is our own downfall. We are equipped with weapons that we do not how to use. We are a useless army living in this generation that empowers us and gives us the tools to essentially change the world. Yes I know, this article just stinks of over the top rhetoric that speaks down on our current human state but that is the issue. 

Even if all of your opinions differ from mine, I would respect you more for actually picking a side and holding a strong opinion. Nobody likes a person that umms or errs, instead people respect one who is confident in their decisions and sticks with their opinions.

Enough of this Generation "Meh"

Enough of this Generation “Meh”

In this day and age of fence sitters may I suggest that you observe the fields around you and finally step off that fence, choose your conclusions and charge confidently with your knowledge. We need to appreciate the power of the people- every day human beings have and will continue to change the world. Establish your beliefs and go along with them. There are too many of the wrong people that have the right idea and are in powerful positions- positions of which they abuse.

Do your homework, get to know the situations around you and figure out who the superheros and villains are because as cartoonish as this may sound, this is the reality that we live in. The only reason such evil people and groups are thriving in their positions is because we have been silent for too long, we have sat on the fence and allowed the world below us to go up in smoke! It’s about time we came back down to earth, joined our fellow man and overthrew those who won their titles because of our complacency.

Peace, Salam. Ramey