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Some people tend to associate “humility” with becoming a hermit like monk and it appears we have misunderstood the true meaning of the word “Humility” and the amazing capabilities this simple action could have on each and every one of us. According to the handy dictionary i have this is the meaning of the word “Humility”.

” A modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank etc”.

Today the word “humility” appears to have depleted from the human condition, because I’m just not seeing it. I have barely come across a truly humble person, one who really fits into this beautiful definition and don’t think for one second that i believe i fit into it either, although i will endeavor to become more humble. We notice that injustice and mistreatment comes once we start putting ourselves on some pedestal, where we define ourselves as “better” than other people. Once we acknowledge that we are better than another human being, automatically it becomes just within ourselves to treat them differently.

This is where the damage occurs- once we drown ourselves in our own egos, where we idolize ourselves, where we look down upon others because we have out achieved them then it is more than clear that this effects our personalities, we become ego driven drones who consciously or subconsciously treat people like utter garbage. Yes, you may have worked hard to be where you are right now. Yes, you may be amazingly intelligent and certainly people may praise you day and night for your achievements- yet the true beauty comes from how you respond to such reception. Do you allow this information to feed you to a gluttonous state and get to your head? Or do you shy away from this information and take it in true humility and warmth, whether it be true or not- how would you respond?

Humility is simple, it is where regardless of your position or hierarchy in this society- you still see other people as PEOPLE– they are eye to eye on your level because they are fellow beings. It is with this simple understanding that indeed one can be extremely successful and also extremely liked. People often make the mistake of leaving humility outside once they have reached a certain level or position of power- once the ego is fed the power becomes an extreme urge and more is never enough.

Looking down on others is the direct response to losing your humility and most people tend to link humility to weakness. The fact is that it is a strength. It shows you are secure enough in who you are, and how you perform in life to not require nor rely on peoples compliments or praises. When one is humble they could be on top of the world and never know it, because their head is still here on Earth. Indeed they could have ideas that reach for outer space, yet their heart is still here on earth amongst the people- outsiders recognize this and once a person is recognized for being humble they become a true iconic figure in society.

So yes, you can gloat and boast around- you could adjust society and people into different classes and you could excuse yourself for treating each kind differently yet at the end of the day this power trip is the biggest weakness of them all. You feel that you earn the right to treat people terribly because you “got to where you are today” . The fact is we all started from the exact same thing and place. Einstein and a future Farmer may have been facing each other as babies, hands linked and eyes staring with wide smiles- true innocense and true humility. Let’s reclaim this word back from the dictionary and let us reclaim this action back into humanity.

“And the servants of the Beneficent Allah are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: ‘Peace’!.”
(Quran 25: 63)

May i be guided to be more humble.

Salam Alaykum, Peace.