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The George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case has wrapped up and the jury has made their verdict. George Zimmerman is apparently not guilty of Murder or Manslaughter. You know a night before this verdict i had a dream of the case and i had a dream that Zimmerman got 4 years jail for manslaughter and i remember feeling a sense of comfort that at least some justice was given in regards to this case, but this is a classic example proving that dreams indeed do not come true because George Zimmerman is now a free man to roam the streets and keep the very gun that killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin.


Indeed it is a case that has become trivial and part of a media circus. I do feel the race card has played a major role in deterring from many important facts we have before us. If we take race entirely out of the equation many facts stand out like a sore thumb and we come to realize that it is much easier and reasonable to see why essentially George Zimmerman IS guilty for the occurrence on February the 16th 2012.


Let us look at the facts ladies and gentleman. Trayvon Martin had just turned 17 years of age, not old enough to buy alcohol and still considered a minor. He is African American, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. He is wearing a sweatshirt and khaki pants. He is heading to the store getting lollies and a drink whilst he is on the phone to his friend Rachael. He is about to make his way back to his fathers place in the area. In the distance is off duty neighbourhood watch member George Zimmerman who is sick and tired of these thugs “getting away” with crime and is overprotective of his neighbourhood, which has seen a sharp incline in burglary lately.


People react to the Martin/Zimmerman case.


George Zimmerman is watching Treyvon Martin like a hawk and starts throwing some assumptions in the air about him, as he calls the police dispatcher he informs them that Trayvon “looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.“. Take note that despite him eagerly watching Trayvon Martin, he is witnessing him commit no crimes besides “walking around” and looking “suspicious” as he slowly makes his way back towards his fathers place. A little important factor here, George Zimmerman is armed with a gun, and he is frustrated. Trayvon Martin is unarmed, besides carrying his grocery items.


This stalking by George Zimmerman becomes more apparent because not only does he follow Trayvon with his vehicle, but eventually on foot as well. At this point Treyvon becomes well aware that this stranger is following him. Now picture how disturbing this is. A 17 year old teenager is being followed by a creepy looking man with his car and on foot with no communication and a less than friendly look, imagine the thoughts going through Trayvons mind here? This is where our natural instincts come into play, when a person is being stalked, pursued or followed by a stranger they think the worst of them- bottom line being this person assumes the role of a predator chasing down his prey. George Zimmerman never comforts Trayvons mind by kindly introducing himself and checking up on him but instead silently pursues him like a Cheetah on a gazelle.


People criticize Trayvon for not handling the next step better, but remember- evidence shows he did nothing wrong and was on his merry way back to his fathers place. Apparently if Trayvon was so scared he should have done A), B), C) and D) as opposed to E). Yet when someone is in such a scenario they think worst case scenario, how will i confront this threat and how will i get rid of this threat? Bottom line is at this point Trayvon saw George Zimmerman as a threat and how he handled this threat essentially is not his fault or problem because he became part of involuntary hostility. Never did Trayvon confront George or follow him, yet in the final moments Trayvon lashed out at George Zimmerman and attacked him, then came the battle on the ground of tossing and turning before Trayvon gets a firm grip.



George Zimmerman responds to defense team.

People think that Trayvons bashing of George Zimmerman was brutal and intense but people forget that at this stage as they were wrestling on the floor, it is extremely likely that Trayvon Martin saw George Zimmermans gun and this threat became imminent and immediate hence Trayvons attack escalated and become stronger, until BANG- inside of all this scuffling Trayvon gets shot in the chest and dies shortly after. Did Trayvon Martin anticipate such a scene that evening? Did he plan and hope for a punch up with an armed man? Did he intend for the 26th of February 2012 to be the last day on this planet? Of course not.

Trayvon was the victim because despite doing nothing evidently wrong whatsoever, George Zimmerman acted upon his speculations. When it comes to accusing people of criminal activity our case becomes strong only when we witness said activities. Yet George never left alone the fact that Trayvon did nothing wrong and continued to stalk him and he continued to profile him as a criminal with no evidence. A lot of people tend to think that shooting Trayvon was self defense, yet the only people that tend to agree to that are people that cut the case into pieces and pick the middle piece whilst throwing away the rest. The fact is the big picture is important and so is the whole story and the Pro- Zimmerman groups need to answer a few very important questions based on the evidence that we have.



Treyvons body after being shot dead.


Do you, as a George Zimmerman Supporter encourage strangers to stalk your teenage children whilst they are armed? Despite this not being “criminal” activity, it is darn right unacceptable and NEVER would i accept or allow a total stranger to monitor and profile my children whilst they have a gun, this is usually a scene set up by pedophiles and killers but suddenly its okay because Zimmerman was a failed cop “neighborhood watchman?”. This question is vital because it really highlights how sick one must be, to accept random strangers to monitor their own teenagers and follow them on foot and in their cars, literally stalking them and accusing them of things they have not done. This notion is absolutely ridiculous and no sane person would accept it, so why is it okay in the case of Trayvon Martin, why was it okay for Zimmerman to do what he did to Trayvon whilst we know that Trayvon was innocent.


The point is, this entire episode was entirely avoidable. Trayvon Martin should and WOULD still be alive today if George Zimmerman did not ACT upon speculation. George Zimmerman never saw Trayvon do anything wrong, so why did he not just leave him alone and move on? Why did he continue to pursue and harass a teenager with absolutely no ground? Remember these are rough streets, why do people expect Trayvon to react in any other way besides self defense? The only kinds of people that stalk teenagers in cars and on foot in complete silence are people to the likes of rapists, pedophiles and murderers, why do you expect Trayvon to have known better? Bottom line was a confrontation occurred and Trayvon Martin is now dead because of it.


Photos like this were published to destroy Trayvons reputation.


People try to make the case that George Zimmerman has been painted as a devil whilst Trayvon Martin has been painted as an angel. Let the facts speak for themselves. The biggest criticisms against Trayvon is that he isn’t really considered a teenager because of his strong height of 6″2. This doesn’t change his age, even if he  was 8″0 tall, a seventeen year old mentality is the same. Furthermore people judge Trayvon for having pictures smoking weed, flipping the bird to cameras and highlighting gangster slogans in picture. Let me tell you, i too am guilty of all these charges so essentially i too am “Trayvon Martin”. Growing up i took pictures with my middle finger up, i have photos of me drunk as a skunk and boasting silly gangster signs, does this mean i am better off dead and that i am a menace to society?

Do we forget that George Zimmermans ADULT past is not so clean? The fact that he had a drink driving offense, the fact that he was suspected of domestic violence against his ex? Or violently resisting a police officer in 2005?  The fact is we are dealing with two imperfect people but one was a 26 year old adult at the time and the other, a barely 17 year old teenager. Who should have known better? Who should have known to stay in the car? Who should have known to not act upon baseless speculation and assumption? Who should have known not to profile and label another? These questions really make clear why and how easily Trayvon Martin could still be alive today.

Please watch my video addressing this issue in more detail.


Rest in Peace.